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"Na zahradě nosím staré kalhoty a svetr."

Translation:I wear old pants and a sweater in the garden.

September 19, 2017



This only works in US English, not UK English. UK English is "I wear old trousers and a jumper in the garden"


That is accepted. The main translations use US English on Duolingo.


The Cambrige dictionary says sweater is also used in the UK English, together with a jumper.

UK also jumper a piece of clothing, typically with long sleeves and made from wool, that is worn on the upper part of the body

That is exactly the Czech svetr.


Could it not be: "In the garden I wear old pants/trousers and a sweater/jumper."? P.S I speak UK English but I put sweater and pants because that is what it says in the example.


It is accepted. If your answer wasn't accepted, use "My answer should have been accepted."

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