hello... i am from a venezuela


September 19, 2017

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Hello friend, How are you? I'm from Dominican Republic

September 19, 2017

fine and you........


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Yes, It's pretty beautiful with many beaches, beautiful landscapes and good people, your country is very beautiful, too.

Hello! I am from Argentina.

hello....... woaooo argentinaa

hello, i am from venezuela

Hi....I'm from Michigan.

Hi, are you from Caracas? I live in Caracas

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Hi, I'm from Honduras, nice to meet you. I'm very sad for venezuela, I hope all problems end one day and I wish it to be soon

Honduras is poorer than Venezuela so far, actually Honduras is included in the poorest countries worldwide so you should be sad and worried on your little contry, don't you?

Of course I'm sad for my country too. and yes Honduras is very poor, that's why I identify with other countries similar to Honduras, and if you do not like my comment do not answer, my intention is not to offend anyone but I understand the sensitivity of your answer

Venezuela isn't similar to Honduras in any way!! We have a great country with a developed infrastructure, big citys, several subway systems,the biggest oil reservs worlwide etc. You have to compare Honduras against El Salvador, Guatemala or little countries like those.

I will tell you something, I am responsible for my words, not for what you understand. In my poor little beautiful country I learned not judge a person or country by its economic level, I do not judge who is better or worse. but I have learned about empathy, humility. Have you ever visited Guatemala, El Salvador? beautiful countries, have you ever spoken to the people? if you have done you will understand the important things.

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