"Riñe emi."

Translation:We have a girl.

September 19, 2017

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This drastically changes depending on if it is a girl or the girl. The former implies parenthood, or worse case a wench. the latter seems to imply a hostage situation: We have the girl! Do as we say.


In russian (which also doesn't have articles) these two meanings distinguish by adding some word like "that"/"your" etc. У нас девочка! - We have a girl! (Literally someth. like "At us girl") У нас ваша девочка! - We have your girl! ( "At us your girl") But you also can change the word order and say "Девочка у нас!" which means "we have the girl" in the most cases. The context is really important here. Maybe Valyrian has something similar.


Yeah, context is really important in determining such situations. There are loads of languages, also besides Russian that don't have articles.

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