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  5. "선생님은 과학에 관하여 생각합니다."

"선생님은 과학에 관하여 생각합니다."

Translation:The teacher thinks about science.

September 19, 2017



관하여 and 대해?


I learned that 에관해 is more formal or more likely to be written than 에대해


What is the difference between 관하여 and 관한, and why is the "about" sometimes before the noun and sometimes after?


관하여 is a preposition and 관한 is an adjective.

In this sentence "about" was used as a preposition. Using it as an adjective is a bit counterintuitive because English uses a different phrasing, which in this case would be "The teacher who is thinking about science" - in Korean: "과학에 관한 선생님".

I don't know about the before/after the noun-issue, so far I've only seen it used as noun+에 관하여.


先生님은 科學에 關하여 醒覺합니다


I'm having a terrible time with which English article to use when 은 is used. It seems it is sometime "the" and other times "a". Is it just me?

I translated this as "A teacher thinks about science"


When -은/는 is used, it implies that that thing is known to the listener. It could be a proper name or a general category (such as "dogs (in general)") , but if it's not, it's usually a definite noun. So it's more often "the" than "a".


과학에 sounds kind of like just 과게, but i guess syllables get smushed together if there is an ㅇ 또는 ㅎ

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