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Chinese has entered the incubator!

The world's most spoken language is now ready to be available. The estimation date is currently in November, though it will probably change as time goes on. I hope we're all excited for this. It promises to teach modern slang and more than 600 characters.

September 19, 2017



Will it be better than HelloChinese app?


Amazing! I can't wait!


I am as happy as when they added Esperanto. I can't fully see the wall of China, so I took it out: https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/images/courses/zs/3.svg


Thanks for the pic - and for the link, which lets me know the abbreviation I needed to find https://www.duolingo.com/images/courses/zs/full_colored.svg :)


Both of us are alfa testers now! Our hype has become reality! (thanks for that link by the way, I didn't think about that in the moment)


YAY! even though I agree that the estimation date will probably change (unless they have a lot of stuff already and they've been preparing it under wraps) but this is very exciting tbh!

[deactivated user]


    No. Last time I checked it said the estimation date was December 15th


    they've changed it


    only 600 characters ? I know that if you know 1000 characters ,you can read about 90% articles


    I hope they will increase it from 600 to the approx. 1000!


    This is the sort of statistic I would like to find a chart of for all languages on Duolingo on their help pages based on the actual words they teach. Thank you for sharing it.


    That's exciting! November is not far off. Tempted to try it when it comes out, but (sigh) I really ought to finish a few other trees before I add another one. Oh Duo why do you tempt me so?


    Become like me. Doing all these at once because impatience.


    Yep, totally get the impatience thing. I could do with an eight day week just to play on Duolingo. Anyway, got impatient with one of the trees and managed to finish one today. So perhaps I might just be able to add the Chinese tree after all, if it's been pushed back to end of the year. Liking the collection you got going there...how do you manage them all?


    OH MY GOD IT'S TRUE! Nice! I wonder if I can contribute given I'm fluent in Mandarin...


    it is not often to see someone really fluent in Mandarin :-) what's your mother tongue ?


    I wouldn't be surprised if the release date is pushed back (it's already been changed to December 15), but hey, Japanese managed it in a similar amount time, there's no reason Chinese can't do the same.

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