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"I fratelli e le sorelle leggeranno i nomi delle vittime."

Translation:The brothers and sisters will read the victims' names.

September 19, 2017



It told me I had a typo because put an apostrophe after 'victims' and on this page it shows it with an apostrophe. Heigh-ho.


The word bank for this exercise does not offer an apostrophe, nor does it offer enough "the"s to make the translation grammatically correct in English. There is no "report the English" option.


the apostrophe, to indicate possession, is missing on the page.


The inside of duolingo's head is a scary place


Where is the apostrophe? Without it the sentence is incorrect.


è impossibile mettere l'apostrostrofo dopo "victims", non è presente tra le parole


When selecting words (as opposed to typing) the phrase does not have enough words to complete the translation. Also it as "victims" as opposed to "victim's".


It could be victim's or victims' depending on whether there is more than one victim or not, but if no apostrophe is provided, there needs to be one or two additional "the"s and an "of" so that the sentence can be reworded. "The brothers and the sisters will read the names of the victims." and "The brothers and sisters will read the names of the victims." would also be correct and not require an apostrophe s.


(It is plural in this case, so there is no way it could be "victim's".)


"the brothers and sisters will read the name of the victims" was not accepted. (if "the" is missing before "sisters", correct answer was "The brothers and sisters will read the victims' names.")


Okay, let's just set this straight. I'm pretty sure that the only reason that an apostrophe is missing is because the program does not allow punctuation to be at the end of a word for the word bank exercises. It's not too difficult to just pretend it's there.


I have found that the ' is the only punctuation Duo ever requires, yet it isn't there this time


The terms 'names of the victims' and 'the victims' names' are equivalent in English and should both be regarded as correct


Why not My brothers and sisters will read the names of the victims


There is no "my" in the Italian sentence.


You’re right. I guess it usually is pilot error! Here’s a lingot for your trouble.


word bank answer was missing the possessive apostrophe!


What the...I feel like DL is trying to teach me in a Lovecraftian way.


Awful! Sounds like another school shooting in the US.


Bro "victims" needs an apostrophe lol


WTF with the death fixation? Maybe read the names of the graduates?


Victors should have an apostrophe after the s. OR there should be the choice of "of the." Otherwise this language app is ironically reinforcing bad English!


it says the brothers and the sisters not the brothers and sisters, then says at the end of the sentence the names of the victims, not victims names, also that is incorrect grammer anyway because the names of the victims are possessive so it should be the victims' names


Very liberal with the translation.


"The brothers and the sisters will read the names of some of the victims" should also be accepted.


There is no "some" in the Italian.


This error has been going on for so long. When are you (DL) going to get your act together and fix it in this section and all the others with missing sections e.g. in Adverbs 2 and in Abs. Ob. 2? Do you even bother to monitor these comments? It doesn't appear so, otherwise this problem would have been sorted out by now.


Oh good, DL has got it wrong - again. If sing the pick-a-box answers, there is no box with "victims' ", only 'victims' and so you get marked wrong - but the DL don't give a hoot about Italian any more,


Three plurals in the Italian sentence: "i", "le" and "i", but only two "the" from which to choose. Please give another "the" to make things clear. The apostrophe issue is nicely covered by others comments.


I am fed up with DL use of the possessive. Why the name of the victims is rejected? other times the opposite possessive is also rejected. Is it necessary to have a crystal ball to guess what DL expects?


It must be "names" of the victims as they have more than one name since there is more than one of them...


DL - fix the apostrophe and give me three "the". Grazie.


the victims of sexual abuse by catholic priests

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