September 19, 2017

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I went as far as I could with Mwa - then I couldn't think of the rest & got corrected with - Mtu which may be another way because I think I remember another longer word for that.


There's mwanadamu, which is more like "human". Is that what you were thinking of?


No. Thank you though, I'm only on level 3 in Swahili. I thought there was, well to be honest, at the beginning level of a new language it's still a bit difficult to not be still confused by all the new vocabulary. I am certain with more practice & repetition, I will recognize the words quicker. So now I have a new enrichment word: mwanadamu -thanks, that's a good word!


You're welcome. More common than mwanadamu is binadamu, from Arabic meaning "son of Adam". For example "human rights" is haki za binadamu.

Mwanadamu or sometimes mwanaadamu is the Swahilified version, with mwana meaning "offspring" ... but in compounds, mwana- generally just means "person", so for a while I thought it was mwana-damu ... basically "blood person" but it's actually from mwana + adamu.

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