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A New Look for Lessons on the Website

Hi everyone! Starting today we'll be slowly rolling out a new design for the lessons on the website. We've been A/B testing this on newer users for a while now, and we think it's ready for more people to see! This change is purely aesthetic, so all functionality should remain the same.

Why are we doing this?

  • The redesign is full-screen to minimize distraction and utilize space better.
  • We’re putting everything on a light gray background so that we can finally use those awesome illustrations from the mobile apps (which were designed for a gray background). This means we can begin replacing the outdated, weird, and sometimes unintentionally offensive photos that the website still uses with the beautiful illustrations used on the mobile apps.
  • This is a critical step to launching Japanese and Korean on web. Since these courses were designed for mobile and exclusively use illustrated images, this redesign is a necessary first step to port these new languages to the website.
  • Unifying our web and mobile design will make it easier in the future to port over additional mobile-only features as well!

Does this mean the website is going to become just like the apps?!

Not exactly, as this change relates only to the look of the exercises themselves. The design of the lessons on web has not received an update in a while, and the goal of this is to unify Duolingo a bit more and to pave the way for newer features. There are currently no specific plans of removing exercises or porting other features to web.

When will you get the new design?

As usual, we are starting with a small subset of our users. As we become more confident that things are working smoothly, we will ramp up the rollout. The tentative goal is to get this to everyone within about two weeks, but as with all features, plans may change =]

Happy learning!

September 19, 2017


  1. Please put the menu back on top. The only way to return directly to the home page is to manually delete the /practice part of the browser's URL. All web pages should have a home button or site-identifying icon.

  2. Please also put the footer back on the practice pages. Many countries, including many in the EU, require a link to the "Impressum" (site ownership and contact info), terms of service, and privacy statement on every page. Omitting these may make the pages look "cleaner" but it is risky. I encourage you to confer with your legal department; I speak from experience.

  3. Please do not penalize those who are taking timed exercises by counting the seconds wasted by DL while its new version grades a response. The grading time has become very long -- 5-10 seconds per question. This wasn't a problem with the old version.


Point one, having the menu bar back, yes please - or at least a Home button. That's one the things I came here to say.


I agree, please put the menu back on the top of the pages. Also the green on green is atrocious, and VERY difficult to read. I much prefer the former format to the changes that have been instituted. In my opinion, design expertise is seriously lacking.


Please put the menu back on top.

I totally agree.
And not only once the lesson is complete as some suggest: I regularly want to (abandon my lesson and) go directly to forums or homepage, to access my settings or to switch course in the middle of a lesson. In addition this top blue barmenu is like a "fingerprint" of the website, it identifies it.

@Duo (@karint), would it be (technically) hard to just leave the blue barmenu(°) on top and put the whole gray part(°°) below?
It would flatten (vertically) a little(°°°) the gray area but there are a lot of vertical free spaces anyway, so shouldn't be an issue.

(°) element class="_6t5Uh" to be precise
(°°) element class="_2vsG4" or maybe even its father element class="_3hDVx"
(°°°) by 69.984px to be precise: height of the blue bar


Thank you for this comment. No. 1 is exactly what I came here for to write. But I also totally agree with no. 2&3.


It could probably be made a little clearer, but the "x" to the left of the progress bar will end the lesson and take you back to the home page. It's actually just a link, so you can even "open" it in another tab while continuing your lesson if you'd like.


Thank you, Jeff. I have no idea how you discovered that functionality, but it is very helpful. I still vote for a Duolingo or home icon.


It has been there the whole time..


I was actually going to comment that that X is odd - I clicked it mid-lesson to see if it did anything, and of course had to start the lesson again (extra revision - no harm done) - but normally an X to close a page is on the right, so...why is it on the left here? Without any clue as to what it's for... Now I've read your comment, you've inspired me to make use of it until the Home button is restored, but I do think it's unclear as it stands.


Alas, there is no X when you finish an exercise, just a Practice Again and Continue button, which cascades through a series of click-throughs to return to the Home page -- "Take the 7-day challenge!", "You just reinforced XYZ!", "You just earned two lingots", etc. I can't say I want or need to see this information after every practice exercise. Instead, I find myself manually reentering the website's home-page URL to route me back there. I'm sure DL will eventually address this deficiency, but it is unnecessarily circuitous for now.

Places every user might want to "jump to" immediately after completing an exercise:

● Their tree
● Another language
● Their profile
● The discussion section

Restoring the header menu seems like the easy solution -- perhaps not on the individual Q & A pages, but surely once the exercise is complete.


Ah, didn't realise the X disappears... You're right, don't need the menu bar or Home button throughout the lesson, but once it's complete - definitely.


what really that is annoying


I could agree that it should be an extra time button to be used for some long sentences in advanced units. I think it is not the same in all the courses. For example, the Swahili course has many short phrases (also without sound), but for some English sentences... it can really be a mambo!!! =)))


Nice job on your 1421 days


Regarding point 2. I'm pretty sure the UK interpretation is that legal terms etc have to available from a journey the user makes, which usually means the first page the user lands on when visiting. Not on every page. (I work for a large public service company in the UK and we're pretty strict on this kind of thing).

Since you can't come straight to a practice page on Duolingo I think this is fine.


I agree with your last point patfinegan. I noticed that yesterday and have just noticed a change in the website. I had not read about it beforehand, and came to check what's going on when I encountered the change. Is there any way Duo can let us the users know about this beforehand, such as sending us messages that we can get when we go to the webpage? I don't know if it is practical or not. It is not everyone that read the discussions on a regular basis. Those of us that don't miss out on these updates and it is a shock to the system when we encounter them without warning. I haven't done a lot of exercises to make a judgement on the new system, but I've been trying to guess how the new system works which for the moment is hampering my progress. Anyway, as it is a free service we can't complain too much. Thanks Duo for the service.


Nice job on your 1238 days


I totally agree with all your points. I've also discovered that if you click the 'sentence discussion' after answering, your answer has disappeared when you return to the exercise page. Luckily, the 'continue' button is still there.


This a million times! Please bring back the menu! I am sad without it!

  • 1592

Thanks for your work on improving the website!

Is there any chance that the green text on green background (for nearly correct answers) will be changed to colors with better contrast in the future? It is often difficult to see what was wrong in the answer, especially when only an accent was wrong or missing.


I'm with you here, and I would like more changes, maybe even styles to choose from. My not so good eyes would like:

  • tips and notes in a darker color (the contrast now is something like only 2.85:1, but recommended is at least 4.5:1 so that you can read texts without too much effort)
  • possibility to change to another font so that I can actually see how accents are turned


Different skins to choose from is a good idea - especially for people with vision problems, colour blindness etc.


I've just received the update. OMG :'(

I didn't have pictures in that lesson, but new words. The orange on grey is close to unreadable for me (I knew the word beforehand which helped).

I have installed the "Stylish"-Add-on for Firefox. Does anyone here know enough of CSS to tell me what I have to write there to change the color of the orange words? I would be very grateful.

There are other things which have gotten worse for people with vision problems. Before the update a suggested translation would appear in a dark font in a white box in the green box at the bottom (for example in audio exercises). Now it's a green font on a green background.

I do like that I no longer have to scroll and that the drop-down-menu ("Choose the right word") has been replaced. The readability though has gotten even worse. :'(

  • 1601

I use the following CSS. It bolds the text being translated and makes the new words red. The CSS classes look machine generated so expect this snippet to fail when they update the site next time.

._31z5O {

font-weight: bold !important;


._345oG._1s5Ta {

color: red !important;



Thanks a lot, that helps! Have a few lingots.

Maybe I'll be able to do some other changes as well, now that I have an idea how to do it. (But I still think it's a shame that the designers do not follow the guidelines for readability.)


Hi, you may like to use [CTRL][+] shortcut to enlarge your text at times.

Also, try browser add-ons or extensions that allow a high degree of customization. Search for "dark background" for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. On Chrome, you can simply hit [shift]+[F11] to turn it off or on.

There is a browser extension called "duo lingo dark" too, which is cool.

Good luck, duofriend.


Thanks for the suggestions. I tried "Stylish" because I thought it would assist me to do some changes, but it looks like I all have to do it myself. I know a bit of CSS (more like: I know where to look up how to do things), but this is too difficult for me.

And I use [CTRL][+] when I need it (three times :-/).

But really: I have seen people complaining about these topics so often (accents and contrast), and I don't know why Duo still ignores them. It's a language learning site, then why use a font with such tiny accents??

Then there are dyslexic people, and I've read they would profit from a different font, too (sans serif, as far as I remember). So why not offer a few styles to help people with certain difficulties?


Why duo ignores these points, I don't know. A lot of people have trouble reading their font. Greater contrast would help. Is it beyond their coding capabilities?

All we can do is keep complaining!



Nice to hear back from you. One other thing, since you use [CTRL][+] three times, it may expedite your experience to hit [CTRL][0] afterwards, in order to revert to the default font size. I feel your pain, though.

Here are a couple corrections:

"I know a bit CSS" (a bit of*...)

{You can say "a bit" without a preposition in other situations, like "I know a bit." or "I know CSS a bit."}

"...with so tiny accents??" (...with such* tiny accents??)

{"So many/much + [n.]" is used for quantities, but for qualities, we say "such + [adj.]". Also, there is the "such a/an + [noun]" construction. For example, "He's such a jerk!".

Finally, there is "such a/an + [adj.] + [n.]" as well. For instance, "He is such a dedicated teacher.".}

Clearly, your English is very advanced so please don't be annoyed that I went on & on. I realize that it's mainly just for others to benefit from.

Good luck with your studies! :D


Thanks again, efisgpr, especially for the corrections and explanations! Many people are "too polite" to point out mistakes.

I think "such (a/an) ..." was missing in my active vocabulary. Now I know how to express such thoughts.

Sorry for the double post (first one deleted by now). Your post didn't show up first. I thought you had deleted yours, so I answered elsewhere, and when I hit "post", it showed up.


Hey, no prob. It's nice to be appreciated. :) How very modest and gracious of you. Like I said, your English is clearly amazing. thumbs up


Thanks for all the effort you guys have put into this -- it looks great. I have two concerns so far, though:

  1. Hovering over words causes the translation bubble to cover the text box as I'm trying to type -- can you make the bubble appear above the words instead?

  2. The progress bar doesn't display a number -- I rely on that to keep track of how accurate I am when practicing.


I totally agree with JeffGillean comment. I would add that the notification window displays only 5 notifications and very interesting notifications I would have liked to keep disappear. Also I signal a "feature" ;-) about typing the accented characters with the small buttons : the cursor is always put at the end of the string instead of remaining in place, when we make a correction inside the string.


I ONLY do duolingo on the desktop/web version because the app ends up being mostly a multiple choice exercise. This new design sucks on a screen because there is so much distance between everything ... I have to move my eyes more and move the mouse more. I'll get used to it but for me this is a step backwards.


I clicked this discussion with trepidation as to what it might say. After reading it, I'm a tiny bit relieved. Yet I'm still concerned about how something that's not currently broken and seems to be working fine is now going to get a change. Scary to hear a word like "unifying" used towards the website and the apps, even if only talking specifically about aesthetics of the lessons.

On the plus side though, this is by far the closest thing we've had in four months to a status update for the Japanese course coming to web!! So the course definitely isn't coming to web within the next two weeks, and there will probably still be quite a while longer to go after this "necessary first step" is completed? Even though this status update doesn't sound like we're getting anywhere close, it's still very nice to hear something about it coming to web other than silence for a change. ^^


Now all we need is a dark theme...


A little unrelated to this announcement, and probably not very high on the priority list, but I agree that a dark Duolingo would be sweet. =]


Maybe it isn't high on the priority list, but it would be trivially easy to implement.

Low-hanging fruit. Sometimes it's worth implementing low-priority features just because they're super easy to implement.


Ok, I admit that comment was unrelated to this discussion. But still, this new look looks (what did I just say?) great.


Yes!!! I started to use Stylebot for Chrome, so the most part of my Duolingo page looks like a Matrix theme. =)))


Yes please! The "duo dark" theme has saved my eyes a lot of strain while using duo.


Finally! Someone who wants what I want!!


I got the new design midway through a lesson, and I was shocked at how quickly my eyes tired after the switch. The smaller, light gray text and the lack of boldness are stumbling blocks.

It's been great to use Duolingo, because everything was so readable. If I had the eyesight of a younger person, the old design might be annoying to me; but for an older person, it was great. I'm afraid I'll have to spend less time on the website now. My eyes are burning after just 2 practices in the new design format! I'm used to doing 10-20 in one sitting, with no eye strain at all.

I tried zooming, but I can't go above 110% without losing part of the text on my laptop.

I sure hope readability can be improved.

[deactivated user]

    100% agreed. This new format is terrible.

    It's not just the contrast, but the questions are 'bunched up' (forcing you to read "Translate this...", or whatever, for EVERY question), and everything else separated by massive (and pointless) white space requiring more mouse & eye movements.

    I'd rather spend time working on language, not wasting it reading directions or looking around for controls.


    Having not seen there was a new update being rolled out, I was unprepared for the change. My first impression was "ow". I had to close my eyes because it genuinely hurt.

    I'm a fan of minimal and plenty of white (and grey) space. But this update is more of a strain on my eyes than the old layout. Please listen to those who talk about eyesight and use of space on monitors. If the idea is to be accessible to all, it needs to cater for disability -- that includes ones that people don't think of as disabilities, like minor eye problems.


    My experience is terrible with the new website. In Google Chrome it is barely usable. The white window in the middle keeps jumping around for a good 3-4 seconds before it stops. When I am lucky, it stops where it should. When I am less lucky, it stops right on top of the text that I am supposed to translate.

    The loading speed has also increased significantly, which is the most noticeable when I try to load Discussion Pages. They tend not to even load at all.

    When I am strengthening my skills, the bar on top does not show the number of attempts anymore, which was also a nice to have feature before.

    Using Duolingo in MS Edge is a slightly less painful experience at the moment, but it is still very slow. (And who the heck uses Edge anyway?)

    Hope you guys will fix the website soon, because I really liked it before, but at the moment it is a hard work to use it.


    The site was abnormally slow today, 22.09.2017. Not sure that has anything to do with the new design. Sometimes it's just a denial-of-service attack or bad day for the server or company's CDN service. I've noticed since the site upgrade that DL takes longer to grade an answer, to the chagrin of anyone taking timed practices, including me, but today's delays relate to all page loads and are, as reported above, unacceptably long. I suspect and hope this is anomalous and purely server or CDN-related. We'll see tomorrow...


    It wasn't working properly today (on Chrome) - it wouldn't load the individual Strengthen lessons at all, just scooted back to the home page, let me do new lessons, but didn't register them as done, and wouldn't open the Discussion pages either... I tried again an hour later and it was still slow, but working. Hopefully it's just teething problems ;-).


    I experienced identical problems; I suspect DL is aware of them and is in "brush fire" mode.


    Thanks for this report! The white box issue appears to happen to users with the Grammarly extension. Since the extension seems popular, we will try to find a fix, though it's not always easy to work around third party extensions. Meanwhile, you may disable Grammarly during lessons to fix the white box issue.


    Hey karint,

    First of all, thanks for responding. It seems that the problem with the jumping window has now gone away, as well as the loading speed has improved significantly. Now, the only thing that I would like to see again is the "attempt counter" on the top of the window. If that comes back, I will be a very happy camper :)

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!


    I'm using Firefox and it is painfully slow too.


    Not having the number of attempts or the number of questions answered is really annoying and I can't see a good reason it's been removed. If Duolingo isn't going to bring it back (and so far their track record on changes is that once things are gone they are gone) any chance of a userscript that would re-implement it? Or even something better (x questions answered correctly y incorrect answers)?


    I can't see a good reason it's been removed.

    I can one. Let me already emphasize that I'm not saying it's a good or a bad reason (nor that I prefer the new or the old version), just that I see a reason.

    It's based on one decision and one fact

    • decision: to unify the web version and the mobile version (cf. 4th item of the OP)
    • fact: Duo needs the gray design

    The mobile version complies with the fact therefore, to comply with the decision, they took the simpliest/quickest way (which is the reason I see as possible). Namely to "import" into the web design of the lessons the already existing (hence less work/quicker) design of the lessons on the apps (which, AFAIR, doesn't have those numbers).

    Another possible reason I see for aligning website on mobile (and not the contrary) is that the change impacts only around 20% of their users (=web users) instead of around 80% (=apps users).
    Another possible one for aligning website on mobile (and not the contrary) is that they prefer to change one platform (web) rather than two(*) (iOS and Android).
    Another possible one for aligning website on mobile (and not the contrary) is that they spent the past months (year(s)?) in developing this mobile interface and prefer to get rid of the years old website one rather than the one they "reently" spent time to develop (and which is compatible with the vector images (which they also spent time to develop).

    (*) Let's forget about Window Phone interface.

    Again not saying that aligning website on mobile (and not the contrary) is a good or bad choice/reason, just sharing what seems to be the reason.

    (and so far their track record on changes is that once things are gone they are gone)

    Except for example for the following features that they didn't reimplemented with at the very beginning of the new webversion(°) but that they added back little by little:

    • [for courses teaching an in-house language] Nouns' genders in hints
    • Friends' list on profil
    • In corrections, emphasize differences between the correct answer and the user's answer
    • Sharing on social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
    • Congratulation Popup when reaching a new "level"

    and I probably forgot few others. And I know many others (and some that we are many to find very useful) haven't been put back: just given counter-examples of "once things are gone they are gone" which gives a little hope that some things that disappeared with this [first version of] change of design will reappear.

    (°) not speaking of this new lessons design on web, but the new (global) webversion that went out few months ago.


    Thank you. I have been experiencing the same thing too, it really is very frustrating. I'm finding that the pages load (or seem to) slightly quicker using Safari (I'm using a Mac laptop) but the annoying jumping white box is still a feature and, of course, the microphone exercises aren't available then.

    It would be interesting to know what browser/OS combination the website enhancements were tested on. It certainly doesn't seem to have been Chrome.


    I hate the new design. It so grey and minimalist, and very 'old' feeling. The previous design felt 'new' and 'fun.' The new design is just so...blah, and almost depressing looking.


    Can you show us a small example what the new design is going to look like??


    Yes of course! It looks like this. You will mostly notice the white background box is missing, which was a little shocking at first, but I quickly got used to it:

    This should look nice when you are on mobile web too ;)


    This is a perfect example of the design being really, really bad, especially on desktop screens. If you have a large screen, the vast white space deserts between the progress bar, the question/text area, and the answer can easily span 15+ cm. This requires you to manually shrink the browser window to something usable (i.e. something you can read without having to constantly sweep the focus of your eyes through 60+ cm back and forth from one edge of the screen to the other per question), and then you have to resize the window again after the exercise so that the main window is usable.

    On top of that the hover hints for the words block what you're typing, making the design simultaneously incredibly cramped and ridiculously spread out.

    Putting information on extreme opposite edges of a screen with vast amounts of whitespace between them is not "utilizing space better", it is comically bad design that will force many users not to use Duolingo full screen. So not only does the design fail to achieve its first stated design goal, it actually manages to achieve the exact opposite.


    I agree I want to go back to the old layout. The new one is more difficult when you are on timed practice unless you are a touch typist. I used to know that when the text was to the left of the box I had to read it to translate it. And when there was none that the text above said that I was to write down what I heard and I could start typing immediately. Now it is all at the top I can't differentiate quickly enough what I am supposed to do and often find myself doing the wrong thing, and when it is typing what I heard having to listen again. Also now when you have to select the correct answers they are no longer in a column but in a table so it takes longer to read. There also appear to be more of these "multiple guess" options and "grading the answer" is taking longer.

    [deactivated user]

      ".....unless you are a touch typist."

      No, it's worse for touch typist's, too.


      This appears just to be a browser magnification settings issue. You can try it out yourself by opening Duolingo in a private window and picking a language; the size is adjustable—it looked like this for me:

      Personally, I think it looks fine, and, if anything, feels 'cleaner' than the current design.


      I don't mind the new design, but KTHlq7 definitely has a good point about the hover hints covering the typing. There were lots of options they didn't choose that would have allowed visible typing without obvious downsides, e.g. if the hints popped up instead of down, they would cover "Translate this text"


      Having now used it, I agree with this point. The hover hints should certainly go up. I imagine this is a holdover from the mobile version, where it is physically impossible to show and hint and type at the same time. Hopefully, DL will amend this.


      Is it not a useful start to engaging your short term memory and your full attention that the hints cover the box? I have used an app more than the website, and thought it a useful challenging aspect, otherwise it all gets too much like a copying exercise, surely?

      [deactivated user]

        While it's true that I can (kinda) make it workable by adjusting zoom (within my browzer), magnification (via Windows) and rescaling my window, opening & maximizing notepad (so I don't have distractions)....doing that for DuoLingo lessons, then undoing it all in order to use forums, e-mail, and everything else is kinda nuts, don'tcha think?


        I really disagree. The new look works so much better on my monitor. I do not have a big screen.

        {will post screenshot soon}

        I cannot make my window bigger, but you can make your window smaller. Why not make your window smaller?


        Maybe we need some sort of compromise here. I understand how DL wants to have just one scalable design that works on anything from a smartphone to a big monitor. One in which nobody has to scroll. Wouldn't it be possible to set an upper limit to the scaling? So that it scales from smartphone up to the size of a laptop screen but then stops there and does not make isolated islands of the items on the screen?


        I agree with @KTHlq7. This is not better. Desktop screens are wide. Vertically stacking the elements is a mystifying choice. The current design "utilizes the space better" than this. It's stark and gloomy. Weirdly cramped and barren at the same time.


        I don't like it D:


        This looks nice. I hope it also solves my problems with the hints.

        What bothers me most at the current lay out - the only thing actually - is the fact that my cursor hovers mostly on some hint when I click the new question and the bot starts to read that word when I don't expect audio. It is pretty irritating since I very much try to avoid the use of the hints before I type the answer. I mostly use them after filling in the answer to check for possible alternatives and I open the next question with the enter key on and not the cursor. So when the next question comes up the full or partially audio of it starts immediately.


        Can there be a way to restore the old version because I am so used to the old version.

        [deactivated user]

          This is terrible!

          Instead of focusing on a fairly small area, now I have to look around for stuff.

          It's HUGE interference in concentration!

          Why can't "Full screen" be an option?

          Why the layout change on the multiple choice (below question)? Doesn't appear to serve any purpose.

          Why the layout change on "Translate this text"? This IS bad, because now I can't avoid reading foreign language question when I'm trying to work on my listening skill. Previously, I could just "look away" (to where I'm typing).

          Looks like someone put a lot of effort into improving nothing, and making DuoLingo significantly worse.

          Your opening (q.v.) claims "...minimize distraction and utilize space better" and yet it does EXACTLY the opposite. Mouse & eye movements are forced to be much larger, there's HUGE amounts of pointless white space....and yet the question/answer are clumped together.

          And, finally, the format of the different types of questions are NOW TOO similar. Now, it's necessary to read the instructions for each question, instead of having the distinction obvious by layout.

          I WANT to study a language, NOT waste my time with this!

          One of the main reasons I chose DuoLingo over several others was the ease of knowing what was required, without having to examine the question. Focus here WAS on language learning, NOT the GUI.

          FIX THIS!


          So true! I'm hear to learn. I have a developed my work flow, my eye movements, my mouse movements so I can move as efficiently as possible through my lessons. Anything that disrupts that is basically bad. Having said that, when Microsoft first came out with the ribbon I hated it, but now I can't imagine going back to whatever preceded it. But here's the problem ... with this new duolingo interface there have been several demonstrable setbacks in the UI.


          Well, your work flow is not another person's work flow. I was unable to develop an appropriate work flow until the changes came.

          [deactivated user]

            Good grief!

            I don't get the "translate one word" question often (the one with a picture), and just did.....theres NO ANSWER FIELD....and I can't scroll to see one.

            I tried answering blind....but the time ran out.


            That's interesting. What is it about the new changes that has allowed you to be efficient?


            What about sound? I have been stuck for two days because I can’t complete a lesson without hearing the “type what you hear” exercise. Why are you spending so much effort fixing what does not need to be fixed, and not fixing what does need to be fixed? It’s very sad because up until a couple days ago Duolingo was a superb way of learning a language.

            Duolingo used to be beautiful, and it used to work, too.


            Hi, sorry you are having that problem KenCollins0, that is frustrating. Have you filed a bug report with details about your browser and the bug itself? That would be helpful. This post you are replying to is not really announcing a fix that we chose to work on to neglect and avoid your bug. Please submit a bug report, as a general forum thread is highly unlikely to reach the right people when it comes to each bug (higher chance in Troubleshooting though).


            How does one go about filing a bug report? Tell me and I'll do it. A lot of people are having this problem, so I'm surprised you don't already have a bug report about it.


            Had the same problem more than once. I had to write just something - whatever - and then when it "corrected" me I could get the sentence via the "discuss this sentence" button and could also report. This way you don't have to stall your learning till they fix it.


            I miss the counter for how many questions I have done in a lesson. why the big answer box? are we going to be typing paragraphs?


            The new design is terrible. Stop designing the web version to look like the mobile version. You're not making better use of the platform, you're making it look bare bones, like it was designed for children with short attention spans. Change it back.


            The update looks nice but so far I much prefer the older version in terms of usability. My issues with the redesign are: that it's noticeably slower; the elements are now too scattered in the window, it was easier when there was not that much space between them, besides, the page is not resizable anymore (on Chrome, at least); multiple choice excercice having three options ordered in two columns is just an odd decision, I've already stumbled upon this many times; DL continues to count down in the timed practice even when the audio hasn't been loaded and played or the site is processing an answer (which takes quite a while). And I'm not sure if it has something to do with the new look, but discussion pages now take very long time to load and most of the time fail to load at all. I hope my feedback is helpful.


            In the new design the three options are shown in two columns, and numbered:

            1 3 2

            This is very confusing and counterintuitive, espcially for the users using Memrise since Duolingo removed the review flashcards feature.


            I think the same. It is very confusing and uncomfortable. Please, remove the second column!


            The new design is horrible. The large amount of blank space induces eye strain in users. The unconventional design elements further make it hard to use. I have so far only done one review exercise with the new design and already have noticed that the menu is missing, the only way to get back to the home screen is to click a cross to the left of the progress bar. I suggest you hire a qualified website designer to redo the whole thing.


            I just logged on and found these changes.

            This design is not well thought out. On my laptop screen the green area at the bottom is unreadable (NOT enough contrast). Also, I have to resize my browser window smaller to use the lessons to keep the new layout from giving me a headache and then expand it larger again to see the rest of the site. An important aspect of the site is to READ the text to learn the languages but this is almost impossible now. Please give us an option to use the classic view. Thank you


            Do the illustrations include the characters that say the sentences or just the pictures of cats etc? I find the characters more distracting than encouraging (one reason I'm using the website in the first place) and would hope there to be a setting to disable them but seeing the lack of other settings, I'm not getting my hopes up. Maybe "block element" works.


            The only illustrations currently planned are replacements for photos =]


            Thank you, that's a relief.


            Could you post a screenshot of what the pictures look like? Please! :)


            Will there be any way to change back to the old design?


            I do not think so... because the new code used for the new site is still really faster, even more for the exercises. I know, this is just my opinion... When I was using the desktop view in Chrome for Android (the beta version) I had seen the page was a little different from the new aspect of the site. But now, I cannot assure this is showed the same as the old design. =)


            Placing the native language above the answer block now means that if you hover over a word to see what it means, the pop up covers the answer block, making it hard to type because you can't see what you're typing. So now I gotta move my mouse over the word, see the popup, move the mouse again so I can see what I'm typing. This blows.


            My first impression was "Oh, CSS must have gotten corrupted". When I realised ti was deliberate, my impression didn't change. You always know when some UIX expert has gotten their hands at a site; since UIX is a young field, its practitioners all have youthful eyes and fail to cater to people whose eyes are old, have difficulty distinguishing colours on similar colour backgrounds, can't read tiny fonts, etc. etc.

            While I accept there may have been reasons for a revamp; I think the amateurish changes that have been made leave a lot of your users worse off. I am one of them.

            In case it isn't clear, I don't approve. Please at least restore the level of functionality that existed previously


            "This change is purely aesthetic, so all functionality should remain the same."

            This sentence reveals an unfortunate lack of understanding of what design is and does. Even more unfortunate: so does the new design.


            I don't like it, mildly said. Low contrast, distance between elements too big, elements missing (number of current question), menu at top missing, elements which give no indication that they have a function (the x to the left of the progress bar, screaming colours, silly symbols with no text and no way to guess what they do (the x again). I generally dislike mobile design, and in fact these designs violate the principles of GUI design like IBM CUA, Mac UI design guide lines, MS what-ever. These guidelines were the result of a development and learning process which lasted from maybe 1970 to say 1990, 20 years of experience and lessons learned, and people tell me this is all invalid, against my direct experience? Hardly! This mobile design stuff is a fashion, it will go by, it just has too many drawbacks. In fact, I use two apps, WhatsApp on my phone, and AcroReader on my tablet. That's all. The few times I tried Duo on my tablet I ended up using the web interface because it worked better than the app. And the mobile hardware / software market is hardly growing any more, the tablet hardware market is shrinking, and people use their phones for entertainment, not for work or learning. I am disappointed that Duo went down that road.


            I also use the web version on a tablet. With the old design I put the tablet in landscape mode, and everything was fine. Now, if I hold it in landscape mode the on-screen keyboard covers the supplied text, so I either scroll up and down, or change to portrait mode. But when I’m in portrait mode some of the information on the screen at the end of the exercise is overplayed, which it isn’t in landscape. Did no-one actually like, test it? I’m sure I wouldn’t’ve lasted very long if I’d produced something like this when I was in IT!


            Please put back the "questions completed" counter on the progress bar. I use this all the time.

            Please don't grey out the answer box once the answer is submitted. I can barely read what I typed when you do this.

            Please improve the readability of the text in the green bar at the bottom of the page. I have to squint to read it.

            Maybe because I am so used to the old design, I keep typing "what I hear" in the boxes where I am supposed to type the translation. I was very used to the old design and did not have to read the directions for every question, but now it seems I do. If there is any way to address this, I would appreciate it.

            For what it's worth, I find the lack of a header bar to make the page look unfinished. I originally thought that I must have stumbled into something that was a first draft...


            Supporting the "Please don't grey out the answer box once the answer is submitted" I would like to add: please make this text markable again. I would like to be able to copy&paste my (wrong) answer to the discussion page, to ask what is wrong with it. Maybe it was just a typo that I wouldn't repeat when retyping the text. Plus I would like to save the time of the retyping. This used to be possible, but already changed a few weeks ago.


            I haven't posted in the discussion board in a long time. I have come here specifically and exclusively to say I have just been moved to the new look and I DESPISE IT. What I have now is a stark and cold design that also manages to be difficult to read for those of us with visual impairments. And before anyone says "adjust <thing>", I have optimized my computers and monitors for my needs across 3 browsers and for both my photoshop and gaming needs. If Duolingo can't somehow to fit into that, that's a failure on their part, not mine.


            It sounds good! Tell me please: will it take away the Tips and Notes, like in mobile app, or are you keeping them?


            functionality should remain the same.


            I don't see the Tips and Notes in the current design. How/where do I access them?


            They are shown under the overview of all lessons of a skill. That's before you come to the new design.


            Okay, so they are no longer accessible from within the lesson, without opening a new tab and re-opening DuoLingo manually. I am not crazy about that behavior...with the old setup I could see the site header and open a new tab using the "Home" button, open the lesson, and view the Tips there. It wasn't ideal, but they've introduced an additional barrier to doing that, and I don't like that.


            Do any of you know what the status of audio is for the Swahili for English course? The course contributors seem to have indicated they had finished recording about three months ago. Would any of you be able to give a time frame for the release of that?

            I know Duolingo staff have a lot they are probably working on right now (Chinese, Japanese and Korean for web, remaking the website, labs, etc.) that is wonderful and improving users' experience and is all appreciated. Thanks in advance if you can provide any info. :)


            I created a discussion called "Why I'm Leaving Duolingo" sorry but I am.

            What I like about Doulingo:

            I like the leveling! When you level its like YES I've advanced. I like the lingots although I don't use mine I like collecting them and giving them away. I liked when you finished a lesson or redo a lesson it becomes gold very nice color to have. Although I didn't really go on the forums there is some cool discussions. Although the community can be really trash at times if someone doesn't like you they will dislike your post and you can see how many people disagree with you but the community is also nice people who understand you and you're never left out. And it's free you don't need to pay money to learn different languages the only thing is taking time out of your day to learn.

            What I dislike about Doulingo:

            When I first joined Doulingo back in 2015 this site was pretty good but now all these updates especially what they have done with the lessons not only does it look ugly, it was small and compact and beautiful now it is HUGE! Another reason why this new look has a problem when I hover my mouse over a word it blocks what I'm typing so annoying. Another thing that I didn't notice until now is that there is some white glitchy box every now and then. WHAT THE HECK?

            Sorry, Duolingo. I'm going to be jumping ship until this site gets even more worse. I have another program to learn Spanish the reasons why I wasn't using it was because it didn't have cool XP and lessons becoming gold when you finished one.

            If some of you like the change fine. But I'm leaving until the old lesson format comes back.

            Will I Be Back?:

            Only if they get rid of this new lesson look. I can learn Spanish on the other program I have. Sorry, Duolingo. I'm going to YouTube about this with my junky camera.


            Please fix it so that the text auto types into the text box without having to click on the text box first. I have to keep typing the lesson twice now because I am forgetting to click the text box first. Thank you!


            I'm sorry but who thought this was a good layout? First if I need a word the pop up window covers where I'm trying to type. Second, having a large computer screen the eye travel distance to see the correct answer is ridiculous. Finally, the aesthetics are horrible. It's so plain that it's almost as if it was just thrown together in a day. I just made it through my first lesson of the day and really don't want to do another.

            Two thumbs down.


            Thank you so much Karint, Zan, Luis, Severin, Hideki, Myra, Tylrmurphy, Laura Nestler, Kaeladedah, vivisaurus, and every admin, and sorry if you are an admin and I left you out, these are simply all the admins I could think of. Everyone here on duolingo appreciates all the hard work you put in to continually making this site better and better! Thank you so much!

            • 2345

            All I have to say is I detest the new look & find it very distracting.


            Please please please increase the contrast between the grey and the white!

            It is almost impossible to read anything that is grey on white or white on grey. Seriously struggling to accomplish lessons now.

            Examples are the buttons for "Check" and "Cancel" also the "Type in English" phrase in the text box. You must agree that those are important for lessons right?

            Thanks in advance!


            The new screens are extremely difficult and uncomfortable to read. The fonts are too light and thin and without the contrasting background on the answers it is difficult to take a quick look and move on. Considering you are now using the full screen, it is odd that the answer section came to be a smaller font.


            There are serious flaws here for older / vision-impaired users.

            1. Font size in the lower pass/fail section - translations and corrections are MUCH smaller than other text
            2. Text color in the lower pass/fail section - green on green, or red on red, both have serious contrast problems
            3. Does not size to screen correctly - the Skip / Check buttons can disappear on zoomed in pages, while the unused gray areas are retained. This section needs to be resized correctly to always appear on screen


            Well it works but...

            There's far too much empty space between the three different elements of the exercise when using Duolingo in a maximised instance of Firefox on a 24", 1920x1200 monitor.

            I've got the exercise progress bar clinging to the top of the browser window followed by a


            then the exercise input area in the middle of the window followed by another


            and finally the Skip/Check/Correct Answer area nestled right at the bottom of the screen.

            This results in an awful lot of eye movement required to check on progress, input data, review errors etc with each question!

            Could you put the three different areas much closer together to reduce eye strain please? Have the big gaps at the top and bottom, with the three elements of the exercise screen grouped together in the middle of the page.

            On the plus side, at least sound and keyboard shortcuts haven't been broken by this particular update :)


            If you are going to keep this new layout, please make the words at the bottom if you make a mistake, bigger. It seems the words in the lesson are bigger but not the answers at the bottom. I was staring at my Hebrew today trying make out the letters because it's easy to get something wrong especially in Hebrew for me.


            we should have a choice to keep this update or go back to the previous format, I have a strong distaste with this update as random grey boxes keep hiding the questions I have to answer. Please at least give us a choice


            Today there are no comments in "Discussions" on some of the exercises I have been doing which is very unusual. Is anything changing that would disable the Discussion forum within the lessons?


            No, this is an aesthetic change. Can you give us an example of a discussion without comments?


            Good news, thanks! Today I was working in Verbs: Present 3 and Past Imperfect. A few of the exercises noted that there were many comments in the Discussion but when I tried to open it, the new screen said "no one has commented, be the first to comment", or something to this effect. It must be a glitch so I will report it the next time I come across it. It happened more than a couple of times today.


            I have seen this many times over the last few months. And the page does not seem to include the translation, either.


            I've come across this too, but even before this update. I've noticed it most in the German course and wonder whether, every time the German tree is updated, old discussions disappear (?) Previously I had found that I couldn't open the discussion page at all (particularly in German), so maybe this is an improvement! :-)

            I don't know how to post a screen capture here but maybe these links will work? 1. Shows there is a discussion apparently with 9 comments: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Verbs%3A-Present-3/5

            1. Clicking the discussion link, the page opens and says that no one has commented yet: https://www.duolingo.com/new-comment?fromLanguage=en&learningLanguage=de&sentenceId=e9da3498f59190dee497ff57691071de


            OK sounds like something fishy! Please do report next time :)


            I've seen the same thing happening quite a few times for weeks now.


            On a related note, could you please do something about the recently-added profanity filter that makes it impossible to open Swedish sentence discussions that include the word for 'six'.


            Hi garpike! I would prefer to keep this discussion on topic. Your concern is legit, but it would be best to avoid this becoming a bug report thread, don't you think? Anyway, that word, and some other not-always-profane ones are currently necessary in the filter, unfortunately, but we are hoping to tweak it a little more so that it doesn't affect legitimate uses. Please avoid attempting to discuss that number in Swedish until the coast is clear and the number is declared clean.


            Just came across one example. Verbs 3 French Tu demandes à manger. 93 Discuss Sentence. When I click on Discuss Sentence I see "Start the discussion. No one has commented yet". When I try to report the problem I get a choice of three problems to "check" and neither of them fit my needs.
            Hopefully you can forward this to the appropriate person for review. Thanks!


            I have the same problem. I opened a discussion on a multiple choice question because I didn't understand why one of my answers wasn't accepted. It said there were 20 comments beneath the question, but nothing appeared in the new tab. I couldn't post a comment either. Once the URL changed to my comment link, it automatically redirected to a 404 page. So I went to report the question and only had two options: the German sentence is incorrect or the English sentence is incorrect. Neither of those were my problem. What happened to the other options, and the "other" field?

            I know this isn't the place to post this, but I already posted in the troubleshooting forum a few days ago. I received a couple upvotes but no other comments and now it is buried underneath dozens of posts, many of which are asking the same questions over and over. It's a bit of a mess over there.


            I'm tacking this on here, since you asked about discussions without comments, although it might be unrelated to the website: I do general practice of the Russian for English speakers course every day using the Android app every day, and the last few days, all the discussions have showed 0 comments.


            Good news! I was notified that that they are aware of the problem and are working hard to fix it.


            Great! Thanks for the information.


            The new look program is too big for my screen. I now have to navigate up and down to be able to see the whole page. I can not see the full heading to check my xp for the day. This is on my laptop it is Ok on my Desk top. Can i make it smaller?


            Sure you can. In Windows I use Ctrl plus + to zoom in and Ctrl plus - to zoom out. Hope that helps!


            Just wanted to put in my two cents: the text box is glitchy and keeps covering up the words while it's loading. Hopefully you guys can fix it soon because I wanted to work on a lot of stuff today but it's kind of annoying. Looks good otherwise!


            I just got the new layout and came here to report the same problem! Once it even stayed covered up.


            Why, oh why, are the Hearts back for new lessons? I much preferred learning from my mistakes through repetition and getting the chance to get the right answer the second time around. This is a big bummer...


            Just discovered this as well. The change is indeed a bummer! Not a fan.


            I like the new color scheme. I would like to take issue, though, with the new full screen interface during a lesson. For users that full screen their web browser on a wide screen monitor at HD res (1920x1080), one ends up with a vast expanse of gray. I found that vast expanse to be visually distracting.

            I mostly use just keyboard commands, but the times when I want to move the mouse, the increased distances have made the new interface less efficient during my lesson time.

            I am not sure I want the lesson portion of the window growing to fill the screen, as that would result in super large text. I think I would prefer a return to the small section in the middle of the screen where all of the clickable stuff was in proximity and more visually efficient.


            give us back the number of the questions please :( it makes me easier to track my exercise . like 7/20 or "5 out of 8" and so on. thanks that would be great!


            I do not like this new look at all. The sound doesn't play right away. I have to wait 30 seconds to hear it and by then, I'm already done. Not as fast as the other version. Sad now..


            Was real slow for me too! I hope that improves as they switch over.


            The new design actually looks good (on my laptop, at least). The background color isn't irritatingly bright anymore and that's really helpful for me since I work on the computer for extended periods of time. Now if only there was a Duo dark theme....

            Still, these two points could use some improvements:

            • The text at the bottom of the page: they're too small and don't maximize the space available. They should be bigger, especially the text of the translation. It will be extremely helpful for users with certain vision problems (e.g. near-sighted people like me) if they were made bigger.
            • Hover hints: the hints now cover a part of the typing area. Please make the hints pop above the sentence instead of below to avoid this.

            I took the liberty of tinkering with some CSS on one of my exercises to demonstrate what I mean with my first point. See this link for the screenshots. The picture on top is the new layout and the picture below that is what (I hope) it would look like with the bottom texts just a bit enlarged.


            There is definitely too much space now between the answer box, the timer, the correction at the bottom and the enter button. Everything is just too spread out, especially for timed practice. It's hard to keep looking in all directions on a large screen when trying to keep up with the timer. Otherwise, I think the changes are fine.


            Don't like it. Ugly, at least on a PC. And





            Reminds me of Google's redesign of their news site.


            So... Has anyone already started work on making a userscript to fix as much of this as possible back to how it used to look? ^^;


            I'm currently working on a stylish css modification for myself, not really like the old style, but i put everything in a box so it's closer together (it also works with flag background) and a few other changes (the instructions smaller and lighter, so I don't keep reading them, the X on the right where it should be; no greying out of the input field; the corrections and translations on the bottom are in a white box to make it easier to read. I also fixed the multiple choice display so its's one below the other not in that weird 132 order.)

            It's not perfect and I only made it for myself, but I could share if there's interest and in the hopes that the classes don't change as soon as Duo makes small modifications...

            Edit: I now also put the text to translate to the left and the textarea to the right just like it always was. No screencap yet, because I'm lazy. It reverts to what it is now with smaller windows or screens.


            Thanks for putting the work in! I still hope Duolingo will change the new layout soon, but in case not, I'd like to know how you did it.


            I made a post with the link to the style here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938


            Looks like you've done a great job already! And I like the very apt sentence you managed to find for your screenshot. ^_^

            I like the sound of what you said in your edit. The way it is at the moment, the text to translate feels more like a heading rather than the main thing you are supposed to be reading. It also feels a little awkward the way it doesn't line up with the textarea contents. (Not even to mention the issue with hints obstructing the text we are writing too.) I'd be interested to see that new change you've made. ^^

            I think the only major remaining thing I'd definitely still want to do is change the green background and text colours back to their previous, less painful values. And maybe also the reds on wrong answers and blues on selecting multiple choice options.


            I made a post with the link to the style here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938

            Colors are now back to oldschool as well and I sorted the hint direction out. :)

            • 1759

            I'd just like to add my voice to those who don't like the functionality of the new design. For me the dislike is not about the looks (although I do agree there is too much grey). It's two main things.
            1) The fact that the drop down hints now obscure my typing area makes it hard to type things that I'm unfamiliar with. The whole point of hints is to help. It doesn't feel very helpful now. I've only strengthened skills with this layout so far and I'm not sure I'll try to learn anything new. I can't imagine the headache with this when I'm completely unfamiliar with the vocabulary. 2) I thought the green on green correct answers was pretty bad as far as eye strain went, but then it got worse when it corrected me and I realized that I couldn't see the correct accent. How am I supposed to learn correctly if I can't see the correct spelling. I really hope they listen to everyone's feedback. I vastly prefer the web version to the app, and I want to use my laptop when I use the web version. I feel like they don't care very much about making it easy for computer users to learn easily. It's all about the mobile user.


            I do not like this new update at all :( The full screen thing is so annoying cause it's wright up in my face and hurts my eyes. You should change it so that the full screen feature is an option so that you can change it back to the smaller screen if desired. It is also too plain and I can't see how many questions I have left to do or how many I have done. Can you please make changes so that users are provided with the option to have these new features?? I am not impressed at all


            Can we please have the top menu back? It's very disorienting have the page totally change and lose access to all functions. By all means hide it for small screens, but with modern responsive design you can leave the larger PC screen fully functional with a few media rules in your CSS.

            And you have to fix the green on green/red on red answers. Did anyone run this design through the Web Accessibility contrast checker? Surely it didn't pass!

            Also, didn't we used to have some indication of what lesson we were doing? I often take notes on the side and when I looked to find the correct term for the new skill I was learning, it wasn't anywhere to be seen apart from in the URL.


            Update: The new look has been launched to everyone now. Even though we can't always respond, we do appreciate and read all feedback. This is only the first iteration of the redesign, and certainly as with the old site, we will continue to run experiments and make changes to make the experience better (contrast changes, supporting less common screen sizes, etc.).

            Also as a note, though hints covering the text box is annoying at times, it's actually supposed to 1) put the sentence to translate closer to what you're typing and 2) force you to remember the word from the hint and commit it to your short-term memory instead of copying it :)

            • 2345

            So what you're telling us then is that Duolingo does not care that there are those of us with learning disabilities that need to copy because it is by repetition that we learn. And taking away the header while doing a lesson is backwards because I would never have made my golden owl without being able to use that feature to access "words"; this needs to go back. I can see nothing positive has been accomplished since we have lost valuable features and now are faced a sterile site. I am very unhappy with these changes & I want the classic look returned.

            • 1759

            As far as hints go, in the old layout the sentence to translate was next to the typing box. I don't see how that was any less close than the current layout. And as for memorizing words- I frequently type my answer and then check it with hints because I often transpose letters. Sometimes I check it several times before I submit my answers. With this new system it is no longer easy to self check. So for me this is a major hindrance. I am very happy to hear about the contrast change. It can't come fast enough.


            I like it that you made a conscious choice on aligning hints above the typing space whether I agreed or not, because it shows Duo had in mind the best way to encourage learning. This wasn't random fallout at least. I was startled at first, but I had just recently started to break myself of a sloppy habit I had of keeping the mouse point over the answer while typing. It was only a two-week habit, but I knew it wasn't the best reinforcer for me of spelling to just copy out the answer. Thank you for putting the thought into it. It works for me, even if it's slower I do look at it several more times now. On another topic, I may be confused about where you are going to use illustrations. I would like to see photos for those very few exercises we have where we are selecting among three pictures for a suggested translation. I like seeing variety there and find photos easier to interpret to get a correct answer. That way I'm not spending energy to figure out what Duo thinks a banana should look like to me, or whatever. Thanks again for all the work.

            [deactivated user]

              I tried it after going to the site on incognito mode and I really like it. Thank you guys! ❤


              You get a different version in incognito mode?


              I personally think that there is way too much empty space. Some cute owls round the edges or something like that would be great.


              They've probably earmarked it for ads


              For whatever reason your web redesign and code tweaks broke Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" for my forward English/Portuguese course to play the audio of PT translations/answers/solution.

              First it was working shortly 1/2 days ago after the redesign, now it is completely dead.

              What has your team done to the code?

              BTW: I can not enter anymore any "_" normal hyphen "Bindestrich" in the new/edit comment text window!!!


              An upgrade for the TreeEnhancer is already in github, and it should auto-upgrade next time you restart the browser. If you find any problem with the new version, let me know.


              Hi Camilo,

              I tried one (specific) skill strengthen excercise of my EN/PT forward tree and version 0.9.10 seems to be back to working with different question types: https://github.com/camiloaa/duolingotreeenhancer/

              What a night and day audio difference DuoLingo normal website / Android app vs website with your "tree enhancer" script, even for my PT forward course.
              Thank you very much!

              Can we do Paypal donations?


              No need :-) I do this for fun, and I don't have a paypal account, anyway. But if you ever come to Sweden, you can buy me a coffee.


              Yaaay!! Thanks for the update :)


              Yes, I think the code has changed some sections in the page and the built-in speakers in the text blocks are not appearing anymore. Same for the English for French. I hope a new Tree Enhancer be made soon, it still is a really good effort from this user to give us more possibilities studying the courses... D':


              I saw this just as I was about to post about the tree enhancer! Other than the fact that the script no longer works, though, I think the redesign looks neat.


              If anyone wonders what we are talking about:
              This is the URL to your user script thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19654789/Userscript_Tree_Enhancer

              Normally the URL is with normal "_" hyphens, but underscore hyphens also seem to be working (I can not enter those normal hypen characters in new/edit comment text fields).


              Today I have the new screen and I am having problems accessing the main Discussion tab, in fact it won't download, and the Discuss Sentence tab takes a painfully long time to load if it loads at all. I get a 404 error message. Is anyone else finding this today? The system seems to be grinding to a halt. I had to access this discussion through the Notification icon/bell by clicking on a link...


              I also find the discussion functionality very slow lately, not just today. I get 404 errors, or sometimes 500. Sometimes it is better the next morning.

              But more and more sentence discussions become completely inaccessible for me. I keep getting mails about new comments from other people but when I follow the link I get 404. I already posted a bug report about this, twice actually, but no response. Someone suggested this might be caused by the new nanny filter but I wonder why this would block a complete discussion instead of just deleting/suppressing the single offensive post.


              Maybe it's this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24593234.

              This page, that Usagiboy7 links to, looks pretty cool: https://status.duolingo.com/.


              Thanks for this information! Much appreciated.


              Hello annika_a. Just wondering, where did you locate these posts? How did you find Usagiboy7's post? Where is it located? Thanks for your assistance.


              Hi ShellMarg and annika_a, hope y'all don't mind me popping in for a moment with a tip for finding the latest announcements:

              When I first arrive each day, I go to the General forum (With an English base language, this forum is labeled "Duolingo in English"), and click the "Popular" tab. This is where announcements are most likely to appear and stay visible the longest. Unlike the "Discussion stream" view, it will only contain Stickies created for this specific forum, instead of stickies from all forums you are subscribed to.

              After checking the General (in English)'s popular tab, I go back to the General (in English)'s "New" tab and see if there are any new announcements that haven't yet made it to the Popular tab.

              I hope that helps. ^_^

              How to find the "Popular" tab for only the English General forum
              Click here to enlarge image


              It is always a pleasure to hear from you! Thank you for your assistance. I did not know about this feature.


              Hi ShellMarg, I just stumbled across it among the new posts last night my time. The only way one ever finds any discussion here... :-/ It seems to just be in the general Duolingo category, just like this thread we are writing in.


              I miss the old pictures... who the heck found them offensive?


              Is there a way to switch it back?


              I hate the new design so far on the computer. So far, I haven't seen any pictures at all and it's hard to tell what the exercise wants as a response since everything looks the same. It just looks to me like it was dumbed down for phone users. Very boring as far as I can see.


              I appreciate the work to better our experience, but I think the new format is not good compared to the last format. I will have trouble adjusting to the new one.


              The goal of the bland and user-unfriendly redesign seems to be to drive people away from the website. Death by a thousand cuts. Just sad.

              • 2345

              I am in total agreement & the only reason I don't throw in the towel because of this sterile redesign is that I have 1020 days in this streak & I promised myself that I would be able to hold a conversation in French before I died--& my time is not unlimited. Yes, I really detest with its sterility like hospital walls. Sorry Duolingo, I realize you've put time into this but if it been this sterile environment when I first investigated it I would not have gone further; I am having to really fight to get myself to practice in this environment.

              • 1998

              Are you on Ipad or PC?

              • 2345

              PC; I do have it also on my phone because it is so much smaller it is ok but i only use it to be able to practice speaking or when i am away. The one thing on the phone app that I find difficult is the black background of the icons since it makes it almost impossible to read the words inside the squares; would really appreciate that being changed to a lighter or removal of background altogether.


              When I translate or type what I hear, my answer is so grey I cannot read it to compare with the correct answer. That makes it difficult to keep up a working rhythm when using the website.


              You should do testing on photos vs illustrations. My gut instinct is that real world images are a better aid to memory than the lego-like illustrations. I'm thinking you might believe the illustrations are easier to come by. But you guys have a long history of crowd sourcing, testing, and clever programming. It would be possible to have an upload button on every page that would put available images into a folder linked to each question/exercise for an admin to choose from. I mean if there is anything DL does well it is automating processes. Before you reject the idea, I would test it and comb through the literature of learning psychology.


              Good suggestion. I know with bad art, which includes all the vector-based illustrations, I very consciously avoid looking at them. Can't help it. That's an energy drag that probably affects learning. I can take bad photography a lot more easily, and I haven't found any of the photos used at Duolingo to be bad.


              Thank you. But I want to make it clear that I do not believe that vector based illustrations is necessarily bad art. But I believe realistic images are probably more deeply embedded in the minds of humans and animals and are more likely to make memory associations. I hate to use my dog as an example, but he has never made any clear association with TV cartoons. However, he has had reactions to animal documentaries on TV. His ears go up at coyote sounds and a charging bear cause him to growl and then jump off the bed. Clearly human reactions are more complex, but I know the kind of testing DL is know for would provide some very interesting feedback. I think everyone would agree that total immersion in a foreign environment produces the deepest and longest lasting learning experience. Short of being beamed down to another country, a StarTrek holodeck via the internet would be an ideal goal. For about 350,000 years hominids have been evolving, learning to talk, and doing complex tasks based on real world feedback and that is a long time to become hardwired to react to the real world, real people, and real situations. I understand the internet does not support that kind of bandwidth, but the closer we can get the more powerful and efficient the learning experience becomes. Vector diagrams are great to differentiate between the men's room and the lady's room but language learning needs a richer experience.

              However, I do think we are on the same general wavelength. Thanks.


              I've never seen vector generated art that I wouldn't consider bad art if made exclusively by human hand. It's possibly one of those questions of asthetics that French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu might have dismissed, were he still alive, in favor of the theory you are suggesting. Years of art theory struggle for an answer I suppose.


              Not a big fan of the new look due to the vast unused space. I don't know if putting minimal things on the website was a way to utilize the space better, but I think they could have at least kept the top blue bar.


              Please fix - new words on new skills no longer appear orange, or in any way different from review words


              This appears to be fixed now - 1/4/2018


              Please, please, please change the fonts to something larger and darker. It is so difficult to read and slows down the response time and the time to see what was actually wrong with an answer. Also, I see a lot of comments, but up to now I am not seeing a response from DL. Will something be done to address the issues raised or not?


              No, they probably won't address the issues. Duo's track record with addressing actual feedback instead of their interpretations of their user data is honestly terrible.

              However, this thread will direct you to a Stylish userstyle that should help. You will have to install the Stylish extension on your browser, then install this style, but I found it helped immensely.



              Today I got the new progress bars at the start page for the first time. Sorry folks, but to my eyes it's a pain.

              The old one was very easy to spot for the eye. I could focus on the name of the skill while scrolling down. The round progress bar, which was kind of molded around the bubble , appeared like a background feature, which you could sense, while you focused on the name of the skill. That was very smooth with no strain on the eyes.

              The new design feels like it added a third element, first the round bubble, under that a staggered progress bar that disrupts the flow of the eyes to the name of the skill and then under that finally the skill. I often come here late at night for one or two lessons and by then my eyes and my brain are mostly in a bad shape, so I pick a skill that fits my abilities at that moment. Just visually it was a walk in the park to do that, with the new design it's more a ride on a roller coaster. The old one looked better and sure felt better.

              I have no clue if that is a personal thing or if others noticed that too. For me the more difficult skills are the grammar skills. The icon depicts a running person. It looks like the poor bugger now has to "run up a hill", not really a psychological boost of motivation ;) .... just bring back that round rising sun.


              Still not fixed. I miss DuoLingo. :-( I used to spend an hour or so a day going through 50 or so lessons. Now, it takes about 10 minutes to one lesson (about 3x as long). I WANT to focus on language learning, not coping with an bad interface.

              (Not this account, btw. I created a new one because I thought it was SO bad it must be something with my computer/setup.)


              "I WANT to focus on language learning, not coping with an bad interface."

              So there is somebody on this planet who shares my pain!

              But geez, how do you manage to finish 50 lessons in 1 hour? that's 500xp daily. I needed 195 days (bought 3) for 23.340 xp (on website, typing, speedy connection)) and spend way more time at DL. What do I wrong?


              "What do [you do] wrong?" Nothing, I would guess. :-) Just challenge yourself. I didn't worry about the xp, really. I just try to set my own challenges, "How much can I do an an hour?", "How far can I go without looking (audio only)?", and such.

              "...how do you manage..." Typically, I was doing the timed exercises from the top of the tree (although, recently started part way down, since I've mastered the first bit). In the old interface, everything was done on the keyboard, so each lesson review took 1 to 3 minutes.

              Being forced to use the mouse to scroll to see answers is a HUGE delay (I have to move hand to mouse....back to keyboard, look down, re position). There's also the problem of eye fatigue since everything is so spread out on the screen. As well, the lessons load MUCH slower.

              Most significantly, is the frustration, which is MAJOR detriment to learning.

              Fortunately, I'm at a point where I can kinda/sorta understand Spanish radio & TV, so I'm still studying that way....looks like DuoLingo is a thing of the past, but I still visit....hoping it'll be fixed.


              Wow, thank you so much for your fast and detailed answer.Yes, switching from mouse to keyboard is a big thing. Additionally I have to constantly repeat sentences because the cursor didn't load in the box, my keyboard gets stuck and often I have to hammer a key 3 times til the letter appears, or have to redo because I entered without checking. Or I make silly mistakes like typing a translation when they ask to type what I hear.

              Would be great, if DL would use a man's voice when they want a translation and a woman's voice when you are supposed to type what you hear.

              Also real bad audio slows me down like crazy, sometimes I listen several times and even the slow modus is completely mumbled or simply wrong.

              But even without all that I couldn't finish a lesson in less than 2 minutes, and sure not a new lesson! Anyway, congrats to your nice work, I guess I'll just go slow.


              "...my keyboard gets stuck...." This might be as simple as dead batteries (if it's wireless), or interference (if keyboard & computer aren't close together). Maybe you need a new keyboard? (Better a cheap functional one, than a fancy broken one....last I checked, under $20.)

              "...mistakes like typing a translation when they ask..." Ya, I do this, too. (The old layout made it self-evident without reading. The new layout, you're forced to read the question....another delay.)

              "....a man's voice when...." Nice idea, though many languages have gender. I suggested a while ago for the option for "question type"....to let the user specify which types of question they desire. (Eliminate a style you don't care for, or focus on one particular style....)

              "... real bad audio..." Agreed, but not a major complaint on my part. We do need to learn to listen to people mumbling in your chosen language, after all. :-) (Also, very difficult to accomplish without reducing the vocabulary. In other words, there are better uses of Duo's resources.)

              My "under 2" was NOT for new lessons (they'd always take much longer.) I did lots of review to work on my real-time comprehension of basic stuff. Which, as noted, can't happen now.


              Bad audio is one of my major complaints with Duolingo. I hope they aren't imagining that bad audio is a feature rather than a bug. This can't be excused on the grounds of "you have to listen to all sorts of people," etc. If we want to speak the language with clarity and correct pronunciation, we have to have correct audio to imitate. Where I can't repeat back the audio with confidence, I get a bad feeling about Duo's ability to teach the language.


              Oh no! My userscripts again :-( Any way to get it in advance so I can update them before the general deployment?


              I've got a bug with the new website design:

              When I finish the first lesson of a skill then the whole skill appears as completed and I don't need to do the rest of the lessons nor I get any lingot for "completing" the skill. Thanks in advance.


              I made some comments about the new design as compared to the old one for "Strengthen Skills" in a different post. This would have been the more appropriate place, however, when I searched for topic on "Strengthen Skills" it didn't show up. Rather than re-post it , please see


              I especially hope that the text to read or translate is made the more visible text than surrounding instructions.


              "This means we can begin replacing the outdated, weird, and sometimes unintentionally offensive photos that the website still uses with the beautiful illustrations used on the mobile apps."

              Aww, but some of those were GREAT! The Jefe (Boss) picture set was especially good, as it hilariously included STARSCREAM and really made my day. XD


              Is it possible to allow people to have access to the notes on some lessons on the mobile app? Sometimes I don't really understand something and I can only find the notes when I get home and use my computer to have access to the notes. It would be great if you add a button where you can access the notes Thanks


              I like the new design, it feels a lot cleaner.

              The only complaint I have is with the layout of multiple choice questions. Right now answers appear first top to bottom then left to right. I'd much prefer first left to right then top to bottom (the direction used for texts in books for example.) This is an issue for me because I use shortkeys instead of my mouse, so it matters a lot which option is considered to be the second one (the one below or on the right of the first one.)


              Sorry, I really hate the new layout and gray on gray with smaller font....strains the eyes...are you working towards a paid version that one can see??? is that why the change??


              I don't do timed lessons yet, but I liked having the bubble at the right of the progress bar that indicated how many attempts it took to pass a Strengthening lesson. Even though I progress up, the score was helpful in indicating to me whether I should go ahead & redo the lesson.


              i hate this new website i wish it would change back


              REALLY not liking this new look! It's visually unappealing, hard on the eyes, and IMO actually wasted space. Sorry ... just being honest


              It's more difficult for me to focus with this grey design.


              I'm not keen on the layout I'm seeing. It's not terrible, but it feels empty. Spreading things out is fine if the space is being utilized, but as it is I've got a full window with very little content.

              Additionally, some types of exercises have no background color. This minimalist style choice makes it difficult to read text, decreasing the usability of the website. It's something that YouTube and several other sites are trying, and I'd hate to see it take hold here. Grey-on-grey is not a good color combination. The white content box should not have been removed.

              It just looks like the page hasn't loaded completely. Moving the buttons to the bottom of the screen makes the entire page look empty. They should either be moved back toward the center, or something else should fill the space.

              Further, hovering over words now covers the text I am typing. With all the extra space, the hint bubble could easily go upward, rather than down below the hovered word.

              Also, as others have said, the menu bar should not have been removed. Removing it obscures valuable functionality from the website.


              There is so much to criticise on this new format. The size of the answer box(the only time we need a text box this big is for the faults of this format), the sterile look, the colours and shading of the answers, the lack of numbers on the progress bar, the removal of the home button in some pages and so on. Although not on this change, why do we have a spinning circle to show how many points we have scored. Please can we have the old format back.


              I have to ask, does duolingo not have anyone on staff to properly beta test new rollouts from the perspective of users and in particular disabled or those with learning impairments. I dispair - green on green text! Any disability organisation will tell you low contrast colours make visibility almost impossible for visually impaired users, as well as for some types of dyslexic. Stop a bit and THINK before you do things. Your AB testing is obviously not showing up issues that to older, more experience people are completely obvious a priori.


              In the short term, this Stylish may help you (it's an extension for Firefox and Chrome, to which you then apply these styles): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938

              But yes, Duolingo over-relies on their A/B tests with apparently no qualitative input from users or accessibility experts. If I could afford a suitable substitute, I'd be gone, but I can't afford Babbel or Rosetta.


              I wish you guys would invest even remotely as much in improving the actual course materials as you do in hanging new curtains on the windows.


              I liked the old layout.


              Just got the new look this morning on my Mac. I can probably use it without my glasses! And I'm glad to see the "review lesson" is back, because it's helpful to know where I went wrong.


              Is there any chance that you will fix the bug that was introduce on September 8th, where sentences that don't have any audio are being selected for "Type what you hear" exercises? Not all of Duolingo's languages use a Text to Speech engine, and those that rely on recordings don't have audio available for every sentence. Before September 8th, these sentences were filtered out of "Type what you hear" exercises, since then, they're not, and it is not easy to successfully complete a "Type what you hear" exercise when there isn't anything to hear!



              I also don't have the special Norwegian letters available to use any more on the iPad app. What can I do? Thanks


              I don't really like this update because I was so used to the old version that now I am not working as well as I did.

              Could you maybe put a feature that restores the old version for people like me.

              Thank you


              i am not keen on the new layout as i only use it on my computer, but I guess I'll get used to it. Maybe I'll try it on my iphone and see how it works there. Keep up the good work, hasta luego


              Hi Karin, you've got some feedback collecting in This Discussion too. ^_^


              With an iPad, the way everything is spaced prevents me from seeing the question without scrolling up and down. Why does the answer box need to be so big? Previously there were occasionally some answers that didn't fit in the small space, but there were not that many and didn't need such a large answer box.


              I am very glad that it is not changing to be like my ipad app. I do not like the Ipad app and prefer to type my answers like I do on my computer.


              I was completing lessons in my Portuguese course for skills "Communication" and "Nature" on the website.

              Skills "Sciene" and "Arts" were finished befoe on the Android app (Bluestacks emulator). I will redo them on the web.

              So far I want to give your team the feedback that the new rendered (or taken) website pictures for those (web) skills look IMHO very nice and professional!
              This is a HUGE step forward compared to the pixel pictures before.

              Thanks for your update improvements.

              Whereas I have to admit with others that the web layout (big empty space) and font size at the bottom (translation/solution) needs to be further improved. The sizes including the buttons were MUCH better before.

              • 1998

              Do you have bluescreen problems with bluestack?


              Hello Kim,

              no, no Bluescreens on WinXP (quite old system) with Bluestacks V2 and V3.
              But Bluestacks usually just freezes (apps) with the screensaver after a while - so I disabled it.
              On Bluestacks V3 sometimes the hd-frontend.exe crashes after a while (on inactivity??), so I have to restart it; thankfully no problem to the underlying OS.

              The bad news:
              Last time hd-frontend.exe crashed on Bluestacks V3 when I had about 70-80% finished of a very quick strengthen skill exercise - that was not nice!
              Usually it does NOT crash in usage (e.g clubs) in the middle of an exercise (normally I use the web portal for translations).

              I sometimes used the DuoLingo app and it's tapping functionality to learn a NEW grammar skill in online mode.
              This is much easier on the app than on the website.

              Nowadays I use the DuoLingo Android app (on Bluestacks V3) for my Portuguese club.

              The good news:
              Staff has introduced a free writing comment club functionality on the Android app!!! So you can now actually communicate with people/friends.

              Trying to use my Laptop offline at a park bank:

              I had some problems with Bluestacks V2 emulator (not the latest final V2) version with testing the DuoLingo Android app "offline cache" 10 lessons functionality across 1-2 skills: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20610216/Bug-Android-app-V3-39-2-V3-40-4-does-not-start-terminated-data-corrupted-9-offline-lessons-done

              The stored data files were corrupted, the app terminated, did not restart and the tree could not be re-synced successfully anymore.

              I had rudimentally re-tested it with ~2-4 lessons with Bluestacks V3 (one of the latest versions) and with 1-2 of the later DL Android app versions and it worked much better (not crashing anymore).
              They have now introduced the "DuoLingo Plus Offline" feature, so they may have touched (re-engineered) the offline/cache app code and maybe read my bug report (probably not).

              Honestly, I had NOT the nerves to deeply test re-doing ALL new 10 lessons across 1-2 skills offline as there was sadly ZERO feedback from the DuoLingo staff/developer helping me to trace/debug the issue (cache mode, not Plus), as this is a time killer if the data gets somehow corrupted (which you can NOT backup!!!), the app crashes and you have to delete everything to get the app started/tree re-synced again; all progress would be lost and much time spent re-doing ALL the lessons again and over again (as I did before with my "offline cache mode" tests with V3.39/3.40).

              So I have no clue if Bluestacks V3 may have improved on the fact with it's "data storage" or if it was only the DuoLingo Android app - however I am missing the "Bluestacks V2 data image backup functionality" in V3.

              I played a while with www.languagecourse.net vocabulary trainer VT on Bluestacks V2 and tried to use it in offline mode (by starting without a WLAN connection) and tried to re-sync my "words learned" progress afterwords to my online VT account.
              Honestly I have to say, that I also had problems on BS V2 that suddendly "learned words" in multiple Leitner index registers got corrupted....even words on the online server (progress before) were deleted :(
              I probably would have to contact the VT technical staff how this can be and what needs to be improved / fixed.

              I have the personal feeling (as an IT specialist and developer myself) that all those "online Android apps" are not meant to be used for a TRUE offline storage mode, either have problems to reliable store their data offline or are not able to re-sync their data online when WLAN/3G is back.

              So I would probably just (safely) use all of those apps on Bluestacks in online 3G/4G mode! :-)

              The upcoming ~4-6 months I may be able to re-test the free DuoLingo "offline cache mode" functionality for 10 lessons across two skills with Bluestacks V3 with their latest Android app version for my new reverse Portuguese trees which I will be starting shortly, if I can find the nerves.

              Sometimes I really would want to use DuoLingo on a park bank outside, when the sun is shining....and not at home :-)

              Besides Bluestacks I tried to install NOX.
              I can NOT* get the NOX application 100% started or working as good as Bluestacks on my older OS 32-bit system, to sucessfully start and reliable work with the Memrise or DuoLingo Android app.

              If I had an up-to-date OS 64-bit Intel I7 system, I would probably just migrate to VMware player or workstation versions 12/14 and install an x64 up-to-date Android image :-)
              I expect VMware to be working much better than Bluestacks or NOX....


              Apologies if you've already gotten this comment (the thread is a little long) --

              I'm finding it hard to read the translation text (if I get the answer right OR wrong). Part of this is that the bottom of the page is less attention getting than before, due to contrast changes. I think reading that translation text is where I get most of my passive learning in, so, I'm sad that its harder.

              I too have some problems with the tiny font, but, I had those problems before and am using CTRL+ to mitigate it. So, I don't think that's a regression.

              I think the old and new UIs are quite similar in terms of functionality; I just have some change aversion (which is normal for me). Once I get used to it I'm sure I'll like it.

              Thank you so much for working on duolingo, and congrats on your redesign! I'm a software developer, and know that redesigns take a ton of work. I hope it helps make maintenance between the mobile and desktop views easier, and makes it easier to add more content to classes, and keep them better in sync!

              • 1998

              Any change is fine, as long as you don't implement game breaking concepts as health and others...


              I like that the sentence to be translated is now directly above the textbox. That makes it easier to see the original sentence while typing the translation.

              [deactivated user]

                Interesting. I dislike it for exactly the same reason.

                I'm at a point where my reading/writing is descent, but my audio comprehension is poor. To work on it, I AVOID reading the question, and try to respond to the audio only.

                The old format made this easy to do, and easy to glance over at the written text when needed.

                Now, it's necessary to read the English instructions (since the format itself doesn't give any indication as to what's required), and it's hard to avoid reading the Spanish (that I'd rather just listen to).

                I can't think of any obvious solution, other than having options in "Settings" for layout & colour preferences. (That should be EASY to do!)

                Hopefully, DuoLingo will sort this out soon. I miss my lessons!


                I have a userscript that hides the challenge questions unless you hoover over them with the mouse. Take a look https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19654789

                [deactivated user]

                  Thanks for the link. It's cool, but doesn't really solve the format issues.

                  Blocking the source language out entirely means I can't just "glance over" if/when needed. Granted, I can reach for the mouse. Be nice if this script (or DuoLingo itself) just put it somewhere else on the screen. There's PLENTY of empty grey space. Why not use it?

                  I also modified my mouse scroll speed (just for DuoLingo)....that helps a bit, but (again) rather irritating that I have to modify Windows settings to accommodate one, and only one, thing.


                  I use Duo the same way (if there are so many questions to write the base language then I should at least improve my listening comprehension).

                  I made an userstyle which addresses this and some other things that bothered me: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938

                  [deactivated user]

                    Love it! Thank you!


                    Cannot agree more!


                    I think I have the new look, which is simpler and less elaborate (to my eyes, anyway). It does work just like the older version, as you said, but a little harder to read.


                    This is a tiny quibble, but the shade of the green bar at the bottom of the screen on the website is horrible, it's very jarring and distracting. The green on the ipad app is much nicer!


                    When hovering over an underlined word on desktop now it covers up what I'm typing which makes it difficult to answer correctly. I'd love it if the definition could go above the word or if the area to type could move down so the definition isn't covering my answer.


                    See this 90+ votes subcomment (by KTHlq7) reporting this issue. Or this one (by Agave9) reporting it too.


                    Sorry if someone has mentioned this already but the problem I have is that when I begin a new lesson there doesn't seem to be any preview or overview of the new words. You are launched directly into a quiz. I just started household and Lesson 3 begins with a quiz for words like "oven" and "mirror" with no prior preview. This doesn't help me at all so I am sticking with tiny cards for the moment.


                    1 When I hold the cursor over a word that I am to translate, what pops up hides what I am typing. It was much better before where what was to translate was on the left and I typed on the right. 2 It is very difficult to get back to "Home". It should be available at the top on all screens. 3 I preferred knowing how many sentences I had translated, not just having a bar that goes back and forth as I get things right or make a mistake.


                    1 When I hold the cursor over a word that I am to translate, what pops up hides what I am typing.

                    => https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744$comment_id=24518342 or https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744$comment_id=24532482

                    2 It is very difficult to get back to "Home". It should be available at the top on all screens.

                    => https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744$comment_id=24530916

                    3 I preferred knowing how many sentences I had translated, not just having a bar that goes back and forth as I get things right or make a mistake.

                    => https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744$comment_id=24532482


                    Er, maybe a tiny icon somewhere on the page (as a home button)? Agree that readability is not so good (colours on colours, metals on metals?). Also the 'play again' button disappears fairly often these days, though maybe due to maintenance(?).


                    Something has gone wrong with the timed exercises. It is now very hard to complete an exercise within the time allowed. Please adjust to what it was before.


                    The new layout is much less nice and user friendly than the old one. It is hard to navigate back to the home page. The moving bar no longer tells you how many questions you've answered and the look is much less attractive as well as less functional. If you really want to help users, please allow us to buy streak freezes of more than one day at a time, as going away from the internet for anything up to a couple of weeks at a time is difficult and will result in the loss of a much valued streak. One day at a time is very little use. Please change this!


                    It is hard to navigate back to the home page.

                    => https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744$comment_id=24530916

                    The moving bar no longer tells you how many questions you've answered

                    => https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744$comment_id=24532482


                    YAY. This seems amazing. Thanks For your work


                    Yes, when this A/B test first came out it was so bad because whenever I go to type something a random white rectangle would come and block the words then you could see everything behind the white. I now see that the administrators fixed that. Also you could change the device into potrait, landscape or change the device you are using.


                    With the speech exercises using the microphone, I find it strange that the text is in a box - it looks to me as though I'm supposed to type something, and feel confused that it's already filled in... Is it just me?


                    why don't you merge duolingo and tinycards?


                    I would love to see Duolingo implement a cultural basis on each subject in essence to the language that is currently being learned. For example, after each lesson give a fun fact about the country/countries in which the language is spoken. Truly we don't understand a language without comprehending the culture in which that language is lingual.


                    Wow, over a year ago I commented this and it was finally implemented. :)


                    Please share screenshots for comparison


                    Now I can't see the exercise when I have my keyboard up on the iPad. Is there a way around this?


                    I am actually pleased with the new look. I have a laptop with a small screen. This utilizes the space on my screen so much better than the old format. Before, to make the font big enough for me to read, I could not see the correct answers or translat without scrolling down. Now I can see them all at once.

                    This is a great improvement! I always was frustrated that there was too much white space, and now everything fits better. Thank you!

                    Also I find the page loads much faster for me on Linux.


                    Swedish website. If a wrong answer is typed in. The following correction screen contains the erroneous type. Unfortunately it is so very faint that it is quite unreadable and not possible to compare the two sentences.


                    From what I see right now, the new design is a big improvement. Thanks. I appreciate being able to see the answer result (green box) as well as the top gauge showing how far the lesson is progressing (horizontal "thermometer" style). Before I had to scroll up or down a tick to see one or the other. I think that's because the menu bar at the top is gone. I like it because those menu bars kill so much screen space and when I'm on a lesson, I want to concentrate on the lesson. If I need to quit and want to get back to a page with the menu, all I need to do is hit the browser button and quit the session. This is so cool. Also, the print is clearer for everything, including the special characters of the language that can be clicked on for easy accenting of letters. Also, the picture selections have sound for pronunciation! That's the first time I've had it for the web version! Good job, team!

                    I like it that the web and app versions will remain different. I like using Duolingo in both because of the differences (whether each word is underlined and defined, etc.) I feel it stretches different linguistic muscles in the ways the two setups work. I never get bored with the flexibility. Thanks very much.


                    I do not like the new large box for writing text as much because it pushes the corrections or alternate translations where it isn't easy for me to see. It is more distracting, not less. Seeing that this is to allow for the Japanese and Korean language lessons I hope I will be able to see the correct answers when I work with them. Does this mean you will have the characters for these languages on the screen?


                    Peabianjay deleted my comment because i didn't know there was an " Official" thread on this but we didn't ask for a change and we don't like it so please change it back or i will not be the only one giving up Duolingo and i have been here for several years.....

                    [deactivated user]

                      "Official Thread"? There is? How do I get to it? (The menu is still gone, so I can only revisit threads.)


                      Wow, I was shocked this morning when I logged on and had a very different experience! It will be fine, just need to get used to the different look. I love Duolingo- it has been so fun to learn the German language via your platform. Many thanks!


                      I am web developr senior, and I know a lot about this topic. The truth, it is very good the new style of the website, congratulations!!


                      I understand the reasons for the design change and that is great. On a side note the pictures are great and i think a mix would be good, although i love the illustrations real photos do offer something better.


                      It is annoying that you can't navigate back to the homepage—or anywhere else—from the lessons. You have to type in the url again because there are no links or menu within the lessons.

                      • 2345

                      Yea, I found that very annoying too but I've worked it out. I simple right click on the lesson I want & open it in a new tab. Then if you want the home page it's there however you have to click the update in the menu to get the points to update. I've also installed an add-on to correct legibility--using Firefox & it's on of their add-ons.


                      I almost always have two windows open to Duolingo in the browser anyway, certainly when there are Tips & Notes. What add-on are you using?

                      • 2345

                      It's called Legibility; you can adjust text size & contrast & upping the contrast to the minimum of 76 really makes a difference for those choices of accented letters!


                      How do you adjust the text size? The accents below are so tiny I can't see what's what, and I also can't see which one they use in the answer.

                      • 2345

                      If you're using Legibility, Firefox add-on, I didn't adjust the text size, what I did was upped the contrast & now it's better than it was even in the classic for those accented choices!


                      May I suggest to group all votes about "put back the top blue barmenu during lessons", by voting this older (and with more votes at the time) comment? ;)
                      It'll make more likely to have it maybe considered by staff.. maybe: 10 comments with 0 or 1 vote about the same thing will be less noticed than one comment with 10 votes.


                      While I'm at it, PLEASE put back the achievement tests! It was a great way for me to measure my progress in Italian. The function already exists, so it won't take much work on Duo's part to put it back. Thanks!


                      I dont care to much for the full screen


                      If it helps you launch Japanese on the web, I'm all for it. I started Duolingo because I wanted to learn Japanese, and, well, it doesn't hurt to learn some other languages first, but I really want to get started with Japanese!


                      Hi, there's been a bug on this -- it just keeps refreshing at the end of a practice session and the congratulatory audio plays multiple times. I think I also earned a bunch of unearned XPs from my practice session.


                      What about the activity stream? :(


                      Gone and will not be coming back.

                      See this announcement from Luis from April 2017: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909

                      (Warning - huge number of comments; the page may take a while to load.)

                      Not related to this website redesign nor even to the previous one (the one where the notification bell started to pop up a window in the middle rather than underneath the bell), as the activity stream was removed before either of those changes.


                      Thanks for the update!


                      Whenever I try the speaking exercises on my desktop PC, I ONLY get one attempt and that's it. If there was some background noise and my mic. got confused, I fail the exercise automatically. Before you used to get three attempts. I understand that three might be a bit much, but only one?

                      • 2345

                      Lucky you, i can't even get them on PC! What browser are you using?


                      That is not good if they cut the number of attempts down. There's always stuff going on at my house, including an occasional "Were you talking to me?"!


                      like the old set up better


                      I would like if the site could tell us just how many lingots we have, that way we can keep track of how many we have, and need to get some of the better thing. Anybody else agree with me?


                      I've given the new features about 2 weeks now and I still don't like them. It seems as though there are many little bugs that need to be worked out, things that were perfect before now seem to not work as well. Hope you can fix the bugs soon! But in general, I liked the old format much better.

                      [deactivated user]

                        Three months and still not fixed?! "Why are we doing this?" Good question! NONE of the alleged objectives were met.....so wtf?! "...this change relates only to the look of the exercises themselves..." If that were the only problem, it would STILL be a problem, but the change is NOT just "the look". "....confident that things are working smoothly..." Smoothly!? lol

                        "Happy learning!" No. Not happy at all.


                        Thank you for letting us know

                        [deactivated user]

                          I feel like the addition of Clubs, Bots, and mobile-exclusive things would be helpful for those who use it primarily on the web. I like how the app switched to Lingots instead of Gems, though!


                          Please make me not have this dumb update! I have it right now and I dislike it.


                          I just received the update today, and here are my first impressions -

                          1. It is lightening fast! And just when I thought that duolingo could not get any faster. Now the only thing that is stopping my lessons from going any faster is my typing speed, and I'm a fast typer! Thank you everyone who worked on this update. The new speed is like woohoo!!

                          2. It is minimal in a similar way as the mobile site. But I don't miss any functionality so I guess there isn't any missing! It just looks minimal, which probably means that I'll be focusing more on my Spanish. Let's wait and see.

                          3. Yes, I will miss the old look, but I guess I've used it long enough to get my fill, so it's not a big problem.

                          4. I love the cute illustrations. There are some that can be improved, but like all the long term users know, they will be improved and/or replaced quite quickly.

                          So it's mainly the speed that I'm gaga about, but also some other changes. Over all it's an excellent update IMHO. (If one were to go by the comments, one would think it's a horrible update. But how would you know until you use it?) Again thanks to everyone who worked on it. Can I get a cheer for the duolingo team?


                          I like the new look much better. Just please leave out the Health lingots countdown routine from future. It's the sole reason I never use Duolingo on a phone as it is a complete waste of time.


                          This feature is only on iOS, so you could use an Android or Windows phone without Health.


                          The full screen is appreciated. Papa bless.


                          I can't see everything on my iPad screen. I have to move the lesson around to see the top and bottom of the page when I am using the on screen keyboard, which is all the time. It takes longer fiddling around, and I miss things and make mistakes.


                          It doesn't work well on my iPad. I can't see the whole screen when I am using my on screen keyboard, which is all the time. I have to move the screen around to see everything, and end up missing things and making mistakes.


                          I've seen some updates to the mobile website as well. The content fits more easily on the screen (I don't have to scroll down for anything) and there are now the Report and Discuss buttons. Neat!


                          Although in normal lessons I can read the text just fine, in duo stories the new background makes a bit smaller font hard to read. Not impossible, but I really have to focus my eyes so the feeling of reading the story smoothly is lost :D


                          The one problem I have is that I have an extension that gives me an Esperanto keyboard, and it shows me a copy of the keyboard on the screen when there's a "type in Esperanto" box. The keyboard causes this box to shrink, so I can only see the bottom half of a line of text, making it very hard to read what I've written. Otherwise, seems cool to me.


                          Really like the new lesson design. Nice work on the full screen layout also. This may be fabricated in my head, but my lesson review tonight seemed to go a lot smoother than usual for some reason.


                          This change has been a complete disaster.
                          It now takes up to a minute for a grade on a question - utterly unacceptable. Back to the drawing board or lose millions of users, it;s as simple as that. The joy of duolingo boils down to the speed of skipping through questions. I've now got three pages open doing separate lessons as it takes so long for a "grade" to process. I've written this paragraph merely out of boredom waiting for a grade to emerge. Please sort this out as its making my "user experience" unbearable.

                          • 2345

                          That experience also occurred on the classic version, sad to say; had that experience a few times but I found closing the browser, clearing the cookies for this site, re-closing, then returned to the site corrected the problem.


                          One thing that may have been mentioned already, but the hover over translation on words now covers up the answer box. If you insist on having no space, at least have the hover over go above the words.


                          Pesse look into the mobile phone layout. Often i cannot see where i type what. Thx


                          Are there plans to integrate Tiny Cards to the Lab section on hour home pages. I'm not sure why, but I have to sign into tiny cards separately. When I complete flashcards the scoring is transmitted to my home page usage graph. Works but I think it can be tweaked for easier access.


                          love it...thanks!!!


                          This design post mentions that no functionality should change, so my issue may be purely coincidental. However, I've noticed that since I got the design change, my Italian practice (from French), has been extremely focused just on Bases 1 and Bases 2. It asks me to conjugate "bere" and "mangiare" over and over again, along with "scrivere" and "leggere." But rarely does it bring in words that I learned past there. It hasn't brought in anything from clothing since I got the update, and that's what I need the most practice on, since that's what I most recently learned. Before the update the practice sessions were much more varied in their topics and would usually start by focusing on what I'd most recently learned and then hit some of the older materials.


                          Same with German - I endlessly get 'cats avoid dogs' followed by 'Katzen vermeiden Hunde'

                          [deactivated user]

                            I'm trying to be patient for this to be fixed.

                            Can we at least have an e-mail notification when the bugs are worked out? It's frustrating to log in everyday and be unable to work on my language.


                            it's not just visual - they have changed the lessons and introduced new words so I'm virtually having to start again!


                            it's not just visual

                            Yes, the "New Look for Lessons on the Website" that staff introduced and announced 1 week ago is purely visual.

                            they have changed the lessons and introduced new words so I'm virtually having to start again!

                            The change of a course's content is an independent process due to volunteer's work, not staff's work.
                            It's independent from the visual change "New Look for Lessons on the Website" staff are announcing in this discussion.

                            It just happens that

                            1. on one side, 1 week ago staff changed the design of the lessons (on website) --- purely visual --- and,
                            2. on the other side and independently, 2 weeks ago the volunteers of the CY<-EN course ("Welsh from English") have finished their new version of the tree/course.
                              Hence as usual staff started to first released this new content to 50% of new users then the A/B test showing good results they expand the release to 50% of all users (including "old users") and you're apparently part of the 50% that are offered the improved version of the course.

                            The two events are independent. It's pure coincidence they happened in the same period of time.

                            See CY<-EN course' s status page.


                            Were any other classes beyond Welsh changed? My Italian (from French) has been running the same words and phrases through practice since I got the update as well.


                            I give up! The so-called improvements are a mess; repetitive words and phrases, timed practices are near impossible, etc. There are other courses. Pity because I've been doing this for an enjoyable coupe of years. Good luck to you all


                            Don't give up wil2025. The changes are a shock to the system at first but once you get used to it I find it's ok. Just keep at it. If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again. Good luck.

                            [deactivated user]

                              The problem is it's not just a "shock to the system" but less functional.

                              The single most important thing to me is 'flow'. I chose DuoLingo because I could focus entirely on studying language rather than spending time figuring out what was required. For example, I now regularly get questions "wrong" because I translated instead of echoed or vice versa. That requires revisiting the question using "Review" (since the correct answer is too far away to read during lessons), only to find out I wasn't technically wrong, making it a pointless interruption of flow.

                              The 'progress bar' (while not particularly important to me, was at least visible).

                              The hover-hints obscure the typing block.

                              The menu doesn't exist at all.

                              Perhaps this is an improvement on a smartphone....but I can't imagine why anyone would study that way to begin with. Seems a lot like trying to fit Shakespeare into fortune cookies. Better for those that like reading Shakespeare that way....but leave it alone for the rest of us!


                              I'm not privy to the internal politics of this - just observing as a user that the course has changed visually and contents wise.....and in my opinion, the content is more significant in that previous progress seems to have been lost....


                              Can anybody help? When i go to "discussions" I don't see the "followed" button and can't find any of the discussions I follow.


                              FierceLearner, I don't know if you have found the answer to your question as you wrote this a while ago. Anyway if you are using the web then the follow button is there on your right I think so you can follow the discussions you want.

                              I have just checked and it's there: popular, new, followed. Hope this helps.


                              Yeah, i like the new design of the page.


                              LOVE THE NEW DESIGN, haven't done a lesson in while because I loved the new stories. I just did a lesson threw me for loop didn't know what was happening though I went to the wrong spot and then I remembered reading this post while ago. Love it so far. Keep up the good work. I love the review at the end can't wait to find what else is good.


                              I really like the redesign - it didn't quite fit on my screen properly before and I was having to scroll to see the answer if I'd got it incorrect. It was a little thing, but having it fixed really makes the difference so big thanks to whoever did it!


                              On "practice" it's kind of counterintuitive that the "continue" button leads me back to the homepage. What are we continuing by going there?

                              You should say "Home" or something more clear about where the button will take you. I always press that button by accident when I actually just want to practice again haha. The "Home" button should be on the left side of the "Practice Again button"

                              On top of that "Practice Again's button" should be changed to "Continue". Once they press "continue" a prompt should come up , asking you which practice mode you want


                              The counter just popped up mid-practice. Thanks for putting it back, Duolingo! I much prefer knowing how many questions I've done during a practice; seeing the number increase feels like a reward, encouraging me to keep trying. And when I'm finished, I can better gauge how well I did - a higher number means I made more mistakes, so I probably need more practice.


                              Amalie, are you talking about the number that used to appear at the end of the progress bar that appears at the top of the box where we answer questions during our lessons? I use the web version and the number showing how many questions I've answered during a lesson hasn't come back. I was hoping it would, too.


                              Yes, that's what I was referring to - but now the number isn't showing again. Not sure what happened. I was really hoping it was back for good.


                              Is there any chance this is going to be fixed?

                              It's been weeks, now, and it's still useless. I even tried deleting & recreating my profile because I thought if it's THIS bad, maybe the problem is on my end.


                              I'm looking forward to the new illustrations!


                              I like the new layout but now I can't seem to figure out how to look at individual lessons within each section.

                              For example. If I start the "Animals 1" section there used to be lessons within it and I could click each one and make sure I had the vocab written down to study more thoroughly and I would keep reviewing one lesson to make sure I understood those animals from lesson one until I felt ready to move on.

                              Now it seems to just push each lesson on me as soon as I finished the first. I don't know how to make sure I have all the vocab written down to study. Am I missing something?


                              Hi, it seems like you are talking about Crowns. Please take a look at the relevant thread for that update (it is unrelated to the features described in this post from 6 months ago). Thanks!


                              I hate not being able to see the daily achievements. And I hate that a lot of my progress was wiped out and I have to begin again with boring, basic sentences. It would have been nice to have been consulted.


                              Hi, it seems like you are talking about Crowns. Please take a look at the relevant thread for that update (it is unrelated to the features described in this post from 6 months ago). Thanks!

                              [deactivated user]

                                I'm still hoping they fix the layout. Seems pretty unlikely, though, since it's been months. This used to be a daily activity for me, now, it's pretty rare. DuoLingo is pretty much useless now.

                                I really don't understand why they downgraded it. Fix stuff that's broken sure. Why break stuff that isn't?


                                What exactly do you think needs fixing? It is unclear from your message...

                                [deactivated user]

                                  I posted a long rant about it somewhere, listing 7 or 8 things, from inconvenient to tragic. The layout used to be descent....everything basically center screen. Now, the Q/A is a tiny block in the middle of massive white space.

                                  Details of my problems....I don't recall. Don't much care anymore, to be honest. It was so bad, I thought it inconceivable they'd leave it. But they did.


                                  I think that they worked to make the program compatible with the apps and the apps have to fit on a phone screen.


                                  I hadn't even noticed. While it works well...


                                  Please, make another design similar to the last one.


                                  Can I exit a story and return to where I left off. It's a bit annoying to start from the beginning every time

                                  [deactivated user]

                                    Unbelievable. Over a year, and the format is still a disaster.

                                    Hope the Japanese, Korean & mobile worked out, because the objectives of "using screen space better", "light grey background" and "web design" clearly didn't work out.


                                    Hi Peabianjay,

                                    I'm not speaking officially on behalf of staff.

                                    One year is a very short time on Duolingo. So, projects are often planned between 1-5 years out. The reality is that Duolingo is a HUGE project to maintain, fix, and upgrade. Things take time. Critical feedback is ok. But, please give your feedback and then don't return to repeatedly harass staff. Stress causes diseases and kills people. There are real people behind these usernames. They all know what you want them to fix. Compatable suggestions are already on a to-do list. The changes will arrive when they can. Stressing staff out won't make those changes happen any faster. If you intend to reply, please check your email first.


                                    Not sure where to post this, so....hello...My lessons were having me speak, and also translate speech to English, but that has not happened in the past few lessons. Is there something I did to change this?


                                    Hi I have tryed to get on to the website, it goes a light grey and I can see the circles behind but it won't let me press on any of them to begin a lesson . Is this because of the update?


                                    Yeah, like everybody else said. Please could you put the menu where it was before? Back on top...

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