September 19, 2017



How many different words for "thanks/ thank you" are there in Czech?


it does not seem that many.

Dík or Díky for "thanks"

Děkuji for thank you

Děkuji vám/ti for thank YOU

That is about it. For a native speaker they only seem like two option. For a non native it likely looks like a plenty.

There, of course, is also a super colloquial "tak Ď". Literally "So T" t as in thanks.


My mother pronounces it more as de-co-you. I'm not sure if that's a faulty part of beta or differences in accent


It is a completely different word. :-)

Díky = thanks; děkuju (this is what your mom says) = thank you.


Díky is informal and děkuju vám is formal.


Some natives also use what sounds like "Dekujiamotz" meaning thanks a bunch... Not sure how to spell it but thats what some natives taught me when I went there


"Děkuju moc", it is somewhat colloquial.


"Dík moc" Thanks a lot

"Děkuji moc" Thank you a lot.

"Děkuji vám mnohokrát" Thank you manytimes.

"Děkuji vám pěkne" Thank you nicely


Just a few nitpicks on the English side, to avoid confusing anyone...

"Thank you a lot" would not normally be used, but the Czech phase indicates how it differs in formality from "Thanks a lot."

"Thank you many times" would more likely be phrased as "Many thanks."

"Thank you nicely" would not be used, but I can't think of an alternative at the moment. (If I do later, I'll add it.)


"Thank you kindly" is used, but probably sounds very old fashioned to most people these days.


Is it just me or was the volume really low, for this? The first few times I played it I couldn't hear it. I thought it just wasn't there

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