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Course Progress Is Inaccurate

Perhaps I'm reading it wrong, but "Course Progress" appears to be reporting bad data. Example: I look to see if Susie has finished "Verbs: Present 2" and the Course Progress view shows clearly that she has not. However, the Activity Details view shows me that Susie has indeed finished the Skill. This reporting error is across the board...it's as though it hasn't updated in weeks. Anyone else experiencing this? Any know a solution? I call upon the mighty Vivisaurus for help!

September 19, 2017



I'm STILL having this problem - or perhaps having it AGAIN - and this was posted a year ago!


There has been no correction, the course progress does not show students actual progress. I have to go to the individual student's activity to verify what they have done and not done. All the other reports are not always correct.


I have the same problem


I call upon the mighty Vivisaurus for help!

Send a bug report and screen prints via the Duolingo Help Center


I have the same problem. One of my student is shown to have 0 XP, but he has already finished an assignment (for 50 XP). Sent a bug report


Are you completely sure that the student is logged in with the correct username? Sometimes students don't realise that they have to log in, and sometimes they accidentally create a new user profile.


Good idea. But the statistics don't make sense to me, even if - at the moment - he's using a wrong / no account. They show 0 XP for his account in my classroom - all time! - even though he's already finished a 50XP assignment. Also, I got the weekly report telling me he's done 59 XP.


Interesting. Is the student using two different accounts? Perhaps with similar spellings of the usernames?


Not that I know of. I'll check, though. Wouldn't explain the problem, though, bc the stats for this student are reading: 0XP, Assignments: 1 completed, 0 late, 0 missed The assignment was 50XP


Not in my case since it's a whole class worth of data. Poor 2nd period. But that is so true...I can't tell you the number of times a student has told me, "but I did it" or "it sent me back to the beginning". They often accidentally create a new account.


That´s ackward... The progress of my students is always accurate...


I am having this problem too, and students say they are done when they are not.


I'm having this problem too -all 12 of my students' progress shows they've only completed "basics 1" and one other skill but if you go to each of their activity logs, it shows they've all completed significantly more than that -I emailed Duolingo and sent screen shots, but have heard nothing back....

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