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  5. "Kdo píše takovéto věci?"

"Kdo píše takovéto věci?"

Translation:Who writes such things?

September 19, 2017



Could someone (ideally under "Tips and notes" in this bullet) explain a bit more how takovéto is formed? I'm guessing that "takové" is formed like an adjective, and then either "to" or "hle" or nothing is appended - correct? Can I do a similar thing with other adjectives, e.g., if I want to say "these red things here", could I use "červenéto věci"?


You're perfectly correct with the forming of these indicative pronouns (there isn't really a difference between takové/takovéto/takovéhle) but we don't use this for other adjectives (you cannot use červenéto etc.)


Would I be correct to say that to form the version of the demonstrative pronoun that means "such," you just put "kové" in the middle of it? For example, if TATO could be used for a word to mean "these," then TA-kové-TO would be the equivalent word with the appropriate declension meaning "such as these." As another example, if TENHLE is used for "this," then TEN-kové-HLE would be the equivalent word for "such as this"?

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Interesting observation!

You're not completely right, but close.

TENHLE (masculine) → TA-kový-HLE / TA-kový-TO

TAHLE (feminine) → TA-ková-HLE / TA-ková-TO

TOHLE (neuter) → TA-kové-HLE / TA-kové-TO

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