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  5. "늦게 자지 마세요."

"늦게 자지 마세요."

Translation:Do not go to sleep late.

September 19, 2017



Korean is a very contextual language. According to Naver examples, this sentence can mean either, "Don't stay up too late." or "Don't sleep late / in. (Don't get up too late in the morning.)


Good point. and there is not enough context to exclude many of the answers they do. they could either put a picture above the question or lead in with a sentence or two preceding or following.


Thank you! I was a bit confused about this.. I'll keep that in mind!


늦게 = LATE

자지 = SLEEP

마세요 = DO NOT.

....Where is GO TO?

Seems like "Do not sleep late."


You shouldn't be translating word by word for any languages though.


It's sound strange in english


"Dont stay up too late" sounds more natural and is shorter but their English makes sense.


duo needs to add the contractions to the list of possible answers. Don't go to sleep to late is exactly the same as do not go to sleep to late. Thanks for continuing to add to the list of possible correct answers. This is why you need to have contributors who have experience with both languages in the group. Just having a PHD in linguistics does not always allow you to be open and accepting of the many possible correct answers. And the English language is built on the principle of many varieties of possibilities. The more variety used in speech often is more appreciated or more valued it is.


The problems is, this course is still relatively new... they need people to report problems so they can fix them. Report it next time it doesnt accept an acceptable contraction.


Don't tell me how to live my life Duo


Is 지 a particle? If so what does it mean?


In case you're still wondering... I believe that this is part of the -지 마세요 ending, which means like 'don't do x.' For example, a phrase I've heard rather frequently is 걱정하지 마세요, which means don't worry. I hope this made sense!


I chose the sentence with "please" at the end. Isnt that what "세요" is for?


You're kind of right, but the answers have to be manually put in. So sometimes one of the correct answers does not have 'please' and will get marked as wrong while it is not wrong.

Tip: just skip the 'please' in the imperative sentences or flag it.


got this at 4:26am lmao


"Do not sleep late" was an accepted answer even tho it's a whole different thing than the right answer

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