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  5. "Es ist kein Käse."

"Es ist kein Käse."

Translation:It's not cheese.

September 19, 2017



That is no cheese is "technically" grammatically correct, but only in certain certain situations. That is not cheese is more often used, has a larger use in conversation, and is more grammatically correct. The translation should be "that is not cheese"


Thank you, that's what i put and it was 'wrong'


"Es" means "it," not "that." If it said "Das ist kein Käse," then I would agree. I don't believe "es" can be used as a demonstrative pronoun, but I might be wrong.


"It is not cheese" is also accepted, but answers using "that" are not.


totally confused now. 'that is no cheese' should be accepted because 'es' can translate to 'that' and 'it is not cheese' was not accepted on my app, even tho it should be. I dont get this course sometimes.


I also agree that "That's no cheese" should be accepted. Imagine someone eating something they thought was cheese, and then remarking "That's no cheese". Such as, "That's no cheese I've ever encountered".

True, it's not a common expression, but it should be correct.


@Lane240535 - 'that is no cheese' was not accepted? it actually gives the translation as 'it is no cheese', which, surely, is not grammatically correct in any certain certain situation? if somebody said this to me, regardless of the situation, i would be asking them what on earth that is supposed to mean? or asking them if they was high.


"It is no cheese" is grammatically correct but the only context where it's used in English is if there was a previous implication that it was cheese before. Even then, it's incredibly dramatic. The example that comes to mind is in Star Wars when someone said (referring to the Death Star) "That is no moon." There was an implication that it was a moon and we're clarifying that it is not. Saying "It is not cheese" is more descriptive and mundane and more accurate imho.


...aaaand suddenly I have an image of the Millennium Falcon flying towards a stack of Kraft Singles.


I thought kein was to be used at "not any" and nicht to used a "not". To me this translates as " it is not any cheese". Please help


kein for nouns, nicht for verbs. If I am not mistaken.


Why is Käse in nominative form? Shouldnt it be in acusative?


You don't use accusative form with 'seine' verb! Here, 'ist' is the seine verb


I was wondering that myself


"That's no cheese. That is a space station"

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