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  5. "You did not respect Matěj."

"You did not respect Matěj."

Translation:Matěje sis nevážila.

September 19, 2017



Can someone explain this sentence for me?


I can try. No promises.

Vážit si (reflexive = to respect something or somebody)

nevážit si = obvious negative.

sis = the reflexive version of past. You can also have "jsi si" "Mateje jsi si nevážila" but "sis" is proper Czech as well and faster to say.

Matěje = genitiv of Matěj

There are acceptable variations.

Ty jsi si nevážila Matěje, for example.


According to http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?id=580 and http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?id=575 is "jsi si" "still uncodified" and "hypercorrect".

Anyways it is common to use it.


In this example, why nevážila and not nevážil? Matěj is masculine. I don't see any feminine terms.


It's agreeing with the subject - "you".

You can use both - when talking to a man, you say "Nevážil sis", when to a woman, you say "Nevážila sis".

The object (Matěj) has no effect on the verb.

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