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  5. "I did not speak too often."

"I did not speak too often."

Translation:Já jsem nemluvil příliš často.

September 19, 2017



Why does this sentence have "Já"?


Personal pronoun can but does not have to be omitted.

Nemluvil jsem příliš často. is also an acceptable translation.


Yes, but why is the translation without the "já" wrong? How do I know if I need to include it or not? This is true in other sentences to.


The translation without "já" is not wrong if you change the word order. If you don't use the pronoun than you have to put the verb on first place.

As Kacenka already wrote you have to write "Nemluvil jsem příliš často." or a less frequent translation: "Příliš často jsem nemluvil."


I wrote "já příliš často nemluvil" and it is wrong. Why?


The auxiliary "jsem" is necessary in Standard Czech.


Would like to know the difference between "to often" and "to much" i'm aware of the slightly nuance, but once more is already to much! : )

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