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How to say "I'm sorry for you" in another language?

There are so many awful things happening in the world from wars to hurricanes. Wouldn't it be lovely to show people from all different countries that we care? Post different phrases from any language you want! It doesn't have to be from a language on Duo!!! Thank you so much for your acceptance of everyone in the world!!!


September 19, 2017



Afrikaans: Ek is jammer vir jou Arabic: أنا آسف لك Bangla: তোমার জন্য আমি দুঃখিত Bosnian (Latin): Žao mi je za tebe Bulgarian: Аз съжалявам за вас Catalan: Ho sento per tu Chinese Simplified: 我很替你难过 Chinese Traditional: 我很替你難過 Cantonese (Traditional): 我好替你難過 Croatian: Oprosti što ti sam Czech: Omlouvám se za vás Danish: Jeg er ked af du Dutch: Het spijt me voor u Estonian: Mul on kahju teile Fijian: Au rarawataka me baleti iko Filipino: Sori ka Finnish: Olen pahoillani puolestasi French: Je suis désolé pour vous German: Tut mir leid für dich Greek: Λυπάμαι για εσάς Haitian Creole: Mwen regrèt sa pou ou Hebrew: . אני מצטער בשבילך Hindi: मैं आप के लिए माफी चाहता हूँ Hmong Daw: Kuv tu siab rau koj Hungarian: Sajnálom az Ön számára Indonesian: Saya minta maaf untuk Anda Italian: Mi dispiace per te Japanese: 私はあなたのため申し訳ありませんが Kiswahili: Samahani kwako Klingon: jIQoS Korean: 나는 당신을 위해 유감 스럽다 Latvian: Man žēl, ka jūs Lithuanian: Aš atsiprašau už jus Malagasy: Miala tsiny ho anao Malay: Saya minta maaf kerana anda Maltese: Jiddispjaċini għalik Yucatec Maya: Kutal ta wo'olal Norwegian Bokmål: Jeg beklager for deg Querétaro Otomi: Di tsa̲ ge'e Persian: من متاسفم برای شما Polish: Przykro mi dla Ciebie Portuguese: Sinto muito por você Romanian: Imi pare rau pentru tine Russian: Я прошу прощения за вас Samoan: Ou te faamalie atu mo oe Serbian (Cyrillic): Ћао ми је за тебе Serbian (Latin): Ћao mi je za tebe Slovak: Je mi ľúto pre vás Slovenian: Žal mi je za vas Spanish: Lo siento por ti Swedish: Jag är ledsen för dig Tahitian: E inoino no outou Thai: ขอโทษคุณ Tongan: 'Oku ou kole fakamolemole atu kiate koe Turkish: Senin için üzgünüm Ukrainian: Я прошу вибачення за вас Urdu: میں آپ کے لئے معافی چاہتا ہوں Vietnamese: Rất tiếc cho bạn Welsh: Ddrwg i chi


Also, for French, you can say je suis desolee (for feminine) pour toi. And for Serbian (Latin), you forgot to put c with an acute for the Cyrillic. Dutch can also be het me spijt voor jou, I think.


It's worth to note that, in Finnish, we would most often omit puolestasi (thus, olen pahoillani), and even then the phrase isn't hugely common. Stereotypically speaking, we tend to be "silence is golden" type of people, so physical presence and condolences are much more important. A sincere hug can mean a lot more than any words.

Osanottoni (and its derivatives thereof) is also worth mentioning as a very formal variant, usually used in very dire (deadly) circumstances.

Oh, also, sidenote: can you please organize this list a bit? It seems very cluttered atm.


Everyone in the world has their own story to tell. Learning language can allow us to hear them!


In Kiswahili, there are two ways to say sorry. One is for saying sorry for something you've done, and the other is saying sorry for something that has happened to someone. The one that you are talking about is 'pole'. (Poe-Laye)


As pawārga pēr ten/wans.


Lo siento por ti = I'm sorry for you (Spanish) (English)

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