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  5. "Ne este somn."

"Ne este somn."

Translation:We are sleepy.

September 19, 2017



Hi sorry but I'm not understanding why "we are" is not noi suntem, how does it get to ne este?


This is a dative sentence with no subject. There is no equivalent to this construction in English, and it's litteral translation is "To us is sleepy".

This construction is not limited to being sleepy and is used with a handful of adjectives, for instance "îmi este teamă" = "I am scared" which is also taught on the course.


Thanks, I'm sure English has many linguistic oddities but... oh dear my brain hurts lol. Still many thanks indeed


I think the Romanian sentence does have a subject, and it's somn. For a literal translation I would propose "to us is sleep."


I am hell as confused as you are.


You can add: "Nouă" at beginning of sentence.

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