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Protecting a streak when away.

I have a 424 day streak on my French course but next week am going away for 15 days with no wi-fi available, so won't be able to log in every day. Is there any way to protect a streak for 15 days instead of just one.! Would happily spend all my lingots to be able to do this. (Don't have mobile phone, only an iPad).

September 19, 2017



No, that would defeat the object of the streak which is to give you an incentive to practice your language a little every day.


or give your account to a friend so they do it for 15 days


There isn't really. Streak freezes don't stack and supposedly don't work the day you buy them, only the next day. I still don't know whether Duolingo Plus allows you to keep your streak with offline lessons. Some iPads are able to get mobile internet, right? Could you use that? If there is no way you can log in at least every second day, a common way is to entrust your account to a friend to do lessons and buy streak freezes.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I should love to be able to continue to practice French everyday but there is no wi-if where I am going and I don't have a mobile phone (OK, so I know I'm behind the times!!) Looks like I'll have to start again when I get back to civilisation!

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