"We hear my pig."

Translation:Slyšíme moje prase.

September 19, 2017

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Isn't it accusative? In the previous lesson we had the sentence "Slyším tvoji ženu" so I got the impression that when we hear somebody it's accusative. (and then it should be "moji")


You are right, it is accusative when you hear someone or something.. But it is more complicated with accusative. Every noun, adjective, pronouns, possesive pronouns gets right ending which belongs to its gender and its "pattern word")

"Prase" is neuter so pronoun gets neuter accusative ending -e and "žena" is feminine so pronoun gets feminine accusative ending -i.


could svoje also be used here? Or would the sentence have to be Slysim svoje prase to make that work?


I hear my pig. - Slyším svoje prase.

We hear our pig. - Slyšíme svoje prase.

You hear your pig. - Slyšíš/slyšíte svoje prase.

Tomáš hears his (own) pig. - Tomáš slyší svoje prase.

Tomáš hears his (someone else's) pig. - Tomáš slyší jeho prase.


If the pig belongs to the subject, use "svůj". Otherwise, do not use it.

"We" and "my" don't match, so the reflexive "svůj" cannot be used here.


Hello, in this exercise I wrote "me prase slysime" and was marked as right, should I consider that as a proper way to say it?



"Mé prase slyšíme" is correct, although somewhat unusual with the verb at the end - it stresses that we CAN indeed hear my pig - most likely as a reply to somebody claiming that we cannot hear it.


Mé prase slyšíme. is accepted and has always been.

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