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Duolingo Stories Update

Thank you to everyone who has left feedback for Duolingo Stories. We've listened and have just released an update based on one of your top requests. Not only are stories fun to play through, they are also a great way to improve your language skills, so it's only natural that you should earn XP by doing them. As of now you will get awarded with 2XP per correct question upon completing each story!

There are also some bonus surprises:

  • 10 new stories in both Spanish and Portuguese, bringing the total to 40 stories in each language.
  • New recordings for most of the first set of stories, so it might be worth giving them a listen again.

We know you will ask, so it is worth noting that we are still polishing it in Spanish in Portuguese until we are happy with it before adding new languages.

Let us know what you think of the changes, and if you notice any bugs.

Thanks and enjoy!

September 19, 2017



Yay! New stories and xp points! Thanks a bunch!


The Portuguese stories are great. Everything works perfectly. Thanks, Duo!


What is your opinion on the voice change? I highly preferred the old ones.


Sometimes I hear minor "resonance" at the end of sentences, but I think that it may be related to my old tablet.


I have this problem on my computer too. But over all I love the stories.

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Great update!

I tried one of the Spanish stories without even knowing any Spanish (just guessing from other languages I know), and I really liked it.

Now I am waiting for other languages to be added :-)


Great to hear that points can be earned with stories, because practicing with them is a lot more fun!


It seems we won't be getting these stories in other languages for awhile, but I'm patient enough. Do whatever you need to polish and perfect this feature. I can definitely tell the team just wants the absolute best for the users. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!


This is absolutely great! So, thanks for the communication and I'll be sure to check it out now! I've actually been looking forward to more stories in Portuguese, so thanks! ^_^


It's great thanks. I love earning the XPs!


I'm glad so many stories were added. I'm eagerly awaiting them to come out in Italian and French. Hopefully they will also come out in English too eventually for Duolingoers learning English.


Waiting for German stories! it really would be nice.


I love the stories! And great to have them count toward xp's. Hoping that you do more of this as it is in my opinion a great way to learn how to use and understand the language.


Man, you guys are working on this stuff FAST. Very impressive and nice to know that you're putting a lot of effort into helping people learn their target languages. I cannot wait until you get more languages up and running, but at the same time, I want it to be done right. Doing it the right way is the most important thing. Awesome job guys!

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I feel that the stories need some balancing: it seems to me, that some of the task are to easy to reward them with as much as 2xp, eg. putting in order 4 words into a phrase that was heard just a moment before is much easier than solving a quiz.


Ttly. The difficulty of tasks should be 'customisable', without having to change the story at all.


Good work! I really like the stories as it increases my vocabulary and is good for phrases too. Many thanks! HJH


Man, these stories look really great. Too bad I learn neither of the languages available in the stories


I LOVE your stories.


I tried stories for the first time today. Great addition.


Awesome!!! Thanks :)


Could the next batch of stories be in German, by any chance? :))


i wonder if there will be a German stories


This is incredible! I can't wait to read stories in Spanish! Thanks so much!!!!!!


Sorry to ask, but how does one access these stories?


What a cool idea! I'm not sure I know enough to begin these, but I'm bookmarking them for later. Thanks!

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Awesome to hear duo team!!!


Excellent, thank you!


YES! I love the Duolingo stories and was thinking we should be able to earn XP's from them. Thanks Duo Team!


I love these stories! Thank you!!!


it is a really good idea


actually I was very grateful for the level I've reached from the main lessons but got to the point where I need to improve my language with something more challenging, so I just can't wait for the stories in French to come out!


Can you please add german stories?


I really love the stories format! It reminds me of the translation section Duolingo used to have. It's good to practice in larger chunks! Thanks for creating cool content for us!


So Stories is only available for Spanish and Portuguese? Is German on the way?

[deactivated user]

    thank you for the great effort exerted, and i look forward to read stories in my favourite language, German


    Please continue to add more sets, especially in French


    Ooh! First Chinese, then a new look for lessons, now this. Congrats to the Duo team!


    A total of 40 stories in each language?! Wow! Congrats Duo Team!


    YES! YES! YES!

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you do on duolingo! It is constantly being improved until you think nothing could be better, and then a new update comes! Duolingo is pure awesome! Thank you and the whole duo team so much!


    Okay, I think I should say I'm sorry. Not just to you, but to all users in the post.

    I acted very inappropriately towards a lot of good people, and I regret that.


    plz downvote

    EDIT: -10 score! Keep it up.

    EDIT 2: -100 score?! That's a new personal record for me!


    No matter how terrible I feel about something, there's always a positive way to give negative feedback; it's called Constructive Criticism, and it's way better than your Destructive Approach. Meanwhile, expecting others to not express their opinions, because it is different from yours, is totally inappropriate.

    I love the Spanish stories, and I am glad for the XPs.


    I've learned my lesson. I apologized.


    '' It's called opinions, get used to it.''

    Yeah, and most people have the opinion that stories are great.


    Most people who comment. Most comments in the immersion thread were disappointed about the deletion but the feature itself was only used by a miniscule amount of people.

    I'm not saying stories are necessarily bad. They are way below my Spanish level and not available on my other languages so I can't comment on their usefulness for those who are still in the middle of their tree. What I am saying is that the comments here and in previous threads only represent a small percentage of all users and the fact that they are developing it further is a better indicator, but not a foolproof one. They have already invested a lot of time on this so even if the metrics aren't that good, it's reasonable to try different things and see if the metrics improve instead of scrapping it immediately.


    Oh damn, this person better apologize for praising the staff! We forgot to ask about your opinion before we had anything nice or encouraging to say. So sorry.

    Why are you dragging a compliment? Your reply could have been a comment in and of itself and it would've been fine. Maybe you should take your completely uncalled for, pretentious nonsense back.


    Yeah, I know. I acted stupid. I deserve the reactions, to be honest.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you guys so much! I tried it and it was awesome! BTW, any idea when it'll come to other languages?


      Once the Duolingo boys be done polishing Espanol & Portuguese, y'all gotta do German. I just read German books right now with some PDF resources... but it sucks cuz I barely know any of the words.


      What a surprise it was, when just now I did my daily story and got XPs for correct answers! And these XPs even count towards the daily study goal. Just so you know, I would be willing to spend lingots on opening new sets of stories. 40 stories are awsome, but they only last for a couple of months.


      RIP the awesome funny Portuguese voices. Did people really dislike those??? The new voices are a lot more monotone / boring in my opinion, like the soul of the story is gone.

      It probably won't stop me from using the stories feature but it will absolutely be with less enthusiasm. Previously, the voices were what had set the Duolingo stories most apart from those you'd find anywhere else in a positive kind of way.


      Ha! The old voices were staff & friends. I was one of them :D We were definitely not as good as pros, and our recording quality was poor... recording takes a surprisingly long time, so we could not keep it up on the side. Now we have pros, so I expect it to only get better and better—give it a chance, it is possible that you simply got used to our friendly poor-quality tones. But this comment made me laugh a little. :D


      But the staff could also get better and that way have to spend less time :P. Such a relaxing job which the staff really enjoys doing, it increases productivity you know ;).

      I absolutely LOVED the old voices (can't be stressed enough) and the professional ones as you call them simply can't live up to them in my opinion. I guess it's partially because the staff did it with more passion / enjoyed doing it. The new ones are rather as dry as your average recording used in classrooms. This especially applies as the new voices seem the be the exact same ones in each story (as I know they are in set 3 = further increases how boring / monotone they can make the stories become).

      Hup, hup, back into the studio you go xD. If all else fails, you can always try cloning (shouldn't be a challenge for Luis, it's probably what he has been working on in his spare time), that should solve the time problem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

      You could also make a split between the professional and staff ones, to not take up too much staff time while maintaining some diversity and still having some awesome ones.


      Really? Which stories were you in?


      Are the XP gained in the stories valid to increase the daily streak?


      Not for French and/or German?


      I'd love to see these stories in German as well. Any ETA until that's done?


      She wrote:

      We know you will ask, so it is worth noting that we are still polishing it in Spanish in Portuguese until we are happy with it before adding new languages.

      So no ETA "until we are happy with it".


      Guys, I want to say thank you! I love the stories and it is perfect for the listening comprehension skill mix. The amount of XP's is perfect. Don't get too insulted by the people who are talking it down, it is one of the best features to keep motivation high after finishing the tree and maintaining it golden.


      Will there ever be some for french ?


      just found this feature today and I'm very excited to start trying it out with my daily practice. The stories are simple and at a childlike reading level, which I am at this point, so very helpful. I hope as I progress in my speaking and understanding the stories and context of the stories do too!!

      thanks again!


      I have only tried out one story in Spanish and I intend to do more. I found value in the way the story developed and it required me to work across several knowledge areas. It's a very promising concept and more challenging than I thought it would be. That has to be a good thing, surely.


      I have a small suggestion that I just thought of. Consider putting 5 stories in each set rather than 10. I like the feeling of "progress" that Duolingo provides, and having more sets with less amount of stories in them feels more like you're progressing more and it feels much more satisfying. It's like "wow I'm on Set 7 now, I've come a long way", or "YES I've gotten past Set 5!" Having 8 sets of 5 is much more awesome than 4 sets of 10. Also, more stories in a set can feel a bit overwhelming. I don't know, it's a mental thing I think. This might be a very strange comparison but it makes me think of those Guitar Hero games where each set would have 5 songs and it would get harder as you go on. I remember there was a feeling of satisfaction when you got to a next set. Then in the later games they just gave you a list of songs and it wasn't nearly as satisfying anymore. I would rather have each set stand on its own as a small "batch" rather than a big wall of stories. Also, for convenience it helps to narrow down the stories' difficulty even more. Again, it's a small thing but I thought I'd throw it out there.


      I prefer sets of 10 but the main thing is that there should be lots of stories. It's the best feature introduced since Duo began, apart from the main tree. If in the future all languages had 100's of stories, It would be really awesome.


      I have poor vision. Please make them keyboard-friendlier, so I can navigate between sentences using arrow keys. (this worked in an earlier version)


      I enjoy the stories, but as a deaf person it's immensely frustrating to be asked to type words that are spoken out loud. When it comes to regular Duolingo lessons, it's possible to make everything deaf-friendly by going into Settings and selecting "Microphone: Off" and "Speaker: Off". It would be so nice if those settings carried over to the stories. As things stand at present, the only way to get three stars (and therefore be allowed to move on to the next batch of stories) is to guess randomly and be graded poorly, then repeat the story.

      I gather that people with low vision are also experiencing problems with the stories. See somelauw's comment above for a description of that. It would be great if both these disability barriers could be fixed.


      ColdBird, I hope that the Stories feature go from idea board to fully realized feature and that Duolingo will address these educational barriers. I'm crossing my fingers along with you. :)


      Amazing. I have my honor spanish students take them, two each week. I love it! In this Lab stories, you read, listen to, write, but don't talk. That would be the next step. Have the student answer questions in Spanish/Portuguese. How can I help such objective?


      Just discovered that once you have listened to the spoken sentence if you click on the "speak icon" again the sentence will be spoken again slightly slower. Click on it again and the sentence will be spoken even slower!! I use this to try and speak at the same speed/pronunciation as the speaker. Hope this will be helpful for others to know! Genius programming!!


      I LOVE the stories. I really like the fact that 1) you give XP points, 2) the new voices are great, 3) I like the fact that they are "real" conversations 4) 40 stories is awesome.

      Also, in general, I like the fact that they use the future and conditional tenses and they build on word that we already know from regular Duolingo. The stories are kinda like a Real World Test. A month ago, I couldn't understand the stories (even with the hints). I tried them again and WOW I have learned a TON from Duolingo. It made me so happy that I could listen/read and know what they were about.

      I find that just trying to memorize words and tenses is difficult, but when they are used in context, it's simple. I also learn some of the phrases from the stories that I try in real life.

      Thank you VERY MUCH for the update to Stories.


      Hi ChileJam. I wish I was having good luck with the Duolingo Stories like you. Ever since the weekend (Oct. 7-8), all of my completed stories indicators (3 stars) of the first Set and part of the second Set have disappeared (including "Alguien me persigue" and "Una cita misteriosa" from Set 2. Before that, I wasn't receiving any XP for the last 3 stories that I had completed. Is anyone else having this problem with the Duolingo Stories?


      Hi Luchita, can you please confirm what username you see in the top right corner of the page when you are signed in to Stories at stories.duolingo.com?


      Hi Steve, thanks for checking into this. I see "Luchita347..." which when I click on it shows my userid of "Luchita347407" and my picture. Thanks again!


      Thanks for letting us know. I've emailed you directly to try to figure out what's going on.


      similar here – I see my profile icon on top and still XPs do not add to my count...

      PS: I think, I figured it out... all those XP went to my 'lower leveled' Spanish course with English base, so I did not see the XP in the profile grow, where only my higher Spanish level with German base is shown. When I switch courses and reload the stories page, the XP count is increasing correctly.


      One thing that I have noticed on mobile is that the points you get from a story WILL increase if you belong to a club, BUT those points were NOT transferred to the daily total. So, the only way to get my minimum 30 XP per day was to do the actual lessons and not simply complete the stories.

      I "think" this has been fixed, but I'll check again.


      Wow! what a great idea! it's been fun watching duolingo change over the years


      I really need to work on listening. Would it be possible to have versions of the stories without the written text?


      I love the stories! I really think it is helping with my listening comprehension skills.


      I love them. But I don't use website that much. So the question is: Will you integrate them into the app?


      Please add French, Italian and Norwegian stories soon/in the future.


      This is a very nice feature. The questions probing comprehension and asking about synonyms are especially good.


      On a similar note the golden owl or other badges earned if implemented should be put next to your name on these forums. The streak thing for a lot of people isn't important but seeing someone has finished the tree I think is more interesting to most. I never care if I take a day or two off and lose the streak.


      "Stories" is an excellent feature and greatly helps improve language comprehension...in my case, French. I'm just dying to check out even more Stories when you add them in Italian too.


      Thats good more stories in french please


      Please date your updates. "Just released" is meaningless if no date is given.


      I can only see the stories icon at Duolingo.com, not when I use the app. I deleted the app and reinstalled, but did not fix the issue. What am I missing?


      @Shane664896, you're probably not missing anything. The Android app doesn't have a way of accessing the stories, so I just use the web browser -- I've had no problems. I have no experience with the iPhone app.


      I enjoy most of the stories. The surprising twists add to that enjoyment. However, there seems to be an agenda to some of them. One I will not even open, much less complete. That puts me at a standstill to complete the stories. An individual option to delete a story would help (or some other way to continue).


      I too have noticed the "agenda." Comments like ours however will fall on deaf ears.


      Congratulations!! This is so awesome. I know a lot of people have been looking forward to more material. Thank you for the update! ^_^


      Sooooo..... when will the stories be available on the Duolingo app?


      The stories are a bit difficult for most beginners. Some easier words would be helpful. (More of the words learned in the beginning duolingo exercises.)


      And you can hover over any word (in my browser), to see the translation if you are stuck.


      Very useful. Though a bit humbling. Thanks so much for this.


      Yup. It goes work. But I don't like the XP. 10 XP all the way!!!


      Love your profile picture. How did you get Duo dressed up?


      Are you going to eventually expand into other languages, if so what languages?


      Love the stories. I did my first one last night. I am looking forward to doing them in French when the time comes. Keep up the great work!


      I was very happy to see more stories. I was afraid I was going to run out. Thanks Duo!


      These are so much fun! I left Duo many months ago after completing both Spanish trees (regular and inverse), but the stories drew me back. I ration them - only one per day to make them last longer.


      When will stories be available in french?


      We know you will ask, so it is worth noting that we are still polishing it in Spanish in Portuguese until we are happy with it before adding new languages.

      So before they are happy with the current offering, they won't even start to add any new languages. And I doubt anyone can predict a timeline for when they will be happy with Spanish and Portuguese, so nobody can answer your question.


      I love them. They are fun, short, and very useful.
      Maybe we also need a few that have no writing (except for the comprehension)? Just listening?


      If there is only listening comprehension, then deaf and some hard of hearing people won't be able to participate at all in those ones.


      He leído las tres primeras historias españolas y son agradables, así como útiles.


      Looking forward to seeing stories in additional languages.


      Enjoying the stories! Motivating!


      sTORIES are awesome. Bring more for every language.


      SteaveRidout you are stupid who cares about you get ❤❤❤❤❤❤


      Thanks for the extra stories and the XPs earned, Duolingo. Pardon my potential dumb question, but where do the Stories XPs appear? They have not been added to my Regular XPs count. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!


      Sorry about my question, I now realize that I was thinking that Lingots were added not XPs. Have a great day everyone!


      I think the stories are extremely helpful, I can't wait for more languages to be added!


      I really hope the Dutch ones come soon, It looks like a really cool feature.


      Thank you that's great


      Thanks :) looking forward to the French ones. I'm still at beginner stage so don't mind waiting!


      Some stories in Greek would be wonderful. I know some Greek teachers if you need any ideas


      I really hope you can get some Italian stories. You guys are awesome! Congrats on the 40 stories! And it's only a beta! Thanks for all your hard work. And you do it for free! Duolingo FTW!


      The stories are enjoyable and fun. Easy way to learn and good listening as well. thanks..


      Eagerly awaiting Italian! I love this idea, but can't really see how it works yet since I don't understand the two languages. I am excited to see where DL goes with it.


      cant wait for sweetish


      When will it be available on the mobile app?


      I don't have an answer to that question, but I will say that the Stories website works well on mobile so I'd encourage you to give it a try.


      I love this feature/idea. I use it everyday to stay sharp. I'd like to contribute to stories in other languages! How do I get involved?


      Thank you Duolingo for the Stories. I have done many stories in the last month, and now I understand that XP are being given for successful completion of them. On Sept. 28, I completed "Alguien me persigue" and "received" 16 XP. Today, I completed "La cita misteriosa" and was "given " 14 XP. However neither of these amounts were added to my existing XP. Am I missing something? Thanks a bunch!


      That's strange. I just checked our database for Stories and there are no records of any stories completed for your user account. Are you sure you are using Stories with the same Luchita347407 account? When you visit stories.duolingo.com you should see a username at the top right corner of the page, can you please confirm what username you see there.


      Dear sir/ madam The Duolingo Stories page doesn't open ? Could you please fix this problem as soon as possible?

      Sincerely yours Ahmad Salini


      Which browser and device are you trying to open it on? Has it worked for you in the past?


      I think the Stories should be visible for those whose Duolingo interface is not in English. I started Duolingo by taking the course EN->PT, then when it was available in French, FR->PT, and even PT->FR to practice the other way around. For some reason I came back to the course EN->PT and discovered the Labs button, which does not appear when using Duolingo in French or Portuguese. I think a lot of Duolingo users speak pretty good English but use the website in another language, missing some features that they don’t know exist. And Stories are GREAT, so make them more visible !


      Hello! stories are only in Spanish or Portugues no other language????? please add french and English to the list.


      please bring out out language stories such as french and german!! merci beacoup!!!


      I randomly clicked a key, and the speaking sped up, however I do not know the key I hit. Is there a key to speed up and slow down speech in stories?


      I'd like to know that option!


      Have you polished Portuguese and Spanish, because I'm waiting for Italian.


      I would like to be able to listen a bit longer before the text appears. Understanding the spoken language is much harder than reading it.


      I sometimes close my eyes, but it is very tempting to keep them open!


      i love the stories! -- am having a few problems with them and am not sure if this is the way to report bugs or not...... (spanish) first- in set 1 - I had trouble getting 'complete' - even though I completed the whole set, the last story would not show as complete and move on to set 2- took the last story over 4 or 5 times......and only when I came back to it a few hours later did it finally show as complete and open the set 2

      now in set 2......and in each of the first 2 stories in that set, as I get partway through the story, all of a sudden it starts itself all over again at the beginning of the story and reads the whole story all over again.......not sure what's up with that....don't know why it did it......doesn't seem to be any way to stop it other than to listen to it all over again.......


      I really love this feature :-) Do you already know when it will be available in english? Because my parents are practicing english with Duolingo and they are really eager to learn even more :-) Thanks


      Love the stories! Best addition to Duolingo!


      Stories in Spanish are not loading and haven't been for several days. What's happened to them?


      Which browser are you using? If you know the exact version that would be good to know!


      Can I contribute a short story? You may choose to use it as you consider fit. Also, here is what I do when have students listen to them: prepare a list of new vocabulary-go through it, name of characters, list all the questions after the arrows, write down a summary of the story, and prepare a graphic representation of the story. I can insert something else...Example: in the "los tres deseos" story, I ask them to write the name of the famous gene (make connections) and write down 4 wishes of their own (before start listening/watching the story). I print copies of the doc and give one to each so that they write their answers along the story.


      Yes, I love the French stories. They are enjoyable and very helpful in learning French expressions, but I have completed all that are currently available. Please create more!!!!


      I love the stories! Thanks, Duolingo!


      I love the Duolingo stories, and when I showed them to my students and did one with them in class, it got them really excited to learn Spanish.

      My one question is, do the XPs earned count toward assignments? I have included myself as a student in one of my classes and tonight I did a couple stories. I see the XPs I earned on my regular account and when I go into the teacher side of my account, they show up on my activity log, but it still says that I have not started the assignment.


      Thank you for adding this feature! My students enjoy reading the stories, and are adamant about the XPs being applied to their XP goal assignments. I started manually recording their story XPs, but it takes FOREVER! Could the XPs they earn in stories go toward assignments like they do for the Bots? Please help!


      Great! I really like them, but i have a problem. Level 1, story 'Voce fala?', i cannot finish this story because of a mistake(((( of the programme maybe, i do not know, but in the middle of the story it is suggested to come back and try adain. What should I do???


      In section 3 of the spanish stories, trabajo de laboratorio gets stuck near the beginning - after the 1st picture & first "test". After the male voice speaks, the arrow button to continue doesn't turn blue and I can't finish this story or continue it in any way...


      I’d like stories in Italian please.


      I've an idea Steve which you may like. When you finish the tree you get a gold owl, when you complete the stories you get a gold book or something added to your profile. Would motivate people to finish them whereas XP are less obvious what you did to get them.


      I've an idea Steve which you may like. When you finish the tree you get a gold owl, when you complete the stories you get a gold book or something added to your profile. Would motivate people to finish them whereas XP are less obvious what you did to get them.


      How do I get the new update? I went to Google play and it says I can't update it anymore.


      To my knowledge, the stories are only available when you sign in to Duolingo on a web browser, not through the apps. At the top of the screen, choose the Stories or Labs tab, and see what you find!


      I cannot get into the second set of stories in French


      I am a Spanish teacher and would love to use the stories along with the lessons. Is there information already created about when it is appropriate to have my students complete the stories (i.e. 1st story after completing Basics 1)?


      Any new stories in German doming soon?


      Why are my stories locked?


      Why are my stories locked?


      I use Duolingo for Schools with my classes and assign 100 XP each week. My students would like to use Stories for some of their XP, but it doesn't seem like it counts towards their XP assignments. Would it be possible to make the XP earned in Stories count towards XP assignments in Duolingo for Schools? Thanks!


      I have tried to open Duolingo stories on my tablet many times and it just doesn't work. I click on the story, the audio loads, the set up appears (the beginning of the green bar and the audio icon) and.... That's it. No words, no sound. No progression. I was able to do one on my obsolete phone that I never use, and I love this aspect of Duo. So it may not be my account but my tablet. I ran a scan and reset it. Is there a setting I should change? I hope I get a response but I never have before.



      I see that you were able to get it working. One thing I recommend is asking the community for assistance in the Troubleshooting forum. (Though, look through the Help articles first in case one of the articles there can answer your question. More on this at the bottom of this comment)

      If you don't find your answer in the help articles and you decide to ask in the Troubleshooting forum, it's helpful if you make the title of the post very clear about what your question is. Then, in the body of your post make sure to list what operating system (ios, windows, linux, etc.) and platform youre using (Desktop, app, if app which app, is it the latest version, if not which version.) If you're experiencing the problem through a browser, which browser you're using. (Duolingo's desktop version is optimized for the latest version of the Chrome browser.) If you can, also include a screenshot of what is happening when you encounter a problem.

      Note on finding the Help articles without a direct link. On desktop version, click on the Duolingo "Home" tab in the blue bar at the top of the screen. From there, mouse over your username where it appears in the same blue bar. A menu will drop down. At the bottom of that menu is an option titled Help. Click that and it will take you to the Help articles.

      Why go to the Home tab first? If you are elsewhere on Duolingo and just hover over your username in the blue bar and the menu pops down, it won't have the Help option for some reason. Once you try and end up on settings, you can hover again over your username and Help will appear. However, to get it to appear the first time, go to the Home tab.

      I hope this helps in the future. :)


      I have tried to open Duolingo stories on my tablet many times and it just doesn't work. I click on the story, the audio loads, the set up appears (the beginning of the green bar and the audio icon) and.... That's it. No words, no sound. No progression. I was able to do one on my obsolete phone that I never use, and I love this aspect of Duo. So it may not be my account but my tablet. I ran a scan and reset it. Is there a setting I should change? I hope I get a response but I never have before. Anyone have any ideas? My tablet is a Samsung Tab A.


      Update: I fiddled with some settings and its working. Unfortunately, I am unsure which setting change fixed it, or if someone fixed it for me. Now if I can just link stories with my tiny cards account.... I will just revel in the new found joy of having access to stories for now.


      Just stumbled across the Stories. I don't use my iMac for Duo, often. You must develop an IOS version, as that is where I most frequently get to study my language!! The stories are very helpful.


      There seems to be a glitch with Stories right now. My students do them and, at the end, it says they've been awarded XP. But the XP never adds to their running total. If they start a story with, say, 100 XP, and then get 10 XP from the story, their total remains at 100 instead of going to 110. Is anyone else experiencing this?


      I am also experiencing that with my students.


      is the base language the same as for their 'normal' studies? if not, that might be the problem... e.g. I'm learning Spanish with German base most of the time – as the stories are only available with English base their XP do not show up in my 'highest' XP count for Spanish, which is the one on base language German...


      Please add Madrid and Japanese stories


      Hi, Can you tell me when there will be more German stories please?


      What about english stories?


      How do I assign stories for students?


      I enjoy doing the stories and they are great reading and listening practice and reinforcing skills I'm learning. However, I finished set 16 of the Spanish Stories but Part II of the story (the first of Set 17) isn't allowing me access...


      Could you please refresh the stories.duolingo.com page in your browser, and double check that every story in set 16 is gilded with a gold star in the corner. If this is true and you still can't access set 17, please let us know and we'll investigate!


      Hi Steve. I HAD done all the stories as I've been doing them in order but one just appeared before Puss N Boots that was not done (or maybe it was orange anyway so I didn't notice but I went back again and again to try so I don't know how I missed it!). Anyway, it was undone, and was I did it Set 17 magically opened! Thanks.


      The rest of the stories are locked for me. It says I should complete all others to open them up, but I have. Am I missing something?


      Hi Luhelle,

      I recommend posting your question to the Troubleshooting forum. These old popular discussions have a lot of comments, which makes the page slow to load for a lot of folx and can discourage people from clicking in to help. When using the Troubleshooting forum, please give as much information as possible about which platform your accessing Duolingo from (ios/android/windows, what browser, chrome, safari, etc.) As a note, Duolingo is optimized for the latest Chrome browser. You might experience some technical difficulties with other browsers.) If you can attach a screenshot of what you're seeing, that is always super helpful. Thanks! :)


      I can only open French Story up to set 10. The rest sets are all greyed out and Ican't open it. I do have Plus subscription. Please advise.


      There's probably a story in a lower level that you haven't completed (it may have been added later). You need to do that first in order to unlock later levels.


      Hello, I can access the stories on computer and iphone, but they no longer appear on my ipad. Everything seems in order, I'm logged in, etc. Any clues? Thanks!


      Why can't I get "Stories" on my iPad (I can get it on my laptop though)?


      I've almost finished all of the stories, but I really like the easier stories. Keep them coming! They make learning fun.


      I did a lot of stories in all 4 languages in Dec 2019/Jan 2020 and everything worked great: when I finished out, it's tile colored up, and when I finished all tiles in a set, the next set opened up. But since that time, all the tiles in several sets lost their color and re-doing them doesn't color them up again. As a result, no further sets will unlock, so I can't make any further progress. PLEASE FIX!


      Please produce stories in Italian from English. TU


      I've finished all of the available stories in Spanish and really would like more! I find them to be very helpful? Also, why don't we earn points for listening to the Podcasts?


      I can not get new lessons or stories, I am on the Emerald league and finished all the lesson and the first set of 17 stories, where are the other stories or lessons? Please help me. I am Yvonneode do not send me to Just Answer


      Any French stories? Merci


      We know you will ask, so it is worth noting that we are still polishing it in Spanish in Portuguese until we are happy with it before adding new languages.

      The answer was already in the post.


      French stories, please


      I suggest making a beginner story, for people who just started learning Spanish


      Why aren't there any books in other languages?


      ''A prototype cannot be too picky. Those were the resources available to the team working on Stories when developing it.''

      In short, they only had Spanish and Portuguese resources.


      Great job, but I would prefer if French were one of the available. Otherwise, great work!


      I need new stories, tell me how to get them. Yvonneode working on Portuguese. Please help me.


      I finished set i of the reading stories and can not get anymore reading sets in Portuguese, I am on the Emerald league Yvonneode, can you help me?


      Are there any short stories in french?


      No, and that's stated and explained in the original post.

      [deactivated user]

        ya could u do german plz


        gooooooooodddd jjjjjjooooooooobbbbbbb


        I disagree with this idea and think it is bad.

        • Firstly, 2XP per correct answer is barely enough to do a story for when the stories are actually hard. Boost that up to 10XP.
        • Secondly, polishing the recordings right now is useless as most people have already finished it and now have to waste time re-doing it.
        • Thirdly, fourty stories and stories have been out for so long. I expected 80 by now.
        • Fourthly, still only two languages?
        • Still polishing the first two languages when you had so much time to do it?


        chill out yo, be thankful that they are there at all


        They're just stating their opinion. I don't think that makes them ungrateful.

        EDIT: Okay, this is ridiculous. The user is not ungrateful, they are stating an opinion.


        The last three points are unbelievably rude and childish :/ This person obviously has no idea how long it takes to develop these kinds of things.


        I take it you have a lot of accounts?


        Some (but not all) the subthreads here have had their up/down status reversed suddenly in a very suspicious way, yes.


        I check to see if people are scripting for levels and XP whenever there is an unusual vote pattern going on that looks self-defensive.


        I'd say that some gratitude is in order here.


        10XP per answer? They're not that hard, that would be far too generous - I'm even thinking 2xp per answer is over-generous.

        It's only in a test phase, so 40 stories is pretty good and fair enough only two languages while testing. It could take some time to get stories in place for the volunteer-driven courses when this goes mainstream - which I'm sure it will as they are pretty good so far.


        And not only that, it's free as well!


        Easy there, Melzilla! You may have some experience with language learning, but you've got a lot to learn about how to treat people.


        chill. they are doing the best they can. and be grateful you're even getting xp.


        Ok, that is your opinion. here is mine. I think is always very easy to criticise and very difficult to understand. Therefore you are doing the easy job and you are not going to do anything good doing it. If you think Duo staff is making little process, why don't ask (instead of criticise their work) something like: How do you make the stories? what do you need to make new stories in different languages? What things do you need to make better stories? what problems are you currently having making these stories? Are you going to keep making and maintainig these stories or is still unknown?

        In that way you understand a little more the process and can have a informative answer and perhaps a constuctive one!


        In my opinion repetition is never a bad thing to do.

        I believe there are still a lot of people who are not yet at the level to complete the stories and therefore haven't started them yet.


        You clearly have no experience as a developer...



        I believe you are missing the point of "Labs" when you express that your time is being wasted.

        Labs are an opportunity to look behind the scenes and participate in what staff would be/is doing at Duolingo headquarters.

        Behind the scenes, staff tests various aspects and versions of features before they release it, feature like voices, colors, fonts, menus, interface, etc. It would be happening right now whether we were invited to participate or not. There is zero obligation to participate. So it is not applicable to call it a waste of your time. :)


        What do you mean?

        When did I say my time is being wasted?

        I said waste time re-doing it not my time is wasted.


        Whether it was your time or someone else's time. Time is not being wasted. :)

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