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Duolingo Survey


I've created a survey for an assignment in my university (RMIT) and I would love it if you could take a few minutes of your time to answer it. I'll even give 2 Lingots to those who answer the survey and reply to this post. (first 30 only because I don't have enough lingots to give more! :D )

Link: https://goo.gl/forms/jDlgGma8t2T6xDOA2


All the information used in the survey will only be shared for the purposes of my assignment. (My thanks to the anonymous donors who have given me lingots to help with the survey.)

September 19, 2017



The questions make it sound as if you're looking to make your own version of Duolingo and are sizing up what basic features are necessary.


Haha, maybe! The point of the assignment is to find out what could be improved with the Duolingo UX. So I guess it's supposed to sound like that? :)


Done. good luck with your assignment:)


done! ANd here are some more lingots


Thanks! I suppose then you don't need the 2 lingots... Must be nice. :)


I filled it out. It's a great survey I just think that the question that asks about why you're learning a language should have the option to choose more than one. Thanks!


Thanks for filling it out! I changed that question as well. :)


that's good, I have many reasons!


cool survey! why did you make it?


It's for my assignment from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). The assignment is about User Experience, so I'm studying Duolingo to see what could be improved with the UX.


i just googled the school is it the one in Australia? It looks pretty cool!


Yes it is! I do it through a neat website called OUA (Open Universities Australia) which lets me study completely online! It's pretty neat. :)


Problem: I'm stuck on the first question. You ask ''do you use Duolingo'', and I did for my first 2 months of learning, but I don't anymore... so the answer is ''not anymore''. What should I answer?


That's fine, I just need people who have used or do use Duolingo. I'll rephrase the question. :)


Done. I wish you good luck buddy :)


Just finished the survey, good luck on your assignment :)


I've done your survey. Feeling kinda old, age group choices were 8-20, 21-30 and us ancient people in the 30-80 group. ;) Teasing! Great job with the survey and best of luck with your studies!


Thanks! Maybe I should split the age groups a bit... :)


I filled it out. It was a nice survey thank you for it. Good luck!


Great Survey! Filled it out. You don't need to give me lingots. I have a lot already. :)


Done. No lingot necessary. (They're a gimmick, lol.) On one question you ask if we know about the shortcuts and I answered no. The next question asks how I like them and I'm not given the option of saying I don't use them. So I just said I don't like them. :)


In that case you should say what you think of the idea of them, do they sound useful?

Thanks for answering! :)


Done and submitted. No need for Lingots and good luck with your studies. I am 72 years young.


Thank you! Good job with that streak! I'm Irish (might be obvious) but can't speak a single word of it.


Thank You and I lost a previous streak of almost 200. Never followed it up. Slán leat -Goodbye to you. :Dia duit - Hello. Now you are started!!! Are you Irish born ?


Hi Oliver,

Yes, I was born in Dublin Ireland. I moved to Australia a decade ago.


@IrishCyborg. Dia duit. Dhá Lingot duit. Slán. Oliver.


Done. I rated the time spent on Duo a bit lower than it actually is, because it varies (some days I just do what's necessary for the streak) and I only counted exercise time, not time spend on the discussion boards and I didn't know if you wanted to know the total time or the time spent doing lessons.

And no need to give me lingots. I got enough. :)


Thanks for answering, I used to do that when I had a streak. :)


I just finished your survey : ) wish u good luck!


Thanks for your help! :)


When will we get to see the results of the survey? :)


I guess I'll post them up when the assignment is over. (Oct 8) I didn't think anyone would want to see them to be honest. :D


Looking for that help page you mentioned in the survey, where would I find it?


vchristof, hover the mouse over your username where it appears in the blue bar at the top of the screen. The menu will drop down. Click "Help" and it will take you to that page. :)


I do this on an iPad, so I don't have a mouse and the user interface is much simpler, even when I'm on the site and not the app. But thank you! I did find the help page you were directing me to. (Unfortunately, I can't remember what I was trying to even do on it! It's been a while...)


For those of us who are studying more than one language, the question as to why you are learning a language is a complicated one, since there is often more than one reason for learning languages. For example, Turkish (my husband is Turkish), English for Arabic speakers (to check up on what my students are doing), Japanese (to see how it is being taught on Duolingo and to review a language I haven't used in a long time), Italian (to help my father), Polish (because my mother was born in Poland), and German for Turkish speakers (intellectual challenge to keep my mind active). I'm sure others have equally diverse reasons for learning. Your survey seems to be aimed at people who are learning one language. Nevertheless, I completed your survey.

I am interested in why you have chosen those particular aspects of Duolingo to assess. You haven't actually considered quality of teaching in your questions, and for that reason, your respondents will probably not think about teaching in the last question. There are a number of things that I would like to see improved on Duolingo, but none of them relate to anything you have mentioned in your survey.

Although it is possible to write quite a lot in the last question, I could not easily see what I had written. As a result, I only gave you one suggestion, whereas if I had been able to see a paragraph, I might have given two or three suggestions.

I hope that you will let us know the results of your survey. I think it would be very interesting.



The questions aren't actually aimed at the quality of teaching, they're aimed at the User experience and interfaces, and about who the users are.

I changed the last question so that long answers are easier.

Thanks for completing the survey! :) (I'll release the results on Oct 9th if my schools OK with it)

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