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  5. "먹을 시간"

"먹을 시간"

Translation:Time to eat

September 19, 2017



Literally will-eat time. This / marker is what will be used in the future tense pattern Vㄹ 거야 as well as a number of other patterns relating to the future tense.

갈 거야: (I) will go.

갈게: (I) will go.

Each one has a different nuance.


so what is the difference between 거야 and 게?


"(으)ㄹ게 = when you want to hear a response or reaction from the other person

(으)ㄹ거야 when you are determined to do something, you decide and you probably won't change your mind"


갈거야 has the meaning of one's free will (나는 오늘 밤 그 파티에 갈거야. = I'll go to the party tonight.)

but 갈게 can be used as an answer when people ask you something like this: A: 오늘 밤 내 파티에 와줄 수 있어? 내가 친구가 별로 없어. Could you come to my party tonight? Because I don' t have many friends. B: 갈게. I'll come/go.


Really nice example ^^
For those who want more,
TTMIK Lvl 3 Lesson 6: Future Tenses / -(으)ㄹ 거예요 vs -(으)ㄹ게요


Would 먹는 시간 mean something else?


I believe they both mean "time to eat" but since 먹을 is a future tense modifier 먹을 시간 refers to the time when one will eat.


"Meal time" is commonly used in English.


It is time to eat

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