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  5. "What food is delicious?"

"What food is delicious?"

Translation:무슨 음식이 맛있습니까?

September 20, 2017



In Busan? Jeongguk knows (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


아 네 ㅎㅎ


yall getting outta hand☠️


I thought it was 음식이 무슨 맛있음니까 ??

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무슨 is a determiner, so it should be followed by a noun; your sentence is ungrammatical.


What is the difference between 무엇 and 무슨?


무엇/뭐 is the pronoun what whereas 무슨 is the determiner what. A pronoun can stand in the place of a noun whereas a determiner needs a noun (like the words "the", "a", "an", "this", etc.). Take a look at these examples:

무엇입니까? -> It is what? -> What is it?

무슨 책입니까? -> It is what book? What book is it?

입니까? -> It is a book? -> Is it a book?

Note the two different whats. 무슨입니까? is ungrammatical because 무슨 can't replace a noun.


That sounds more like what kind of taste is in the food


Okay, thank you ! ^^


Can someone explain why the words are in this order please. In all the other examples the question word is in the middle. Why does it begin this one

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Question words do not have to be in the middle. In this example, there is no middle since what food is the subject as a whole, not food alone.


Good question. For me, the correct answer it gave was not even a choice. 뭔 음식이 맛있습니까? Why was it not 무앗 음식이 맛있습니까?

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I am not sure what you mean by a choice, but "뭔 음식이 맛있습니까?" is accepted. 무엇 is a pronoun, not a determiner, so it cannot come before a noun but should stand alone.


I'm still unsure when I should use 이 or 은 (I can tell when to use 는 because it needs a vowel before it. Same goes for 가 I think). And I know when to use 을 or 를 more or less... But yeah, sometimes I can interchange 이 and 은 but sometimes one is accepted but one isn't.


There are many answers to this both on the forum and in various websites and videos -(in fact, this is such a commonly asked question I am surprised you haven't stumbled upon an answer yet)- but here are some good explanations to get you started;

1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOy8bBId3zU

2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCxLNRLntc0

3: http://www.learnkoreanlp.com/2011/12/subject-particles.html

4: http://www.learnkoreanlanguage.com/Particles.html

은/는 have the same usage, the only difference is 는 is used after a vowel -which you already know.

이/가 have the same usage, the only difference is 가 is used after a vowel -which you also already know.

은/는 are usually used for more general statements: "dogs eat meat" whereas 이/가 are for more specific sentences "The dog eats meat" There are also other nuances around these, so I suggest you look at a couple of the sources above to give yourself a better idea of it.

Hope this helped :)


I like banana milk:)


어느 음식이 맛있습니까? <-- can be accepted?

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Which food is delicious?


I dont get the 무슨 thing. Some are placed before the noun some in a middle??? How do i correctly place it because these two ways of using it is confusing me and irritated me......

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