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  5. "네가 몇 시에 일할 예정이야?"

"네가 시에 일할 예정이야?"

Translation:What time will you work?

September 20, 2017



This takes a bit more mind bending to understand:

네가: you

몇 시에: at what time

일할: will work

예정이야: is schedule

예정豫定 (schedule, plan, expectation, preordination)

At what time is your will-work preordination?What time do you plan to work?


Most Koreans use specific words for each of those translations. schedule=스케줄 or 시간표 (lit. time table) plan= 계획 expectation=예상 and if you're going to use the english preordination it's less awkward if used as preordained which would be 예정하다.


So in this -ㄹ 것입니다/거야 structure, 것/거 can be replaced by a noun?


것/거 is literally "thing" so whatever that thing is can replace it and vice versa.


너는 몇 시에 일할 예정이야 or 너 몇 시에 일할 예정이야 is better.


"what time are you scheduled to work?" This is also correct. We don't really plan to work

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