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Duolingo - Please add more things to do with Lingots.

Your 7 day streak wager mechanic got me working on my Spanish again. I know mobile version has alternate costumes which are OK, but desktop doesn't even have that.

Adding small cosmetics would go a long way, but I feel they could do even more to make who whole experience more game-like. Little bonus stuff like a word search or puzzle or simple game would be great additions to the store.

Thank you. Anyone else reading this should add suggestions they might have.

September 20, 2017



I want a t-shirt with my language badge on it. Like shake shack. every location has a custom t-shirt for sale https://shop.shakeshack.com/category/2. enough with trying to squeeze money from the health/gem extortion, give us merchandise! who's with me?......(crickets?)


That is true.They should add more stuff that you can do with lingots.Also they should add more costumes and mini games that help you learn. [=

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