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What are some terms of endearment in your language and culture?

Something I've always been curious about! How do people say "my dear", "sweetheart," "honey", or any other term of endearment where you live and what does it mean? Is there a specific person that one says it to?

September 20, 2017



One of my favorite ones in French is "mon chou," which actually means "my cabbage." I thought it was a joke at first, till I saw the phrase pop up here and there. I love it because it's silly, and kind of cute in a weird way! :-)


French: mon âme (my soul), mon cœur (my heart), mon chou (my cabbage) Spanish: corazon (heart) Polish: kochane (or something like that) (love) Esperanto: kara (dear) Japanese: あなた (with rising intonation on the た)  ("you")


In Chinese, we have a term called 宝贝 (baobei) which literally translates to "little treasure". It phonetically also sounds like the word "baby" in English so that's where the connotation of endearment comes from. Both are used by mothers to describe their children and for lovers to call in public, it's super cheesy so its mostly used in an informal sense, especially for younger people.


(moja) Draga - (my) dear.

honey - duso

srce - heart


The most common ones in Finnish are probably kulta (gold) and rakas (roughly meaning 'dear', though derived from rakkaus, which means 'love').


It has also got to do with the caracter of a certain culture. People from different countries can have different behaviours so this has an effect on endearment


certainly, but I'm a bit confused as to what in my comment you are responding to?


Sorry, I was not talking to you but to the person who posted this discussion


feel free to just make a separate comment then. no need to reply to me :D


Polish: kochanie (the most used; from kochać - love), moja droga/mój drogi (my dear), skarbie (from skarb - treasure)

And others but not everybody will use it: kotku/koteczku (kitty), słoneczko/słonko (sunny), kwiatuszku (from kwiat - flower), żabciu/żabko (from word frog). We also make new ones but these are the popular ones.

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