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  5. "이 쉬운 언어는 어려워요."

" 쉬운 언어는 어려워요."

Translation:This easy language is difficult.

September 20, 2017



Lol, this is a funny sentence


Hahahah i love troll duolingo


they're really laughing at us lmao


Exactly what I was thinking after 한국어는 쉬업지 않아요...


That oxymoron though


I buy it. The easiest language is still incredibly hard.


Esperanto is a walk in the park.


So true. I go to Esperanto everytime i stres with this korean lessons.


the pronunciation is not clear and loud. It should speak less quickly and clearly in order we learn easly that "easy difficult langage" !


I wonder if foreigners think that english is hard to learn...just a thought.


To me it has been easy to learn English although I have had some problems with grammar. However I think I can make myself clear when I speak or write because English is a little similar to Spanish (which is my native language). And ... for some people I think it's hard to learn English since pronunciation is different from writing, but with some practice it becomes easy.


As a foreigner whose native language is not English.. Well English is quite easy to learn


mmm it really depends. my native tongue is Spanish and I started to learn english by myself when I was 6 years old so to me it's been easy. but it was really hard for my highschool classmates to understand and to have a good pronunciation cause they haven't been introduced properly to the basics of the language while they were kids.


I am a native English teacher in Japan and English kills my students. It's mostly because teaching here is so focussed on translation and a lot of English grammatical concepts don't exist in Japanese. (A/the, plurals, a fairly fixed word order, etc)


Being a native English speaker who speaks 3 other languages, I can definitely say that English is probably one of the hardest languages to learn for non-natives. At least that's what I feel.


and what are the other languages do you speak'? I notice you learn French whose spelling is extremely difficult. For exemple the famous Napoleon Bonaparte made about 80 spelling mistakes to the dictation of Mérimée. In French we pronounce Kosova like cause au veau ; l'art moderne lard moderne ; l'état de Vaud (a place in Switzerland) like les tas de veaux ; la mer like la mère like l'amer... the langage is a source of misunderstoods because of that.


I speak Hindi, English, Spanish and Korean. I am also trying to learn Dutch, but well, I am far from fluent in it. Although I haven't learned French, but yes, I agree that its spelling is quite difficult. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why English pronunciation and spelling are so irregular, for it has received a lot of influence from French.


If you already speak korean, why are you here?


To brush up on my skills, maybe? And I think I'm not alone in that. I have seen many native or fluent speakers "learn" the language here on Duolingo.


Actually I think it is pretty easy. Aside from the fact that there are what, 22 vowel sounds? But once you get over it (with practice that's in no time) you can pretty much infer the pronunciation of almost everything. I feel that's the case (of it being that easy) because of its grammatical similarity to Spanish, there are a few things that change. It's just a case of loosening our tongue and learning vocabulary (and how adjectives work, before the noun)


It's not, it was like a piece of cake!


For me English is not hard. But its different condition when it comes to formal english, like if you're talking to your boss or president i cant do that


I think English is hard to learn, especially grammar.


I am 54 and English is my native tongue. Struggled with and ultimately failed French in school. Learning languages is very hard for me. Now learning Korean and am enjoying it but WOW its so hard for me


Like you, I am of similar age (48) and learning Korean is a real challenge. Because I am Polish, my language training includes two topics: English and Korean ....


Are you drunk?


I just read an article about how nonsensical sentences such as "the wet towel is dry" are good for improving abstract thinking and brain development :)


Sounds interesting. I'd like to know more. Do you remember the name of the article or any key words? I tried searching for "nonsensial sentence" and "abstract thinking" but the results are something else...


My goodness, how oxymoronic is this sentence.


this owl is on crack i swear


This is my answer to people telling me that Korean was easy.


This is what I'm thinking about Korean. I thought it is easy. But it is getting harder every day :''(


Trying to make us feel stupid.


I think that even an easy language can be diffcut to learn. anyway it always depends on the mothertongue and the persons ability to learn languages


Are you sure about that?


Contradiction much?


This funny sentence is boring


I wish Duolingo taught me useful sentences...


me studying korean since everyone else claims its so easy


Wish it said the sentences slower or at least gave the option to slow the speaking voice down like it does for some questions. The computerized voice reads most sentences way too fast so that everything sounds jumbled together. It is not in a natural speaking rythmn so the ear can not pick up word seperation and correct pronunciations even through repetition.


Sentence level: Michael Owen.


MMMH the irony


Must be sarcasm ;)


Soooo is it easy or difficult ?


Sorry, this sentence is stupid.


Such a funny sentence yet i'm crying TwT


How does this sentence make sense? Lol


그 거짓말은 맞아요.


This is kinda true though actually because sometimes a language you find easy to learn is very difficult for another person. For example I found korean pronounciation to be very eays because its similar to that of my mothertongue german, while english speakers often have a harder time or a stronger accent because it sounds quite different


true but if we talk about grammar English is the simplest (and that tends to be the hardest part of a language) as for pronunciation I think most people can pronounce better korean since it seems (at least for me) most languages have similar pronunciation except for English (my mother tounge is Spanish and Korean is really easy to imitate)


Lmao what are they talking about?


This is one of my favourite Duolingo's quotations!8',))))))))))


"이 쉬운 언어는 어려워요." it sure is mate.


무슨 말이야 이게 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Yeah. And this contradicting sentence is not contradicting..lol


Haha my thoughts exactly after 한국어는 어렵지 않아요


Aigoo... I'm laughing so hard trying to say this tongue twister!!!


I’m not gonna be able to say this sentence out loud without stuttering anytime soon ;-;


I guess it could be said sarcastically


HAHAHA duolingo you joke guy


they're literally describing the way we learn korean on here looooool


This language!yess


It's easy for native speakers at the same time as being difficult for non-native speakers. Makes perfect sense.


Say hi to dustin for me


So many usuless sentences..


Duolingo is not just an app where you have phrases. It encourages you to try new sentence patterns and experiments. So don't be sassy if you don't have the phrases you like. Because you can just replace words you don't like in a sentence so it will fit your needs.


The point of DuoLingo is not to be a phrasebook. The point is to teach you grammar and vocabulary in a new language in a memorable way. Brushing it off as "useless" instead of taking what you learn and trying to reapply it elsewhere in sentences that DO make sense completely defeats the purpose.

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