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  5. "I have my book and yours."

"I have my book and yours."

Translation:J'ai mon livre et le tien.

September 20, 2017



Would "J'ai mon livre et la tienne." also be an option here? I understand that "mon" is masculine because it is referring to the book. But, if the person you were speaking to was female, would it then be "la tienne"? Or does the possessive gender follow the object rather than the person who possesses that object?


"J'ai mon livre et les vôtres" should be accepted? What do you think about?


I agree, the English sentence doesn't exactly make it clear. I would say "le tien", "les tiens", "le vôtre" and "les vôtres" should all be accepted. Make sure you report it next time you see it so the course creators can add it as an alternative.


All of these variants are accepted. Please don't report things you haven't tried.


I agree it isnt obvious but most native english speakers would not interpret plural. For that it would have to be " i have my book and your books". So "le votre" still stands but the others no.


I wish that I had a question to ask, but I don't so I will thank all of you for your wonderful questions and answers :)


Why not ma here instead of mon ?


"Un/le/mon livre" is a masculine noun, whoever owns it.


Why is it that in some sentences in this section "le vôtre" has an accent over the "o" & in others it doesn't? I am very confused !



The circumflex accent is used for the pronouns, not the adjective. The pronunciation is slightly different.

  • le vôtre = yours (pronoun)
  • votre = your (adjective)

Same for "our" and "ours" :

  • le nôtre = ours (pronoun)
  • notre = our (adjective)
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