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How to Move Streak

I am moving from one browser to another is there a way to move my streak to the new browser from the old? My lingots and the lessons I have completed came over but the streak did not.

September 20, 2017



It's not a problem that you changed browsers. You just lost your streak.


I agree because you have your lingots and your lessons. It may simply be that you haven't done your lessons for today yet. The streak may still show in the old browser because you haven't updated the view, and it does not appear in the new browser because it uses a refreshed view.

So, if I were in your situation, I would simply do my daily dose of Duolingo right now and expect that my streak would reappear.

Good luck! :-)


You should be able to use several browsers simply by logging in to Duolingo with the same username/password. This uses the same account. Your problem looks like you have created another account but not sure how the the lingots and lessons got transferred.

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