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Number of learners on mobile-only courses

Unlike the website, the Duolingo app on Android doesn't display any stats for how many people are studying a language AFAIK. Thus, I was just wondering if anyone knows how many people are currently studying the two mobile-only courses, Japanese and Korean?

September 20, 2017



When I want to change a language on my phone (Android), it shows how many learners there are in each language. There it shows that Japanese has 316 k learners. It says nothing about the Korean course, though.


I think it displays the learner count once it reaches 100k.


My OP is slightly wrong: Android does say how many learners there are for each course, but, like yourself I've tried to reach level 2 in as many courses as possible, and once I've started a new one my phone just tells me a number of XP I have, instead of how many learners there are. Strange


I assume that number must be bunk in some way. For one it would imply that it's only getting learners at a rate maybe 50% higher than Swahili and Hungarian. Yes, it's mobile-only, but 80% of users are on mobile, so that's not enough to explain the difference. Also the 316K figure hasn't changed in at least a month.

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