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  5. "The bone is white."

"The bone is white."

Translation:Der Knochen ist weiß.

September 20, 2017



In a previous lesson we learned that das Bein is also a word for bone, but here it's not accepted. Report?


Bein as synonym for Knochen is really rare and old-fashioned and mostly used in a few idioms and fixed expressions. You will almost never hear someone using the word Bein for anything but the leg(s).



"Bein" for "bones" ? I never heard that. The only word ein know is "Gebein" or "die Gebeine" used as an older expression for "bones" respectively "mortal remains". You can hear/read that in older texts or documentations.

Can you tell me where you read/heard that? Thanks :-)

regards Angel


In the "Body 1" lesson, Bein appears as both leg and bone


Interessting. In my opinion it is wrong. A "Bein" is a "leg". A "Knochen" is a "bone". If you talk about a skeleton, mortal remains or old bones you say "das Gebein" or more common "die Gebeine" (more than one bone^^). There is an old bavarian expression (Boandlkramer) but also this you would "translate" to High German with "Gebeinekrämer" (old word for Grim Reaper). I really don't know where you would use "Bein" sorry.

best regards Angel

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