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  5. "Učím ji číst."

"Učím ji číst."

Translation:I am teaching her to read.

September 20, 2017



When I listen to the sentence "Učím ji číst" it sounds like "Učím JE číst". In every single word the sound is right.


Hello, excuse me but "Učím" is not "learning"?


I think that učím = “I teach” and učím se = “I learn” (I teach myself).


Why do some words in Czech come up in the word bank if I'm translating FROM Czech? I don't get it.


Duolingo software can put there anything. Even Arabic or Chinese. You must ask the Duolingo staff in the main forum, not here.

Edit: Some Czech words might get there when hints for some words are not entered properly. However, it will be hard to find the place anyway. We would at least need the exact words, but we may not be able to do anything anyway.


In the smartphone Duolingo version, there is no "main forum", only this one. So please be patient if we inadvertently keep on annoying you with stupid questions about things you cannot change. You are doing a great job! Thank you!


You can always open Duolingo in your Android web browser. In my opinion it is much better than the app anyway, even for the lessons and practice exercises.

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