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Keeping my streak

Hi everyone! I've got a little problem:

Tomorrow is the Jewish new year holiday,and it will last two days. I will have no access to the computer from this evening till Saturday. I've got one streak freeze, and plenty of lingots to buy another one, but I just won't be able to do so.

Anything I can do? It keeps me motivated, and I advanced a lot in the last two months :(

С новым годом, שנה טובה ומתוקה and a happy sweet new year everyone!

September 20, 2017



I'm afraid not. Just say Shalom to the streak.


Thanks, so I'm not alone in this problem...


That script which you showed I presume was Russian and Hebrew


If you meant to comment to me, then yes:)


I hope you keep your streak. also happy new year for you (I learned about this holiday this morning)


I gave u 2 of my lingots for luck.


Thanks, so kind of you:)


no; the only tthing you can do is still do duolingo or buy another streak freeze


Is this restriction on use of technology only for TVs, computers and cellphones or all devices? If yes, how do you cook or tell time ? What about electric bulbs/lights? I am really intrigued. I can understand your problem. Twice I lost long streaks because I was traveling and had no access to the internet. Now next year, I will be away for 2 weeks, traveling most of the time. I think duo should allow us to buy streak freezes in bulk.


The problem is with any electrical device. As for cooking, it's done in advance and we heat it on a hot plate that is set to turn on automatically on a certain time. we don't touch the light bulbs, they are either left on or set to turn off automatically at night. It's actually nice to have one day a week without technological distractions, this three days in a row is a rare occasion.

Thanks for all the comments, and hopefully by next time it happens Duo will have a solution:)

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