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Learning German

Hey guys, I really want to learn German and I started like a week ago to use Duolingo, I wanted to ask you if any of you knows a nice method to pratice words every day (plus the use of Duolingo of course) and learn the language faster :) Thanks!

September 20, 2017



TinyCards, Clozemaster and Memrise perhaps? Lots more resources here


TinyCards seems nice! Maybe some practice for verbs conjugation?


German Verb Conjugator - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itipton.germanverbshl=en might help from the resources link above. It's an android app, btw. You might also want to search the german forums here if there are more/better resources for specific types of practice.

Hope that helps.


Definitely Memrise. It's ideal for cramming vocabulary.


You can write a diary in German, where you try to make use of the words and grammar you've learnt. :)

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