"Já tady končím!"

Translation:I am done here!

September 20, 2017

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Why is not accepted also "I am finishing here"?


So, is this imperfect (or imperfective, I can't remember the terminology)? I would expect "I'm done" to be perfect and "I'm finishing" to be imperfect.


I got this: Perfective verbs are often formed by adding a prefix, such as s-, za-, při-, u-, etc. whereas imperfective verbs are formed by changing the verb stem into -ova-, -va-, -ěva-, etc.



Yes, so is končit perfective or imperfective?


According to Internetová jazyková příručka, it is imperfective.

The same resource gives: zakončit, skončit as perfective; zakončovat as imperfective.


Thanks, so then I would think "I am done" is a very odd translation for an imperfective, as it indicates a completed act. I would think something like "I am finishing," indicating an ongoing action, would be more appropriate. My question here has to do with the meaning of the imperfective in Czech.


I agree that "I am finishing here" seems to be the literal translation of the sentence.

Maybe this falls into the category of "That's how we say it in Czech" and we students might be better off just accepting that, rather than trying to analyze it... :-)

          • UPDATE - - - - -

I seem to remember that, since Czech has only one present tense, it is used for several constructions that in English would use other tenses. So I THINK that "končím" can mean "I have finished" as well as "I finish" and "I am finishing"... and that would get us to "I am done here." (And I was the one who said we shouldn't worry about analyzing this to a conclusion... sigh.)


Why "I finish here" is not accepted? Why past tense in translation?


I agree, ''I think I finish'' here should be correct


Could you use this phrase when you're finished eating at a restaurant and the waitress wants to take ypur plate? Or is there a more appropriate phrase?


No, you cannot! This phrase would really mean that you are finished with this place, this workplace. You won't return.

At a restaurant: "Už jsem dojedl." "Už jsem skončil." "Už nebudu." "Můžete to odnést."


'I finish here' reported. The dictionary citation does not mention 'done', but 'quit'. To be 'done' is a casual expression of loose meaning in my english world. https://slovniky.lingea.cz/anglicko-cesky/kon%C4%8Dit


I finish here makes no sense whatsoever. I have racked my brain and can find no way to verify its correctness. I finish at ... everyday is good but I finish here alone is incorrect. I have finished here. I am finishing up here now I am finishing it now I am finished ( here) but I cant find any circumstances where one would use I finish here not even in slang. If someone knows of an instance I would very much like to know it .


"I jog this route every day; I start there and I finish here"

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