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"Що ви хочете знати про цей ринок?"

Translation:What do you want to know about this market?

September 20, 2017



What would you like to know about this market? should be completely acceptable!


This would be, "Що би ви хотіли знати про цей ринок?", the Ukrainian "conditional mood" :)


That's only literally true. Most people would say it either way in English and they would be considered pretty much identical meaning-wise. One is actually simply more courteous than the other. PS I think it's equally true in Ukrainian. The conditional form is not really conditional but more courteous. :)


It's true that both are used. But I guess since grammatically they are different, they are not interchangeable in this course. If it was a phrasebook, then yes; but maybe this particular exercise has a focus on grammar.

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