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what is the difference between the duolingo app and the website?

September 20, 2017



The biggest one is the format of the exercises. The website has a large number of typing (translating either way, typing what you hear) and speaking exercises (if you have them enabled). There are relatively few multiple choice exercises. The app has very few typing exercises (probably because typing takes so much longer on a phone) and a number of exercises where you translate by picking words from a list or you have a list of words and you need to pick the ones that mean the same. Those don't exist on the website and most people (me included) think they're too easy. Furthermore:

The website has:
-Tips and Notes
-Timed practise to be bought with lingots (just once)
-General discussion forums
-Fewer connection problems (a common reason for streak loss is the app failing to synchronise with the webpage)
-The Czech course (probably until it graduates from beta)

The Android (possibly iOS, but I don't know for sure) app has:
-I've now once seen an XP challenge, but it hasn't come back so far
-Outfits for Duo
-Access to Duolingo Plus
-I think access to the weekend amulet might be limited to the app
-The Japanese and Korean courses (but they are supposed to come to the web before the end of the year)


The wiki is well worth a read for simple questions like this.

For example: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Mobile


Another big difference is that the website version doesn't have Health that people keep talking about.

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