"Do you think that it will be warm tomorrow?"

Translation:Ви думаєте, завтра буде тепло?

September 20, 2017

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This is the second question in this lesson that uses a different word order than the English and doesn't let you use the word order provided in the question. While it could be argued that one variation is better, both in my estimation are correct. "Ви думаєте, завтра буде тепло" is not that much different than "Ви думаєте, буде тепло завтра?"


+1, absolutely no difference for ukrainian, but -❤ :(


Ти думаєш що завтра буде тепло? should also be acceptable.


Somehow the English default included two versions, with and without "the", but the Ukrainian does not even have the version with "що" as acceptable, to say nothing of also being a default translation. I have no idea why people miss such things when they make these exercises... Thanks for pointing it out, I added it.


I think you meant "that." Thanks for correcting this.


Yes, indeed ^^() I meant "that", not "the".


Which is more used in Ukrainian? With що or without? The Russians I speak with usually add the что.

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