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"My friend has written a book."

Translation:Мій друг написав книгу.

September 20, 2017



книга and книжка should both be completely acceptable!


Thanks, you're right. I added it. Was probably overlooked in a haste or something....


I've heard differing opinions on when to use which. The most recent guidance I've received is to use книжка for everyday books and книга more like I would use "tome" in English. Any thoughts on this?


Mm... Not really. I use either to just mean "book", and so do people I know. We prefer книжка because we tend to use diminutive :) But if I want to compliment a book I would say "Це така неймовірна книга!" because книга sounds more respectable and serious.


This is probably a stupid question, but can perfective verbs ever be used in present tense? Як прочитаю?


No, they don't exist in present tense :)

прочитаю is future tense. прочитав/прочитала - past. прочитати is infinitive. These are all the forms :)

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