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"Čekáme na mou ženu nebo tvého muže?"

Translation:Are we waiting for my wife or your husband?

September 20, 2017



Would "do we wait for....etc." be correct here as well or does Czech have another type of verb construction for that?


I strongly disagree that "woman" and "man" is not accepted as a correct answer. It does make sense.


Such sentence would not make sense.


I was corrected on a similar sentence (can't recall the exact one in these lessons) because I did not include a second "na" after "nebo" when using "čekáme".

Perhaps it's a similar situation in Czech as in English: there's the strictly correct way of writing things, then there's the way that everyone does it anyway...

But strictly speaking, should the sentence not be "Čekáme na mou ženu nebo na tvého muže"?

UPDATED: I just had the English version given to me, used the translation with both "na"s, and I see that both versions are accepted....


By the sound it's not very clear if it's a question or not.


That happens with TTS very often.

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