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  5. "To jsou manželé mých sester."

"To jsou manželé mých sester."

Translation:They are my sisters' husbands.

September 20, 2017



I wrote "those are husbands of my sisters" but was corrected with "... the husbands ..." is this because of the logical meaning of this sentence? Wouldn't you in that case rather say in Czech "To jsou ti manželé ...."?


Those are specofic husbands, each of the sister has a specific husband. Cf. "she is the mother of two boys."

I would translate "ti manželé" as "those husbands" here.


It would imply that they're just some of many husbands your sisters have.


Got confused because of the lack of grammar alluding to the answer. I was sat there thinking, 'why would my sister have more than one husband?'


sisters' is clearly plural. If it seems wrong or confusing please review the rules for the apostrophe usage. Our experiemce shows that unfortunately even native English speakers often use them wrong.


I appreciate that, but there would have to be apostrophes in the options for my answer for me to misuse but there weren't. Only once the answer is submitted do you see the grammar


I got confused by the translation direction. In the Czech sentence both mých and sester can also be only plural.

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