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French with Alexa

Hello everyone, i am currently learning french i have been watching french with Alexa on you tube which is good. I just wondered if anyone has been on her website and paid for the full course? i just wondered if you got much more for your money. Look forward to your replies.

ps this forum has helped me so much thank you!!!

September 20, 2017



I haven't paid for her course, but I watch many of her lessons for new vocabulary, and she is very good at it, I have learned a lot. However, on the downside, I do feel like she limits herself a bit by speaking almost only English in her videos... for beginners it's okay, but past a certain level I found it far better for my learning to hear native French speakers explaining how their grammar works, so for that I used Français Avec Pierre. I haven't actually spent any money on my French learning though... no learning books, no teachers etc.

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I have stayed with Duolingo for almost three years now. I have not paid for French courses yet, but I have paid for a few books and magazines. and a monthly subscription to TV5 Monde on my cable TV network. Duo has given me the confidence to speak to friends in an hour long Speak French get together once a week. I am a solid beginner/advanced beginner according to the French language practice tests I find on the TV5Monde website. I am considering paying for a course sponsored by our local chapter of Alliance Française, and hope to visit Québec soon. Bonne Chance!


i have not been there, so all i can say is hope you have fun there and you should do whatever helps you with french. Best of luck to you ;) sorry i couldn't help you :(


Thank you!! im trying hard mais c'est difficile!!


I have watched her free YouTube videos and wondered the same thing.

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