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Is the app better than the website?

Considering getting the app so I don't have to use my browser all the time, but would like to know if it is better than the website. Opinions?

September 20, 2017



I think most people agree that the exercises on the app are much easier and therefore you probably learn less. I somewhat like the app for languages using non-Latin scripts, because it's easier to type, but in the end, I've noticed that my retention is much less because it's so often possible to just guess.


I don't think it's better. I do use it for when I can't access my computer and the browser version does not work well on my iPod.


I use both, partly because I have long commutes on public transportation, partly because both are useful in different ways. The website exercises are definitely more difficult because you have to type almost everything out. The website also has tips which can be useful. The app has less typing but it has matching, multiple choice, and exercises where you're given a sentence to translate but the translated words are already given and you have to put them in the right order.

Because the app gives you the words, it often makes you use synonyms and different usages for words that you might not have learned from just coming up with your own words. One of the downfalls of learning via translation is that you can get into the habit of thinking [one specific word in native language] = [one specific word in target language], so you stick with that usage when you could use other words and expand your vocabulary. Or at least, that's been my experience.


I combine the two, first I use the app to grasp what a lesson is about and the use the website to make me properly remember. One advantage with the app is that since it is on your mobile phone you can use it any time you are otherwise unoccupied, such as if you are queuing.


I would say they are both very good, and there are different activities on the app, so I like to do both for variety.


Most people seem to prefer the website and I think I do too because there's no heart but I feel like I retain my information better on the app than the web version. Is that weird?


This is debatable. For one, the website has Tips and Notes and timed practice, while the app has Japanese, Korean, and Bots. I prefer the website, but when it comes to Japanese and Korean I must use the app.


I prefer the website, but a couple things in favor of the app (just b/c most people that post favor the web): (1) there is more translation into your target language, even if it does give the boxes as hints (2) you don't have to look at the boxes before translating, which will allow you to get a lot more out of it.


I like the app for practice when I am tired or busy because it is much easier than the website. I like the exercises on the app, and I enjoy not having to type whole words. I find that I don't retain as much information using the app, but all practice is good practice, so it's still useful. I think that using both the website and the app is a good way to learn. I've just finished the Japanese tree using the app only, and I don't believe that it is possible to learn a language properly only using the app.

If I were you, I would get the app, but I don't recommend avoiding the website altogether.

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