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  5. "Ne, ty stroje nejsou dobré."

"Ne, ty stroje nejsou dobré."

Translation:No, those machines are not good.

September 20, 2017



Why 'these' is not applicable here instead of 'those'?


The course consistently translates "these" as Base Demonstrative plus -to or -hle. "These" and "those" are different words, both in Czech and in English. As an example, imagine you are looking at two groups of men. Your friend points to the group on the left and says, "THESE men just won a lot of money!" Then she points to the group on the right and says, "THOSE men just got arrested, because they stole a lot of money." Would you rather be one of "these" men or one of "those" men? :-)


Why was not accepted engine as translation for stroj?


Can we use Ti instead of Ty? Isn't both for masculine?


Ti is used with masculine animate nouns, while ty is used with masculine INanimate nouns. Stroj is masculine INanimate.


oh I see!! Děkuji !

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