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  5. "저는 배고파요!"

"저는 배고파요!"

Translation:I am hungry!

September 20, 2017



This seems to be a contraction of:

저는 배가 고파요.

And the root is 고프다. So other people don't have to look it up :-)


Root: 배가 고프다, 목이 마르다

Formal: 배가 고픕니다, 목이 마릅니다

Polite: 배가 고파요, 목이 말라요

Colloquial: 배고파(요), 목말라(요)


thanks! it's nice to see the speech levels lined up.


Thank you! So would this be correct?

  • 목이 말라다 - Thirsty
  • 목이 마르다 - Thirsty
  • 배가 고프다 - Hungry

I've confused myself about all the different verb endings being used:

  • 저는 목이 말라요 - I am thirsty
  • 배가 고픕니까 - Are you hungry?
  • 고양이는 목이 마릅니다 - The cat is thirsty


This is what I've managed to work out so far:

  • 목이 말라요 - Thirsty (목 = Throat, 마르다 = Dry)
  • 배가 고프다 - Hungry - (배 = Stomach, 고프다 = Empty)


As for my limited knowledge on Korean, I don't think you can say 목이 말라다 since the 라 in 말라 is from 해요.

Either: 목이 말라요, or 목이 마르다


Is 고프다 be hungry?


it means 'empty' but only used about the stomach so the sentence "배가 고픕니다" literally means "the stomach is empty"


Probably because I only drink water as a meal.


배고파 was maybe one of the first 5 words I learnt in Korean! My girlfriend says it all the time!


So if the first version of I am hungry we learned the same thing as this? Because this is simpler for me.


I typed "my stomach is hungry" and it has not accepted, why? It should have beed accpeted 'cause 배 mean stomach as I knew.


Hunger is a sensation; the stomach does not sense hunger; when the stomach is empty of food, gastric epithelium releases a hormone into the blood stream which triggers the brain to tell you it's time to refill the stomach.


What is the difference between 배 and 위 for stomach?


I think 배 is belly and 위 is stomach. Could be wrong too, I'm not sure.


This seems to be an informal version, so would 나는 not be more natural here?

[deactivated user]

    When you're hungry - chicken is the best!! Chicka-chicka brraaaa


    I just got remembered of seongwoo saying "Baekopa"

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