Error 404:

I was trying to go into one of staff's stickied discussions, and I only managed to reach into the Error 404 page. If it had been deleted, why was it stickied? Answers appreciated. Thank you!


September 20, 2017


I happens alot. Sometimes I click on a page and get 404 then go back literally 1 second later and it works.

There are some problems with duolingo forums. Just try later.

This can happen with the larger discussions, especially if opened from a different base language. In this case the 404 is really a timeout.

For example: I can only open the language request guide when my UI is in English.

They may have changed the name of the page. That would also give you the same error message. Error 404 only means the server cannot find the requested page which means your browser may have requested an non existant page, the page has been renamed or the page has been deleted.

Unfortunately, the forum shows error 404 not only when the page has been renamed or deleted.

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