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"Wollen Sie das Geld überweisen?"

Translation:Do you want to transfer the money?

September 20, 2017



Why isn't 'Would you like to transfer the money' correct?


I suppose 'would you like' is a bit more polite, and since German has the same dinstinction, it makes sense to say 'willst du' = 'do you want' and 'möchtest du' = 'would you like'


Wollen Sie das Geld uberweisen? I initially answered the question in German as: "Do you want to transfer the money?' This was marked as an incorrect answer. Okay, let's continue and answer it correctly when it comes up later. When it did come up again, my initial answer was indicated as being correct. NOTE: I have a hearing problem and it seemingly is worsened when listening to unfamiliar phrases and sounds.


    Perhaps there was a temporary bug - that is a correct translation. Best to report that during the lesson if it happens again.


    I answered "Want to transfer the money?" because in English when speaking direction to someone, the "you" is implied. Thoughts on this being a valid translation? I reported it none-the-less.


    I might miss out the 'do you' in very informal situations, and only then when asking a friend about going somewhere, e.g. 'wanna go to the pub tonight?' or something, so I wouldn't say it's a valid translation


    The female voice doesn't say 'wollen' clearly enough


    The slow version doesn't work, at least for the male voice. (Dec 10 2017)

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