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Français weekly winner (11.09.2017-17.09.2017)

Another week has concluded and the winner is JoLynne Dougherty. She earned 1764 XP! Last week, she was on the 3rd place. Bon travail! I request her to leave a comment below to award her with 10 lingots!

I want to announce that I am going to further increase the prize of this club to 15 lingots per week. This stimulates even more the members of this club to learn more. I wish good luck and have fun while learning the to the members of this club in the next week.

For more information about this club, check this link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24105530

PS: Sorry for posting this article so late, I was pretty occupied!

September 20, 2017



could I join? Hopefully by joining this club I will be pressured to do duo on the weekend and keep a streak


Don't worry about posting late. I really had a good time. I have disappeared from our club this week to practice my reverse tree. My goal is to have both English to French and French to English completely gold at the same time. I am very close - I think. Thank you for the contest, the club and the Lingots.


can i please join:)

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