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  5. "벽장은 벽에 있어요."

"벽장은 벽에 있어요."

Translation:The closet is in the wall.

September 20, 2017



That would explain the in 벽장!


The closet is in the wall. This is a really weird sentence in English. Did the wall swallow it? Is it like a Harry Potter wall? Otherwise, it would be through the wall (still sounds really odd but makes technical sense), built into the wall, or part of the room (which might be what's implied). Oh, final option that I've never seen in a real life home but could imagine—The closet is set into the wall. (inset like an alcove with a hanger bar and some other features) Does the Korean phrase sound sensible?


Yes, in English we would not say that unless it was hidden inside the wall in some fashion, like a priest hole in the bad old days in England.


It's a reference since the word 벽장 has 벽 in it

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