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Join our team as a tester

Do you love using Duolingo on various platforms? Do you know our mobile apps inside and out?

We are looking for a passionate Duolingo learner with mobile testing background to join our team as a tester, and are excited to invite our most dedicated users to apply for the position and come work with us in Pittsburgh.

It is important that you have genuine interest in testing and bug tracking work, experience and domain knowledge in manual testing, and permission to work in the United States.

If you fit the description above and meet the rest of the requirements on the job posting page, we are looking forward to hearing from you! Check out the full job posting.

September 20, 2017



This seems genuinely interesting. I will most likely not join, but this can be such a wonderful experience for people interested in the areas of business and technology. Thank you so much for offering Duolingo users this job!


Shame it's not a remote job and I live thousands of miles away! Sounds like a fun role. Good luck to applicants


I honestly feel this would be good for someone, but i feel that the web version is better than the mobile :p


Well, looks like you should not have written this because you wake up someone at Duolingo.

Just an hour ago the web interface changed and now is almost identical to the mobile version. The web interface now is no longer better than the mobile one, which is too bad because I also preferred the web interface above the mobile interface. I miss the counter that showed how many "mistakes" you make before finishing a lesson. (Counter - 20)


I also commented on the counter. they also took away the home bar from inside the lesson, that however is not a big deal.


Aw, this honestly seems like a great experience... too bad I'm underaged and live on the other side of the world. Oh well... Good luck to all those who do apply for the job though! :)

[deactivated user]


    That is a wonderful job opportunity - but I ain't moving :)


    I said the same thing, but then I got to thinking that getting a gig like that could be a way toward a new life adventure!


    ❤❤❤❤ you u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ fat nerd ❤❤❤❤❤ queef smelling ❤❤❤❤❤


    Well, I now have an ipad, so I have experience on the web version, android and now I am experiencing the iversion, but Pittsburgh is so far. Let me know if I can help you from here. I do not yet have experience on the Windows phone. By the way "ALLintolearning" or allintolearning3 is also me. I just was tired of having everything go to an email I no longer use, but at the same time I didn't want to delete my original account. I cannot figure out how I can give you a new email address without having to confirm that from the email address that I no longer use. By the way, I am really enjoying Japanese and Korean on my ipad.


    A shame you don't have any job position around here, in France or Switzerland, would love to work with you guys!


    Seems like a perfect remote job. No offense, Pittsburgh is a wonderful place, but I don't think anyone's going to relocate there for a s/w test job, no matter how much they love duolingo.


    ... Unless someone is already located in or near Pittsburgh, is from there originally, is looking for a change, has a two body problem, or is happy to accept a relocation package to a decently reasonable cost-of-living area. Just to name a few possible reasons.


    I'm not sure there's a relocation package, but those are all sound. Pittsburgh and area aren't that bad, and it doesn't take much to get there from just outside the city.


    I'm not sure either, though they are fairly standard in the tech industry for software engineers above a certain pay grade. Not sure about QA roles. The job posting does mention "Ability to relocate to Pittsburgh, PA" which indicates that there might be a relocation package (though not guaranteed, obviously).


    I was thinking about it but really, I can't. partly because I live on the other side of the earth and partly because I'm underaged and have other things I need to do.

    Great offer though! I give encouragement to all those who can apply!


    This seems genuinely interesting. I will most likely not join, but this can be such a wonderful experience for people interested in the areas of business and technology. Thank you so much for offering Duolingo users this job!


    ❤❤❤❤ you☺


    web version is definitely better than the mobile version. were it not for the web, i would have not identified the stories only present in the web version.


    That is awsome. thanks.


    Seems that geography is a problem. I too would love this job, but I'm not American and would have difficulty getting the necessary documents. On the brighter side, there'd be some great NHL hockey in Pittsburgh! Consider me an ardent supporter of Duolingo. . .the Penguins not so much. . . If you ever need someone remote, give me and the other 30 people listed below consideration


    This is really interesting, but sadly, I don't have neither a good languages level, nor a mobile testing background. If it was about desktop testing I might be able to apply.


    Even though I'm not American I applied anyway. I hope I could take this position.


    Don't hold your breath. I hate to burst your bubble, but without a U.S. work permit your chances of being accepted to a U.S.-based tech company are vanishingly small. (I'm a U.S. based software engineer and have helped several people including international students in the U.S., to find jobs.)


    No worries, I'm well aware of that. Don't you agree that I have way less chance if I don't try?


    Usually I would agree! I'm a big fan of showing up. You never get what you don't shoot for.

    But in this case I think it's 0% either way. :/ Sorry. This is not based on my personal opinion but on U.S. laws and employer laws. Duolingo stated clearly in the posting that they require permission to work in the U.S.. Check out, for example:



    The only way to work for a U.S.-based company without a work visa is as a contractor (most likely located overseas). I have a friend who did this, though not for a software company. It's extremely uncommon in the software industry, though not entirely out of the question. However, in this case, the posting makes it clear they are looking for a full-time, on-site employee.

    One really good (albeit long and expensive!) way to relocate to the U.S. and potentially get a work permit is to become a computer science college or graduate school student and do really well. This will position you, at graduation, to get hired in the U.S. by a company that could sponsor your visa. Even this is no guarantee, however. In recent years the quotas for H1B visas have remained low while the number of employee-sponsored applicants has skyrocketed. In the current political climate, H1B quotas may be reduced even further.

    Having big dreams is great. I'm all for it and have several gigantic dreams of my own. That said, accepting reality as it is, rather than as we would like it to be, is the first step towards getting what you want. I wish you, and everyone in the Duolingo community, all the best of luck in setting big dreams and then finding a realistic path to achieve them!


    Many people from Serbia and Bulgaria work legally for US based tech companies. An American branch of a Serbian agency takes a job in the USA then send it to its base. People there do all work and send it back.


    Interesting to hear. That would likely fall under the contractor clause I mentioned, and not as official employees of the U.S.-based company.

    Of course, U.S.-based companies who have overseas branches can also legally hire employees overseas (e.g. Google has offices worldwide).


    And the most important thing - everything is legal. The tax is paid in both countries, workers get contract and job, the US companies get at least 10 times cheaper worker and have more money to invest in other projects emloying more Americans and Serbians. A classical win-win situation.


    Thanks for the compliment, vivisaurus! One of my best friends lives there, and her spouse was one of the Duolingo co-founders. :D My two-body problem makes Pittsburgh unlikely, but I'll keep it in mind. It's always nice to have options.


    love this. i think i will not join good luck to appliants


    i would like to join in cause it can be useful for some


    Ow, i'd like to apply but unfortunately I cannot move to Pittsburgh. I hope someday you offer a job for home based. ;-) Anyway, thank you for this opportunity. Such a great news!


    ''...and permission to work in the United States.''

    and this is how my dreams were killed.


    <hug> See my post above - and I recommend finding new & better dreams!


    Any chance to make this a remote position in the future ? :)


    Keep an eye on our jobs page. Most positions, including this one, however, are required to be full time at our HQ. But working at the office is awesome so if you ever get a chance it's worth trying!


    the mistakes counter was a nice feature of the lessons


    i will join because i am awesome boiis 420


    Would love to but I am in New Zealand. . . . . . . . .


    I want to help improve the web version, to be honest.

    It's nice that you're giving the users a job to help work on the application that they enjoy, though. Good on you!


    The position will allow web testing as well of course, but mobile testing skills and familiarity are required, and we wanted to make it clear. :)


    je suis une femme pendant le week-end


    Shame there are no positions in Europe! Anyway, best of luck to the applicants :)


    Wow you learn a lot of languages


    Wow and you should learn to stop being a ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤!


    Its really amazing I wish I could get the job


    This seems to be very interesting. every day i will spend two or more hours in this site. we can learn the hundreds of words spending only one day in this site


    i like to make comption


    this would be really helpful!


    I might join also join my chat area!


    Hi I was tried duolingo on windows 10 , web and android. If wanna contact me . telegram idi: iliTili


    Ich bin ein bisschen jung für einen Job, aber ansonsten denke ich, es wäre eine erstaunliche Arbeit. now you must translate it to see what it says. i've used my amzing Germanic skills to writ this to you.


    Not very good at those things hahaha but if you need a graphic designer for cheap or free even I would be more than obliged to give back to this amazing community.


    Indians and Chinese you have a job to be done


    Why should anyone bother to apply when you don't specify salary terms in your job ad? Not letting people know the approximate range of compensation is unethical and stupid.


    I think you should be more careful with your wording. Being rude to anyone on this forum is against the rules.

    Salary is not stated in thousands and thousands of cases, I've got job search experience in many countries, and it is a common practice. You can always assess an appropriate salary for the particular region - position and then simply inquire from the HR what is the range for this particular advertisement. There are plenty of reasons to not give away the actual salary numbers to people who are not going to apply in any case.


    Clearly you have never applied for any position in the US besides lower paying jobs. I have never applied for a corporate job that has shown a salary range (I am a system engineer and have worked over 10 years as a programmer before too). When you do ask you will always be told something along the lines as, "we offer a competitive wage based on the industry standard for the position within the location". If you want to know how much a salary position is within a given job market, you need to do the research yourself. All wages are negotiable.


    I'm going to assume you don't live in the USA. Most jobs here, other than low-paying customer service jobs and governmental jobs don't specify salary or even a salary range in the job description. Sure, it's not ideal but it is the norm.


    Salary is important, but it surely is not the main reason to be in a given occupation. I was a public school teacher for 12 yrs and they do not give out the best salaries (in most cases). If you work in what you like, you will be more happy!


    Do you even know what unethical means?


    No, I'm pretty sure this is: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20364950

    [Edit: It will take a while to load because there are over 1200 comments and 1100 downvotes.]


    :)) I check it. İt's amazing! Thanks for link.

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